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The Best Brush Pens for Drawing in 2023


The best thing about art is that you are not limited to the things you can create. It also expands to the thought that you can use various mediums and pens so you can have all the creative juice for the entire art process. Artists pour over their love for creating different masterpieces with the best brush pens for drawing. Curves, lines, dots and dashes all create beautiful art with these brush pens.

Sketching with a brush pen isn’t new. But the recent production and availability of these pens have shaped the art world into something more creative and elegant. These pens can make you go beyond your writing prowess, it also expresses out the sketch artist in you.

Top 6 Best Brush Pens for Drawing Reviews

1. Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen


Paint and sketch anywhere with this portable brush pen from Pentel Arts. This pen makes you skip bringing around the traditional paint and brush because everything you need is in this single pen. This line from Pentel Arts exudes a permanent black pigmented ink that is water resistant. The ink itself is also resistant to fading over time.

One of the things that may hold artists back is the quality of the bristles in a brush pen. This one from Pentel Arts is made of durable and premium bristles that will last a long time. It also comes with a refillable cartridge so you can still use the body and the bristle even when it runs out of ink.


  • Permanent water-resistant and fade-resistant ink
  • Premium bristles that will last a long time
  • It comes with a refillable cartridge for a no-mess replacement


  • Bristle is very flexible, not ideal for beginners

2. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens


Surpass your limits as artist with the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens. These pens are perfect for painting, sketching and for calligraphy. Beginners and professionals alike will enjoy the soft and hard tips for a more precise curve or line on your masterpiece. Depending on your project, the need for soft or hard tips will vary, and the good thing is that Tombow has got you covered.

This water-based pen is much pigmented, and is suitable for most papers for arts and crafts. It is also available in a lot of color variations to cover your all your artistic ideas. Whether for calligraphy or for sketching, you can adjust the thickness of the lines with your pressure to have a more detailed piece of art.


  • Comes in soft and hard tips
  • Perfect for calligraphy and sketching
  • There are multiple colors to choose from


  • The ink dries out fast when left open

3. Chromatek Watercolor Brush Pens


Your ideas can float over these watercolor brush pens from Chromatek. This set includes 50 different watercolor pens, all named individually to use them properly. Beginners will love this set as it includes 4 different blending brush pens to modify and shade each color suitably. The pens exude a vibrant color that will surely bring life to whatever masterpiece you are working on.

If you are worried about not knowing the basics of water colored pens, this kit has a 7-part tutorial video to help get those creative juices flowing. It also comes with a 15-page professional-grade watercolor pad that works suitably for the pens. These pens are highly pigmented and they easily blend with one another to get that gradient effect on your artwork.


  • It has 50 different highly pigmented brush pens
  • Comes with a tutorial video and professional watercolor pad
  • The set includes 4 blending brushes that work best with the pens


  • The case for the pens is a bit flimsy

4. MISULOVE Calligraphy Brush Pens Kits for Drawing


The different sizes of the pens in this kit will maximize all your artistic skills. It comes with the finest tips to the thicker ones, perfect for detailing and getting the designs right. These pens are perfect for invitations, calendar making, textile décor, and a thousand other possibilities.

The ink will come out smoothly with these pens with its gas tightnesspoint design. The pens also have both hard and soft tips, with a flexible multi-liner tip for your sketching and calligraphy needs. You don’t have to worry about the ink because it is non-toxic water and fade-proof. The best thing about it is that it does not bleed on most papers, making this pen superior for almost all your projects.


  • It comes in 8 different tip sizes with fine and thick ones
  • Ink is safe as it is non-toxic; it is also water and fade-proof
  • The pen does not bleed through paper on the next page


  • The bristle is very soft so less control can be held

5. Sakura Pigma Professional Brush Pens Set


Enjoy the most with your projects with these professional brush pens from Sakura Pigma. It comes with a pigment-based ink that is waterproof in most surfaces. It does not smear nor feather on various art papers, making it off the edge with its competitors. The ink also dries fast so you don’t have to worry about smudging.

Calligraphy or drawing will surely benefit from this set of brush-pen. It also has different tips to cover for the finer details on your work. The tips are not that soft, and it gives you ample control on where you want your brush pen to flow.


  • Waterproof pigment-based ink
  • The pen does not smear nor feather on different papers
  • The brush tip is not that soft, giving you control over the pen


  • The ink is not bold and saturated enough

6. Art-n-Fly Dual Tip Black Brush Pens for Drawing


Creating art is an escape from the world, and there is no better companion than the Art-n-Fly Dual Tip pen for drawing. This set of pens comes with a fine tip and standard one that will cover most of your calligraphy and drawing needs. Whatever technique and design you have in mind, these pens got you covered for your future projects.

The ink itself is very bold and vivid, perfect for amplifying the details of your drawing. It is also water-based and is non-toxic, so it safe around your pets. It comes with 3 different sizes that will give off unique strokes in all of your calligraphy and sketching artworks.


