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The Best Fountain Pens Under 100 Dollar for 2023


Wanting and buying the best things for yourself is totally acceptable. You can buy the best bags or shoes with a specific budget. You can indulge yourself with the best fountain pens under 100 if you feel like it.

Fountain pens give off that sophisticated and professional demeanor. Your writing seems to improve when you use a fountain pen. The good news is, there are fountain pens for every budget.

Below are our comprehensive review and guide to narrow down your fountain pen options. The common denominator of these pens – they are all below a hundred bucks and are all value for your money.

Top 8 Best Fountain Pens Under 100 Dollar Reviews

1. Cross ATX Brushed Black PVD Fountain Pen


Beautifully balanced and bold, the Cross ATX brushed black PVD fountain pen holds a contemporary and chic style.

You can’t go wrong with its black-finished and diamond-patterned engraving. This is a fountain pen of labor as it is hand-finished with precision-ground nib plated with stainless steel and further polished with black PVD.

This fountain-pen boasts a tapered tip and an integrated clip, so it is convenient for you to bring it anywhere, all the time. The pen comes with a premium gift box, making it an ideal choice for corporate giveaways and even a gift for your colleagues and superiors during special occasions. There is enough space for a name to be engraved on it.

No blots and mess because its uniquely formulated quick-drying ink is guaranteed to flow flawlessly. Your hands will love this fountain pens, and you can use it for hours without feeling tired.


  • Beautiful and professional all-black aesthetics
  • Allows you to write smoothly
  • Comes with an integrated clip and a secured cap


  • Inside of the pen is made of plastic

2. Waterman Hémisphère Fountain Pens


If you are looking into upgrading your beginner’s fountain pen and you are about to take on some serious writing project, then what better way to boost with the Waterman Hemisphere Fountain pen.

The Hemisphere fountain pen is stylishly designed, and you can feel it’s solidly built in your hands. This is not as thick as other fountain pens, but you can be guaranteed that it will remain comfortable in your grip even after hours of non-stop writing.

At a closer look, the stainless nib of the fountain pens has an engraved “W” on it for Waterman. The nib itself is round and smooth so writing using a fountain pen is like a graceful glide across your paper.

The ink is quick-drying sans the messy blots or annoying blank spots. You also don’t need to fret about any feathering or bleeding. What you get is smooth and clean strokes every time.


  • Solid feel on the hands
  • Allows comfortable use even after extended hours of writing
  • Smooth and clean strokes most of the time


  • Bleeding and feathering when a low-quality paper is used

3. Waterman Expert Fountain Pen Under 100

Waterman-Expert-Fountain-PenShowcase the executive in you with the Waterman Expert Fountain Pen. Branded as one of the best-selling fountain pens on the market today, this hand-crafted beauty from France boasts a stainless-steel, medium nib. It also comes with a fine nib depending on your writing style and preference.

The medium nib is reliable and durable, and you can have peace of mind knowing that it is built with sophistication and the finest material. It guarantees the ink flow smoothly and evenly.

The ink also settles firmly on your paper, so you don’t have to worry about fluidity and unsolicited mess.

Like the fountain pen’s nib, the Waterman fountain pen’s barrel is also crafted from stainless steel beautifully polished to achieve that glossy finish. This system not on makes this fountain pen extremely durable, but it gives good weight for balance. It is workable for people with small hands.


  • Balanced ink flow
  • Hand-crafted for guaranteed durability
  • Promotes smooth and painless writing


  • Too slim for that comfortable and pleasant hand feel

4. Cross Wanderlust Everest Stainless Steel Nib Fountain Pen


Bring out the desire to explore in you with this unique fountain pen inspired by the majestic Everest.

Your inner traveler persona would want to be unleashed every time you use this beautifully designed fountain-pen, complete with black appointments and chrome-plated engravings.

The overall design and aesthetics are a sure winner and add in a body and nib that is crafted from high-quality stainless steel. This will guarantee durability and longevity. The fountain pen’s body is lacquered in its colorful design.

Using this fountain pen would make your writing style better. The nib is solid and sturdy and can easily make any writing style a smooth experience. Thanks to its uniquely formulated ink that flows seamlessly and dries up quickly, you will always come up with documents that are well-written, clean, and professional-looking.

Upon purchase of this Everest fountain pens, you also get a pair of ink cartridges. This pen is elegantly packaged in the brand’s signature box, making this an excellent gift to your family and friends.With a mechanical warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that this is worth your money.



  • Nib and body made of stainless steel
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Specially designed ink that flows flawlessly and dries quickly


  • Ink refills are sold separately

5. Kaweco Brass Sport Fine Nib Fountain Pens Under 100 Dollar

Kaweco-Brass-Sport-Fine-Nib-Fountain-PenYou will have a second and a third look to make sure you are looking at a fountain pen. It is easy to mistake the Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen with your refillable lead pencil thanks to its octagon-shaped handle.

The material used, which is brass, not only makes this fountain pen beautiful, but it makes your hand feel and grip more comfortable too. The nib is made of stainless, and the overall construction of the fountain-pen is durable and strong.

You can be sure that it won’t break so that you can enjoy the fountain pens for a very long time.

Even with its sturdy built, you can easily unfasten the pen. Everything is made convenient because changing this fountain pen’s cartridge can be a DIY project for you. The entire process is simple.

One more reason to give this fountain pen a thumbs-up is its 100% scratch-resistant design. You can put it in your pocket or bag without worrying about damages.

One compromise you have to be willing to take with this pen is you can’t use it in dry environments. Sure, it writes smoothly on paper, but the nib may leave blank spots in some strokes when it is in a dry set-up.


