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The Best Fountain Pens for Iron Gall Inks in 2023


Iron gall inks typically refer to inks with iron and those manufactured with oak galls, which technology could be dated back to hundreds and hundreds of years.

People use iron gall inks commonly for a lot of reasons. Iron-gall inks are interesting in that they change colors as they dry and that they leave a dark line, too.

Iron-gall inks don’t feather and work just as fine on thin paper. If you’re looking to use ink for your writing or calligraphic works, I’ve prepared a buying guide along with reviews of the best fountain pens for iron gall inks in the following.

The Best Fountain Pens for Iron Gall Inks Reviews

1. Dryden Designs Fountain Pen for Iron Gall Inks


People looking to make their lettering or writing more attractive and probably aesthetic, they pick iron gall inks and a good fountain pen like this Dryden Designs Fountain Pen, which feature fine and medium nibs and come in a metallic color.

This set comes with 24 ink cartridges, black and blue; 12 each respectively. The fountain pens are an interesting Metallic Silver. I also liked the feel of the construction material, which is stainless steel. It’s lightweight and handy as well.

Best part, I liked how the pens write smoothly so that I don’t have to press down too hard for the pen to move smoothly and the ink to show on paper. Now, I can write however I would want, too, not to mention I can use either the fine or medium nib.


  • Elegant, modern yet classic look
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Comes with 24 ink cartridges


  • Cap not staying on the pen

2. Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen


If you love collecting fountain pens like I do, I suggest this fountain pen collection that can give you three different nib sizes, allowing for more versatile uses like lettering, detailing, journaling, and general writing.

The feel and look of these pens are also elegant that can perhaps inspire you in writing more.

Each of these pens is quality-checked according to the brand’s claim, and that’s something to give us peace of mind in purchasing quality pens for iron gall inks.

Writing on paper is smooth and flawless, and executives can also rely on that for signing important documents, too. The pens are classy, and no one would mistake them for a cheap pen.

The Asvine pen’s weight also creates more balance that prevents hand fatigue and that allows me to write comfortably even for hours.


  • Lovely and elegant design
  • Quality ink
  • Smooth writing nibs


  • Ink cartridges not included

3. Parker IM Fountain Pen for Iron Gall Inks


Parker IM Fountain Pens are known for their quality and performance. The pen comes in a glossy black lacquer finish and decorated with gold trims that make it look elegant.

I liked that the pen is designed with a stainless steel fine nib, allowing for a smooth and comfortable writing experience. I don’t also feel fatigued using it in writing because it has a comfortable and ergonomic shape.

In addition, I believe that this pen can make a sophisticated gift to pen collectors, as it also comes in a lovely gift box along with an ink cartridge. This pen also comes with a blue ink refill.

If you have loved ones who are engineers, executives, or anyone who loves using fountain pens for iron gall inks, you might want to check out this one from Parker.

Overall, the pen is classy, elegant, and quality and is by Parker that is known for manufacturing high performing pens.


  • Reputable brand
  • Comes in a lovely gift box
  • Stainless steel nib writes smoothly


  • Nib might not be for those looking an ultra-fine tip

4. PILOT Explorer Lightweight Fountain Pen in Gift Box


Another consideration when looking for fountain pens for iron gall inks is the PILOT Explorer, which allows users to explore their imagination and write beautifully on paper.

I liked that the barrel is lightweight, so it is comfortable and easy to maneuver. This will not cause fatigue to your hand. The color of the pen is rich red and the nib is a fine style one for creating lovely letters and pages.

The pen is well-balanced, and that’s thanks to the modern barrel design, giving a pleasant writing experience. The nib is made of stainless steel, which is not only durable but also classic-looking.

I suggest using the pen for different applications like writing on name plates, invitations, and other works of art. And if you love making stationeries like me, you might want to give this pen a try.


  • Ideal as a gift
  • Versatile for applications like invitation and card making
  • Lightweight barrel


  • A bit more pressure needed to write

5. Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen for Iron-Gall Inks


This Platinum fountain pen for iron gall inks is another pen to consider. The nib is fine, making it ideal for detailing, calligraphic works, and general writing.

For people who love blue, this pen is a great choice, too, and the material is platinum, which is durable. It looks and feels modern while classic at the same time, so users with a discerning taste for their pens would appreciate it.

The barrel has an ergonomic and balanced design, making the pen ideal for those who do a lot of writing in a day. Regarding the price, this fountain pen is affordable yet performs topnotch.


  • Balanced and lightweight barrel
  • Smooth writing nib
  • Classic yet modern feel


  • Lacking product details

6. Picasso 903 Sweden Flower King Fountain Pen


The blue marble fountain pen comes in an original gift box that makes it ready for gift-giving for birthdays and holidays. I liked that it comes with a converter, an ink pump and a fit for bottled ink.

The pen is attractive and has a classic feel to it. Its barrel design is balanced and easy to grip for hours of writing. I believe that this pen would last long because of its durable metal material.

I also liked the craftsmanship, which for me is striking, especially the blue marble color with trimming. In addition, the pen writes well, gliding on paper smoothly, including on cheap paper and more expensive ones. The nib offers more balance to the pen, too.

Overall, this Picasso is one of my favorites for its elegant look and wonderful performance. It will not disappoint you.


