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The Best Calligraphy Nibs for 2023


Calligraphy is an interesting hobby. It takes some time off the real world, and gets you writing on simple words that make a great impact. Although it has been around for quite some time, it has gained popularity as many calligraphers share their work on social media and with the availability of different calligraphy tools.

The best calligraphy nibs being readily available is also a great factor why calligraphy is making waves in the modern times. This is making beginners learn more about the process eagerly andhelp professionals explore different techniques. The right nibs will get you going in your calligraphy journey.

Top 7 Best Calligraphy Nibs Reviews

1. Trustela 18 Calligraphy Nibs


Start your calligraphy journey with these set of nibs that will ignite your passion for writing. With 18 different nib styles, find the one you’re comfortable with and work your way up there. The possibilities are endless with the variety of nibs included in this set.

What’s advantageous about this set is that all the calligraphy nibs included fit well the regular calligraphy pens. It also sits perfectly on top of fountain pens, feather pens, and quills. These dip pens are crafted by the maker’s top craftsmen, to suit everyone’s calligraphy style.

All the nibs are designed to cater your comfort when writing. It also offers a clog-free calligraphy experience, especially for beginners. It also has a protective coating to make sure the nibs last long with constant ink-dipping.


  • Clog-free calligraphy experience
  • Contains 18 different nib styles to choose from
  • Fits right for calligraphy pens, quills, fountain pens, and feather pens


  • The nibs are made of very thin metal

2. Speedball 10 Pen Nib Assorted


Get the right curves and lines in all your calligraphy goals with these nibs. They are designed to fit the angled and straight nib holders, so you don’t have to worry on purchasing different ones for every calligraphy experience.

You don’t have to constantly dip through the ink as this nib has a triple reservoir feature. This allows users to have an increased ink capacity, with an uninterrupted writing experience.

In whatever font you want to write with, this set has got your covered. It has A-style nibs that will cater a boxed-type of lettering style, the B-style nibs that are perfect for that rounded finish font, and the C-style nib that is best for broad-edge calligraphy.


  • Perfect for straight and angled nib holders
  • Increased ink capacity to let users have an uninterrupted writing experience
  • The set has A, B and C-style nibs for different fonts


  • It sometimes writes in skip lines

3. MyLifeUNIT Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Set


On the hunt for firm pens that are great for beginners? These Tachikawa Pens are what will set your calligraphy journey on a good head start. It includes 5 different nibs that are firm when used on gliding paper, perfect for those who want to be guided with the basic upward and downward strokes.

Among the most popular nib in the world of calligraphy is the G nib, because it is friendly for those who are just new in having to dip ink and use it for writing. The G nib is also perfect for those who want to flourish their calligraphy skills more.

Aside from calligraphy, these pens also work best for comic book drawing. It has the perfect width that works fine in both writing and drawing purposes.


  • The nibs are firm on writing
  • Contains the G nib and 4 other nibs
  • Also works best for comic book drawing


  • Not great for those who want total control in writing because it is not that flexible

4. Zebra Comic G Model Chrome Pen Nib


The starter set of calligraphy nibs you are looking for are in this pack of 10 nibs from Zebra. These nibs offer great flexibility when writing. This feature allows writers to have the right control on the size of the width of each stroke, of each letter.

Because there are 10 different nibs inside the pack, it does not limit you to calligraphy alone. There are nib sizes and styles that are very well suited for comic book drawing and for sketching. Some even say these nibs replace their current pens because of the quality of ink flow they provide.

Unlike other nibs with very sharp edges, these nibs work perfectly on calligraphy papers without harboring the fibers as you write along.


  • Contains 10 nibs of different styles and sizes
  • These nibs can be used for comic book drawing
  • The tips do not pick up paper fibers


  • It does not hold a lot of ink in a single use

5. Nikko Manga Pen Nib N-Gpen


You don’t have to look far if you need the basic nibs to jumpstart your calligraphy practice. The Nikko Manga Pens have 3 different nib types that are very beginner-friendly.

If you are new in the world of writing letters aesthetically, the nibs that will suit you best are those that offer minimal flexibility but with the right amount of firmness when writing. That’s that the nibs from Nikko Manga Pens are all about.

What’s great about this set is that it includes the famous G nib for calligraphy. This enables you to practice the basic strokes in letters with ease as most tutorials and practice guides are designed to accommodate this kind of nib.


  • It is very beginner-friendly
  • It includes 3 different nibs for various writing styles
  • The famous G nib is included in the set


  • Does not hold ink a lot

6. Brause Rose 76 Nib


Write in elegance and with style in these premium calligraphy nibs. Each nib has a fine point that is perfect for invitation writing, card stock calligraphy, and even just for a casual calligraphy experience. The fine tip makes each letter stroke more elegant, more fluid and well-suited for formal calligraphy work.

The set comes in 3 nibs, all offering calligraphers a different writing experience from each other. All the nibs offer the right flexibility when writing. These nibs are best for both beginners and those seasoned calligraphers who like to control their nibs well.

Because it provides calligraphers with adequate flexibility, it is also easy to angle. The right positioning is needed to have uniform letters at the right inclination.


  • Fine-point nibs perfect for formal calligraphy projects
  • Comes in 3 different nibs
  • Provides users with great flexibility


  • Pours a lot of ink when writing

7. LAMY Joy Calligraphy Nib 1.1


Flourish your calligraphy skills with a nib that allows you to write smoothly on various paper products. This stub nib from Lamy has a 1.1 size, perfect for making handwritings more uniform yet sophisticated.

