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The Best Fountain Pen Inks for 2023


Nothing beats the experience of having the fountain pens that glides smoothly with excellent ink consistency across the paper. Fountain pens are incredible writing instruments, and such is undeniable. But to achieve a smooth writing experience, a crucial factor is the fountain pen’s ink quality. With the best fountain pen inks in your arsenal, your fountain-pen will write and feels better with every stroke.

Different brands carry fountain-pen inks that claim to be the best in the market. Now you might ask, what makes a fountain-pen-ink better than others? In this article, we will help you choose the best ink that will satisfy your writing needs.

Top 7 Best Fountain Pen Ink Reviews

1. Parker 1950375 Quink Ink Bottle


Rediscover the pleasure of classic writing with Parker Quick Ink Bottle. PARKER is a trusted brand in the industry known for its innovation in creating high-quality products that transform the writing experience into the next level.

If you want an ink that helps with smooth writing, this product is perfect for you. This ink’s formula has added lubricity for that consistent ink flow.

This ink bottle is also available in other colors aside from black-blue, blue-black, and washable blue. Their pigments are of superb quality. It creates vivid and solid strokes with its rich pigment that is also quick drying and permanent.

This high-quality bottled inks come in an elegant 57 ml bottle that’s safe and secured from any leakage. However, the ink does not have the best water resistance.


  • Added lubricity for smooth ink flow
  • Pigmented colors
  • Quick-drying


  • Have poor water resistance

2. Waterman 50ml Ink Bottle for Fountain Pens


Fuel your writing with one of the best ink bottles in town, the Waterman ink bottle for fountain pens. Waterman ink and refills are known for their quality and consistency.

If you want a variety of colors, Waterman has got you covered. You can find this ink-bottle in 8 different colors. From classic black to serenity blue and tender purple, this ink-bottle has it all for your writing needs.

This ink gives an excellent pigment of colors. The ink marks a rich shade as soon as the pen touches the paper. It is evident and solid without any breaking. It flows easily and feels smooth every time you write. With its quality and consistency, this ink-bottle deserves the spot on this list. However, the ink is prone to smudging if you don’t let it dry first.


  • Highly-pigmented colors
  • Smooth ink flow
  • High-quality inks


  • Prone to smudging

3. PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink


If we are talking about a brand that delivers trusted quality writing instruments, we cannot miss out on mentioning PILOT. PILOT has for so many years provides some of the most unrivaled tools for fine writing. Their Iroshizuku bottled fountain-pen inks do not disappoint.

Whether for professional writing or a daily journal, this fountain-pen-ink will give you that satisfying stroke as you write. The ink flows beautifully on paper without making any mess. It also dries quickly and provides a solid finish.

The ink’s quality makes the pen feels soft to the hand to help you write with precision. Not to mention, the ink-bottle is classy and elegant, which is classically appealing. This bottle, however, might be on the more expensive pricing, but with its writing quality, it is worth your money’s value.


  • Dries quickly to avoid smearing
  • High-quality inks with smooth flow
  • Trusted quality


  • A bit expensive

4. Dryden Fountain Pen Ink Bottle


Dryden fountain-pen-ink bottle offers one of the best inks quality and consistency that feels good when writing. This ink is made from only the finest fountain-pen-ink components and additives to achieve a quality that writes and looks good on paper.

The quick-drying formula of this product is perfect for that clean and organize writing that you want. It does not smear or smudge easily, so you don’t mess up your writing. It flows easily through the pen, so it is easy to write without feeling any strain, even on extended writing hours.

The ink comes in a luxury designed ink-bottle that looks good, and you can easily store it in your bag or drawer. The lid is tight and secured to avoid any leakage and spilling. However, it may not be compatible with some pens.


  • Quick-drying inks
  • Smooth ink flow
  • Looks good on paper


  • Compatibility issues with some pens

5. Pelikan Bottled Ink for Fountain Pens


Another trusted brand in the industry is Pelikan. Their fountain-pen inks are a favorite because it is low-maintenance and does not damage both the pen and the nib.

This ink produces a bold color in every line. It defines your writing very well and looks good for the eyes. The ink also has a consistent and even flow. It does not break, nor does the coverage fail. It writes clearly and smoothly on paper for that satisfying writing experience you want.

You don’t have to worry about smudging because this ink dries quickly on the page without feathering. They are also permanent but not entirely resistant to water. Any contact with water may smear the writings, but it should stay legible to read and rewrite on a new page.


  • The inks create bold colors in every stroke
  • Consistent and even flow
  • Dries quickly without feathering


  • Not fully waterproof

6. Noodler’s Fountain-Pen Ink


A user-friendly and more economical choice for a fountain-pen-ink is the Noodler’s fountain-pen-ink. If you are looking for a generously filled bottle with high-quality ink, this product is perfect for you.

The formula of this ink contains a lubricating component that allows it to flow easily without a hitch. It feels and looks good on paper. You can feel more relaxed when writing with it. It is also permanent and dries fast. With its archival quality, you can be confident that your writings will stay and outlive your paper.

The ink writes a fine and clean line. It dries quickly, reducing any possibility of messing your handwriting. However, the color of the inks might turn out to a lighter shade when it dries. But still, it is vivid and legible.


  • Contain lubricating qualities
  • Archival quality ink
  • Dries quickly to avoid smudging


  • The shade turns lighter once dry

7. Thorntorn’s Luxury Goods Fountain Pen Ink


Completing this list is Thorntorn’s Luxury Goods fountain pen inks. It might be the final product, but it does not lag when we talk about quality.

