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Jitterbug! Corona - SOLD OUT December 2014 Model 58 - SOLD OUT January 2015

Bexley discovered a small cache of 70 year-old art deco style pen clips, and decided to produce a pen inspired by

the energetic music and dance of the same era, the Jitterbug!

The Jitterbug! is nearly four inches long when closed. However, it becomes a full size pen (about 5.5 inches long) when the

cap is posted on the end of the barrel. So, it is easy to carry, and very comfortable for writing.

Choose your tune! Select your color:

· Jukebox Red,

· Blues In The Night Blue,

· Savoy Swing Purple first one SOLD OUT

· Boogie Woogie Black Mosaic.

All have black grip sections, and gold tone art deco style clips. The pen holds one international size ink cartridge. The

Jitterbug! also is designed so that you can simply fill the barrel with an eyedropper (not included), if you prefer.

The Jitterbug! has Bexley’s gold plated two-tone stainless steel nib, available in:

· Fine,

· Medium and

· Broad widths.

Let’s … Jitterbug!

The Bexley Corona is a full size pen with a crisp, classic shape and fresh colors.

· Blueberry Cream

· Lemon Meringue

· Summer Storm

· Summer Sunset

All models come with black grip sections, and black accents at the top of the cap and bottom of the barrel. Decide whether you prefer gold-plated or rhodium plated trim with any of these colors. It is up to you.

The Bexley Corona fountain pens use our new piston filling system. The piston filler draws from an ink bottle and holds much more ink than a cartridge or converter. Piston fillers are known for their wet and steady ink flow.

Select your nib material and size. Bexley's gold plated two-tone stainless steel nibs are available in Fine, Medium and Broad widths. If you would prefer gold: add USD $250 for Fine, Medium, Broad or Stub 18K Gold.

Let Bexley build one for you!

Over-sized pens have a special place in a pen connoisseur's heart and hand. “There is just something about writing with a large pen that gives you pleasure.” If there is a place in your heart for large pens, the Model 58 is a good fit.

The size and shape of the Model 58 are reminiscent of a very hard-to-find, expensive vintage pen, but without that hefty price tag.

The Model 58 is just over 6 inches long when closed, and one-half inch in diameter. The cap fits properly on the end of the barrel when opened for writing, resulting in a pen that is seven and one-half inches long.

You choose how to fill your Model 58:

· an ink bottle using an eyedropper (not included)

· our international style converter (included)

· an international style ink cartridge (not included)

Note: To fill the Model 58 with an eyedropper:

1. Unscrew the barrel from the grip section

2. Remove the converter or cartridge

3. Fill the inside of the barrel with ink

4. Firmly screw the grip section and barrel together.

The Model 58 is available only as a fountain pen. There are four solid colors with matching grip sections:

· Jet Black

· Cardinal Orange

· Mandarin Yellow - first one Sold Out

· Engine Red

You can select whether you prefer gold or silver accents for the cap band and clip.

You also have your choice of either a Bexley gold-plated stainless steel nib or a Bexley 18K solid Gold nib. Both are available in Fine, Medium and Broad widths. The Bexley 18K solid gold nib is also available in the Broad Stub width.

Owner's Club 2013 - SOLD OUT December 2014

Celebrate the updated beauty of hard rubber and 20 years of quality writing instruments from Bexley Pen.

You have supported the Bexley Pen Company in the past by purchasing one of our quality American made writing instruments. Your support, and that of others like you, has made our business possible. We sincerely appreciate it and would like to reward your loyalty with a special offer.

The 2013 Bexley Owner’s Club is our 8th annual edition in the Owner’s Club. There are two versions in “wood-grained” hard rubber – raspberry & black, and blue & black. It is a Limited Edition of 100 pens in each color.

The shape is similar to our 10th Anniversary pen, with tapered caps and barrels to allow deep posting of the cap on the barrel. The pens feature our special “B” style faceted clips, and the cap bands have the Roman numerals “XX” to commemorate our 20th Anniversary.

The pen fills with a cartridge or converter. A small number of roller ball versions are available upon request.

Select your desired nib size from:

· Fine – Steel

· Medium – Steel

· Broad – Steel

Or upgrade to a solid 18k Gold nib for an additional USD $250:

· Fine – 18k Gold

· Medium – 18k Gold

· Broad – 18k Gold

· Stub – 18k Gold

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