Calligraphy is a broad writing hobby. It also uses a lot of writing tools, making it a versatile way to spend your time. If you usually use a fountain pen for calligraphy, you can have it replaced with the traditional ink dipping for a more vintage calligraphy experience.

Because the material used for this nib is durable, the Lamy Joy 1.1 nib is suitable for everyday use. Even with daily ink dipping, this nib will surely last you for a considerable amount of time.


  • Writes smoothly
  • Perfect replacement for fountain pens
  • Suitable for everyday use


  • It does not fit all calligraphy pens

Calligraphy Nibs Buying Guide 

Being a newbie in the calligraphy world can be overwhelming because of the wide variety of materials that can be used for writing. Using the traditional nibs has a lot of advantages over the other tools in writing. They are very versatile and it feels different compared to other calligraphy pens.

However, not all nibs are created equal. You may sometimes feel that calligraphy is not for you, but this may only be because of having the wrong nib on practice. Here’s a simplified buying guide for your next calligraphy nib.

Nib Size

There are no hard rules in choosing the right nib size. If the size suits your writing style and is comfortable for you to use, go for that size. Nib sizes usually come in extra fine, fine, medium and broad sizes. And obviously, the finer the print, there will be a lesser need for ink. Fine-sized inks produce neat and small fonts, while broad nibs are best for letter writing and signatures.

Nib Shape

The shape is a key element in choosing the nib for you. Round nibs make a round line with less variations. Italic nibs are square-shaped and are best for lettering with sharp edges because they make thin horizontal lines and broad vertical lines. Stub nibs are a combination of square-shaped nibs with softer and rounder edges. Sig nibs produce skinny cross stroked and broad down strokes.

Nib Material

The commonly used material for calligraphy nibs is stainless steel and gold. The stainless steel is the most popular one because it is economical and it gets the job done. This material is perfect for beginners. Gold nibs come in different carats, and the higher the carat, the softer it writes on paper. Other materials used in nibs include rhodium and titanium.

Other things to Consider before buying


What is a calligraphy nib?

A calligraphy nib is a part of a calligraphy pen that is attached to the tip. This is used to collect the ink once dipped, and it deposits the ink into paper once it comes in contact with paper.

Types of calligraphy nibs

There are many types of calligraphy nibs. For starters, it can be differentiated into the size like fine or broad. It can also be classified as to the characteristic, if it has a round tip, an italic one, or the sig or stub type. The last type is according to the material used, which could be gold, rhodium, titanium, or stainless steel.

How do calligraphy nibs work?

Nibs are made of metals that tend to split when pressure is applied. A nib is typically dipped in ink. When used in writing, and when pressure is applied, the tip splits and this allows the ink to flow in between. As the tip of the nib splits, it gives the ink an opportunity to flow continuously. So, when pressure is applied in a downward stroke, it creates a thick line.

Thin lines are created in an opposite manner. The pressure is released and it gives the ink a change to flow in a more constricted manner. Upstrokes are usually down with lesser pressure for a more refined and finer line.

Why do you need calligraphy nib?

A calligraphy nib is an essential if you want to try ink dipping as a medium in calligraphy. There are a variety of pens with ink in their bodies, but there is nothing comparable to having a nib dipped in ink and is then transcribed in paper. The experience of having the nib work its magic is something irreplaceable in more modern calligraphy tools.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long do calligraphy nibs last?

There are a lot of factors that can affect the lifespan of your calligraphy nib. The number of hours it is used per day, the number of dips it goes through, and the way you clean your nibs can all affect how long it lasts. The material of the nib itself is also a great factor.

On average, with continuous writing and proper cleaning, a typical nib can write with up to 60 envelopes. This average lifespan considers how a nib can write pristine letters, without compromising quality.

How do you remove calligraphy nibs?

To remove the calligraphy nib from the pen, hold the nib with the index finger and thumb in one hand. Hold the pen body in the other hand, and pull them apart from each other. You can place a rubber or a cloth in between your index finger and thumb for added cushion.

Do all nibs fit all pens?

The quick answer if all nibs fit in all pens is no. There are some brands that work best with their own line of calligraphy pens. Some nibs also fit in fountain pens and quills, but this does not apply to every nib you’ll come across.

How do you dip calligraphy pen nibs?

Dip the pen in a way that the ink level is right above the middle hole or the vent of the nib. Make sure to give it a good shake before directly writing on paper to set off the excess ink.

What is the Best Calligraphy Nib?

  1. Trustela 18 Calligraphy Nibs
  2. Speedball 10 Pen Nib Assorted
  3. MyLifeUNIT Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Set
  4. Zebra Comic G Model Chrome Pen Nib
  5. Nikko Manga Pen Nib N-Gpen
  6. Brause Rose 76 Nib
  7. LAMY Joy Calligraphy Nib 1.1

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Calligraphy is a great hobby for everyone. It is perfect of beginners who love to create beautiful lines and words in their journal, for those who want to learn how to beautify their handwriting through another medium, and for those who like to pursue a career in professional invitation card writing. The best calligraphy nibs are great buddies to set off your calligraphy journey.

Nibs in calligraphy can be intimidating to use, but getting the hang of it won’t take ages. Calligraphy nibs are perfect for those who want to enjoy the therapeutic effects of writing, without the pressure of making every letter perfect.

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