  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • The ink is very bold and vivid, perfect for outlining
  • The ink is water-based and non-toxic


  • The ink dries quickly if left with the cover open

Brush Pens for Drawing Buying Guide

If you want a unique design and stroke in your artworks, it is time to switch on to another material for drawing. Brush pens are not new in the art industry, but the variety, the brands, and the number of styles and tips can make it very confusing for beginners who want to venture out on this kind of pen. Here’s a buying guide on what to look for when you want to try brush-pen for drawing.

Kind of Tip

The main categories of the tips in brush pens are the bristle type and the felt one. Bristle tips resemble those of natural hair, but can sometimes be made of nylon. They feel like you are painting the same with the with tips of a regular pain brush. The felt tips are usually made of fiber or rubber. The fiber ones can be hard or soft but they fray over time. The rubber tips offer a lot of flexibility and tend to be soft and sponge-y when used.

Tip Size

Brush tips can be thin or thick, and the results vary on each kind. Thin-tipped brushes are great for adding minute details while the broad ones are perfect for having bold strokes in your artwork. Medium-sized tips are great for shading and sketching.


The experience and comfort of the user are the factors on what kind of flexibility is best. The flexibility can be soft or hard, and there is no fast rule on what kind of flexibility is best. Professionals like the soft ones for an easy gliding on paper with a great expression of calmness. The hard one is great for crisp lines and it offers great control for beginners.

Water or alcohol-based

Dyes can either be suspended in a water or alcohol mixture. This will affect the ability of the marker to be blended with other colors. Water-based ones tend to be easier to blend on paper with the right brush tip.

Other thing to Consider before buying 


What is a brush pen for drawing?

A brush pen is a material used by many artists that can offer lines and curves a typical pen cannot. Comic artists are fond of using brush pens because these pens express movement and life in their artwork that a typical drawing marker or pen cannot. Using a brush pen may take weeks, months, and even years to master. It also great to explore different kinds of pens to be able to know which pen suites your drawing style.

Types of drawing brush pens

There are two main types of drawing brush pens that you can enjoy and experiment in your projects.

The hard brush pen gives off that uniform look. It also produces a clean line of ink and it offers great control when in use. It is usually made from pressed fibers and are great for a artists who like quick sketching. Because it offers good control and some flexibility, it gives more life and depth to most drawing, when compared to the usual drawing pens.

The soft brush pen is more sponge-like when in use. It also offers a great variety of line variations because it glides easily on paper. They are usually made of synthetic rubber and are used by artists to give more expression. If you want a deeper sense in your work, you can also use this kind of brush pen.

Why do you need drawing brush pens?

If you are a beginner, having a drawing brush pen can strike your interest in the wide range of activities that you can do with a brush pen. It can be great for drawing, calligraphy and for quick sketches, whenever you like. Compared to the traditional brush and ink, the brush pen is very portable is a great addition to your case of art materials. It creates a more expressive look with a depth that no other pen can provide.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular brush pen for drawing brands?

Brush pens have been around for quite some time. But the demand of these pens have been quite high that there are numerous brands that now carry their own line of brush-pens. While some brands just jump on to the trend and make their own line of brush-pens for marketing, there are brands that have been artist-favorites for years. The most popular ones are Tombow, Art-n-Fly, Sakura Pigma, Pentel Arts, Chromatek and Misulove.

How to properly store your drawing brush pens?

The best way to store your brush pen is to make sure that the cover is properly sealed on top. Because the brush tips already have ink in it, it has the tendency to dry out fast. Store them in your case and make sure you have properly placed the cap to avoid drying.

How to use drawing brush pens?

Drawing brush-pens are easy to use. The firmness on how you stroke them will result in a thicker or thinner line. Downward strokes usually require more pressure for a bolder and thicker line. The upward strokes need a softer pressure to have a more subtle and calm result.

Where to buy it?

Drawing brush pens can be found in most art stores. Some book stores also carry some of the most popular brands. Specialized calligraphy and drawing stores also have these brush pens on hand. If you can’t find the pen you are looking for, Amazon and other online shops carry different brush-pen for all your art needs.

What is the Best Brush Pen for Drawing?

  1. Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen
  2. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens
  3. Chromatek Watercolor Brush-Pens
  4. MISULOVE Calligraphy Brush Pens Kits for Drawing
  5. Sakura Pigma Professional Brush-Pens Set
  6. Art-n-Fly Dual Tip Black Brush-Pens for Drawing

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The best brush pens for drawing is the one that can provide you with control, flexibility, and bold colors. Of course, the individual specifications will depend on your needs and for your purpose. These pens are great if you want to express more emotion in your work. It also ideal in creating depth and sensation in your artwork.

These pens are easy to use. They are great for beginners and professionals who want to have a sense of style in their own projects. It also gives the artist the freedom to be more expressive with the flexibility and control that these pens offer.

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