  • Durable metal material
  • Balanced barrel design
  • Original gift box


  • Grip is quite thin

Fountain Pens For Iron Gall Inks Buying Guide

How do you go about selecting your fountain pens for gall inks? As there are lots of choices, here are what to remember when weighing your options.

Pens that don’t dry out easily

Choose fountain pens that don’t dry out easily. They are not suitable for iron-gall inks, making them unreliable. Check out the reviews featured for some choices on pens that remain functional and are ideal for iron gall inks.

Size of the nib

Ultra fine, fine, medium nib size? Think about the application you’re using your fountain pen for. Are you looking to make great detailing results? You might want to go for a fine or ultra fine nib style, which is suitable for making signatures, lettering, and calligraphic works. At the end of the day, your choice of nib can be subjective, so go with one that you’re most comfortable with.

Quality of the material

The pen’s quality is another consideration when choosing your fountain pens because this has to do with the long-lasting use of the pen. Some products are made of plastic and the others are made of metal in the body. For the nib, many are made of stainless steel.


Vintage appeal? Modern look? Choose from a wide range of designs offered by different manufacturers depending on your style and taste. As at the end of the day, it is your satisfaction that matters.


You’ll definitely find fountain pens at varying price points. There is no need to go for the most expensive items, though. Read reviews for the user satisfaction ratings of the product you’re eyeing on and definitely consider the price next based on your budget.

Gift box?

If you’re planning to give the pen as a gift to a loved one or someone you know, it might be better to choose a pen that comes with an elegant gift box.

What Are Fountain Pens For Iron Gall Inks?


Not all pens are created to be used for iron gall inks. That’s why fountain pens for iron-gall inks are used. These pens allow for a smooth writing experience and have nibs that can be fine, ultra -fine, and medium.

They are made of durable plastic or steel body and their nib can be stainless steel or another material depending on the manufacturer.

Fountain pens for iron-gall inks are also lightweight and have a balanced design for user convenience and comfort, allowing for hours and hours of writing without experiencing hand fatigue.

These pens for iron-gall inks may also come with ink cartridges while some do not. The choice is yours. Then, you’ll also find fountain pens that come in a gift box.

Types of Fountain Pens for Iron Gall Inks

Fountain pens meant for iron gall inks are especially designed and created for this type of ink. You’ll find them in many options, including based on the size of the nib and style of the pen.

Fine nib fountain pens are for smaller detailing and lettering needs. However, there are also ultra fine nibs that you can find for iron-gall inks. The choice to make can be based on the application or use that you intend the pen for.

There are also medium nib pens that others who prefer a broader writing tip choose for their fountain pen.

Why Do You Need Fountain Pens?

Fountain pens don’t only look attractive but they’re also perfect for an improved writing experience, and sometimes may even improve one’s handwriting. The ink can be flowing smoothly in the nib and the grip is comfortable, too. Thus, you can focus on your writing instead of thinking about the ink flow and the fatigue of your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is iron-gall ink safe for fountain pens?

Yes, it’s safe for fountain pens, provided that you’re using them regularly. You might want to avoid using inks that have the tendency of drying out when left unused even for a short time.

But remember, it’s quite normal that writing again after leaving your pens for a week or two might require a bit more effort on your part, like adding some pressure.

In some cases, you might also feel that you’re scratching the paper while writing, but again, this can be happening when you use the fountain pen again after quite some time.

Is iron gall ink still used today?

Iron-gall ink has been around for ages, way back since about the 5th century and has been in some form of fashion for almost 2,000 years. So you may be wondering if this ink still exists today, and the answer is yes.

People who particularly love to write aesthetically or love lettering and want to come up with deep versions of colors like red or black, they choose iron gall ink, which is still available in many online stores and arts and crafts shops in your community. Finding these iron-gall inks won’t be a problem.

Are all Platinum inks iron-gall?

Platinum Classic Ink is iron gall ink, giving rich colors that change over time. Iron has been added to their ink so that it becomes permanent and that it has darkening properties/color-changing properties.

Is iron gall ink permanent?

Yes, iron-gall ink is permanent. When made properly, it makes permanent markings on paper that it cannot be washed off. That’s why it is chosen by people writing on parchment like in the case of certificates. And as it is permanent, it’s still used in many documents where permanent ink is needed.

What is the disadvantage of iron-gall ink?

Free acid is in iron gall ink, and it’s the major advantage of this ink. It can corrode a steel pen and sometimes it can also ruin the paper you’re writing on.

What is the Best Fountain Pen for Iron Gall Inks?

  1. Dryden Designs Fountain Pen for Iron Gall Inks
  2. Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen
  3. Parker IM Fountain Pen for Iron-Gall Inks
  4. PILOT Explorer Lightweight Fountain Pen in Gift Box
  5. Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen for Iron Gall Inks
  6. Picasso 903 Sweden Flower King Fountain Pen

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Using the best fountain pens for iron gall inks will give you more satisfaction because you can be sure that they would function as intended and give you excellent performance. Topnotch pens for iron-gall inks also ensure that you can write smoothly on paper even without adding too much pressure and that you can use them for hours without straining your fingers. They have comfortable grip, a solid and lightweight barrel, and a balanced design. To help you choose the right pens for IG inks, refer to the buying guide and reviews of topnotch fountain pens on the market today. Enjoy writing!

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