This fountain-pen-ink bottle offers nothing but elegant and solid quality lines and strokes that produces brilliant colors on paper. The ink is free-flowing and has a lubricating quality that helps the pen glide smoothly across the paper for that effortless writing.

The ink is also free from any sediment and is non-corrosive. It protects both the pen and nib for long-lasting use. This ink-bottle can also be a perfect gift for your friend; its quality and consistency will not disappoint. It works and is safe for most pens, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your pen. However, the pigmentation might be light for some of the user’s taste.


  • Creates elegant and vivid lines
  • Free-flowing ink
  • Non-corrosive and protects your pen


  • The pigmentation is a bit light

Fountain Pen Inks Buying Guide

Choosing the best fountain pen inks can be challenging when you find yourself loaded with the countless options you can easily find in the market. Below are some of the crucial things you should look for in the fountain-pen inks to help you decide. Still, the ink’s quality may differ depending on the pen you are using the paper quality. In the end, choose a pen that suits your writing style and needs.

Color saturation

Take some time to examine the saturation of ink. Saturation refers to the amount of colorant an ink has. The more saturated inks have a darker and vibrant color, while the less saturated ones are transparent. You can look at writing samples and swatches to determine if the saturation is up to your expectation.

However, you should know that highly saturated inks take a longer time to completely dry, so they are more prone to smudging. The safest standard choice is to go for an in with medium or low saturation.

Waterproof level

We all want our writings and notes to stay clear and legible, even if they get in contact with a bit of water. You can find water-resistant inks. Most fountain pen inks are not fully waterproof. But plenty of these inks will still be readable enough so you can salvage and rewrite them on a new sheet of paper.


An ink’s flow refers to the wetness or how easily an ink dispenses through a pen. Wet inks flow more efficiently, and put more ink onto the paper as your write. It also feels smoother when writing compared to dry inks. However, wet inks tend to bleed through, especially on low-quality paper. On the other hand, dry inks feel less smooth but are less likely to bleed and smudge on the pages.

Other Things to Consider Before Buying 


What is a fountain pen ink?

A fountain-pen ink is a liquid solution that contains dyes, water, and other components to transfer ink into the paper. A good fountain pen inks should have a smooth ink flow that writes quickly on paper. Fountain pen inks create solid and vivid strokes that satisfy the art of writing.

Fountain-pen-ink may come in bottles or cartridges. They also come in different vibrant colors that appeal to both artists and hobbyists alike. Some fountain pen inks have an archival quality made to leave permanent writing on the pages, while others are not so resistant to fading and water. Choose a pen that works best for your writing needs.

Types of fountain pen inks

Fountain pen inks contain water and colorants to achieve a solid color. These colorants come in different types, which are unique in their account. You must know these different types before choosing a fountain-pen-ink.

  • Dye-based inks: This type is the most common and standard inks. They are a favorite because they are low maintenance and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Pigment-based inks: Inks of this type are water-resistant and more permanent compared to dye-based ones. However, they have limited color selection and are less vibrant.
  • Shimmer inks: In recent years, writing tools have mixed some glitters and shimmers to their formula, and fountain-pen inks are no exception. Shimmer inks look beautiful and safe to use for most pens.

Why do you need a fountain-pen-ink?

The fountain pens help you experience the beauty of classic writing, except we don’t dip them into inks anymore. A high-quality fountain-pen-ink completes the experience. It is essential to have inks specifically made for fountain pens because non-fountain pen inks might contain additives that might clump and clog your pen.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long to get fountain pen ink off hands?

When using the fountain pens, sometimes you will get the ink on your hands, and it may take some time and effort to remove. Washing with soap and water works on getting fountain-pen inks off your hands, but it may take you multiple attempts. Using alcohol-based solutions removes ink stains faster off the skin.

How long does fountain pen ink last?

How long does fountain-pen ink last depends ultimately on how often you use your pen to write. Using the pen frequently,the inks in the reservoir can function properly for a good couple of weeks. However, if you only use it occasionally, then the ink may last you several months or a year at most. Beyond six months, however, the quality of your inks may start to change.

How to refill a fountain pen ink cartridge?

In refilling your ink-cartridge, you will need a bottle of fountain-pen-ink, the used cartridge, and an ink syringe. First, clean the used ink cartridge to avoid residue build-up. Next is to draw ink into the ink syringe and carefully fill the empty fountain-pen-ink cartridge with the inks. Clean any messes, and you’re good to go.

Where to buy?

You can find fountain pen inks in your local school and office supplies stores. Or, if you want a more extensive list of choices with reviews from other users, you can try shopping on online sites like eBay or Amazon.

What is the Best Fountain Pen Ink?

  1. Parker 1950375 Quink Ink-Bottle
  2. Waterman 50ml Ink-Bottle for Fountain Pens
  3. PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain-Pen Ink
  4. Dryden Fountain-Pen-Ink Bottle
  5. Pelikan Bottled-Ink for Fountain Pens
  6. Noodler’s Fountain-Pen-Ink
  7. Thornton’s Luxury Goods Fountain-Pen-Ink

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The quality of your fountain pen inks affects the quality of your writing and notes. That is why it is best to explore your options and find the best fountain pen inks that work for your writing style and needs.

At this point, you already have an idea of what to look for in ink for fountain pens. We have given you the essential pointers and factors to consider when buying inks, We even gathered and reviewed some of the best ones out there to save you the trouble. We hope that this guide has answered the questions you have about fountain-pen inks. Continue writing and enjoy.

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