  • Changing the cartridge is simple and easy
  • Unique octagon-shaped handle
  • Feels good on the hands


  • Not recommended for use in dry environments

6. TWSBI Diamond Fountain Pen nib EF Under 100


The TWSBI Diamond 580 is one of the most stylish fountain pens that you will encounter on the market today.

If you love fountain pens that sport a decorative style, then this is the pen for you. Not only will you be excited by its physical looks, but you will be wowed with how the ink glows on your paper too.

Unlike most fountain pens made of stainless steel, the TWSBI Diamond 580 sports a plastic body. The choice of material ensures durability, and the plastic built makes this fountain pen stand out because it is 100% transparent.

For those who go on writing for long hours every day, you will be pleased that this model is built with a larger ink space. It can store more ink, so you don’t need to replace it as frequently.

However, some don’t buy it because of its heavier and larger built. Folks with smaller hands may get tired quickly when using this, and due to the challenges in balance, your writing may come out sloppier.


  • Fully transparent body
  • Large ink reservoir
  • Solid and durable


  • Not recommended for people with small hands

7. Xezo Maestro Natural Seashell Fountain Pen


Hands down, the Xezo handmade fountain pen is the winner when it comes to beautiful aesthetics.

Who would have thought that seashell can produce a style that is eye-catching and unique? This fountain pen will draw curiosity from onlookers and would spark conversations and questions.

Nothing is minimal when it comes to this pen – from its finish to its oversized leafy cap; it gives a feeling of classy superiority.

You will be impressed with this fountain pen’s beautiful nib. For one, it is massive, and its colossal size surprisingly complements the overall pen structure and design. The teals, blues, and purples of the paua shells on the fountain pens transport you to the ocean and sea, and when you write, the pen glides smoothly over paper.


  • No two pens are alike
  • Beautifully crafted from paua shells
  • Boasts a huge nib


  • Not ideal for people with big hands

8. PILOT Elite 95s Fountain Pen


The fountain pen that marked Pilot’s 95th pen is nothing short regarding elegance and functionality. It is indeed Elite as it is called.

The Pilot Elite 95s fountain pen comes in a deep red (or almost burgundy) color with gold-plated trims. When you hold this pen, you can feel how the acrylic resin material is solid and sturdy on your hands. Surprisingly, it is lightweight, so it makes a perfect fountain pen for your pocket.

The design of this fountain-pen is almost vintage-like. It brings out old-school but with a modern twist thanks to its glossy red resin. The cap is also light, and you can pull it out and snap it back on smoothly to reveal a beautiful golden nib that allows you to write and glide smoothly on any paper.

The Pilot Elite 95s comes with an equally elite gift box ready to ready for any occasion. A single black ink cartridge is also included.


  • Sleek vintage look
  • Pocket size and lightweight
  • Made of excellent and quality materials


  • Scratchy feel against the paper when first used

Fountain Pens Under 100 Dollar Buying Guide


Buying your first fountain pen is a proud moment. This is one of those “adult” purchases that you don’t want to mess up. You need to be happy with your purchase.

To help the experience be more enjoyable, here are some factors that you need to look into when shopping for the best fountain pens under $100.


Not all fountain pens are created equal, size included. Fountain pens come in many different sizes, and the ideal fountain pen for you should perfectly fit your hand.

Using a smaller fountain pen can cause you to struggle when writing if your hands are more prominent. On the contrary, if you have smaller hands and your fountain pain is enormous, expect some unwanted mess.

The size matters because it will make your writing experience comfortable and seamless.


Another consideration that new fountain users failed to check is the actual weight of the pen. This goes down to personal preference because some would prefer a heavier pen to a lighter one.

Heavy fountain pains can lead to hand fatigue and pain, especially if you tend to write for hours at a time. If you plan to use your fountain pen in stretched hours, a lightweight fountain pen is your best option.

Nib Width

The quality and size of the fountain pen’s nib can heavily impact your writing output and style. A fine nib can provide you fine writing, while a bolder one can help you write bold words smoothly.

A broad nib can tap your creativity because it is usually used in arts and calligraphy, so depending on what you will use it for, you can have several fountain pains in varying nib sizes for different purposes.

Ink Consumption

This is 100% dependent on your nib width. The wider your fountain pen’s nib is, the more it will consume ink and vice versa. So if you are getting comfortable using a fountain pen, you can try with a fine nib first to save on nib and gradually try the pens with a bolder and thicker nib size.

Material of the Fountain Pen

It is essential to check what kind of material the nib is made of. Some nibs are crafted from steel, platinum, and gold. The nibs dictate the price and the quality of your writing.

The more it is made of precious and reliable material, the pricier it becomes, so you might need to settle for something a little basic with a budget of $100. Meanwhile, the body of the pen can be made from resin, ABS plastic, or lightweight aluminum.

These are the basic elements that you need to consider. If you want to be an intelligent buyer, look into the fountain pen’s brand, your tentative usage, and purpose for the fountain pen, and any accessories that may come with it.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to use a fountain pen?

Writing can be more enjoyable using a fountain pen. Using it is almost the same as a regular ballpoint pen, except that using high-quality paper is practically a must to get the most out of the experience.

To use a fountain pen, you either write with the cap posted or not. Some prefer with the cap posted as it helps with the balance, while others opt not to. You have to feel what works for you.

Keep the fountain pen at a 45 to 55 net angle. You can try different angles until you settle on one that’s comfortable for you. When you write, you have to keep your hand rigid while applying the right amount of pressure.

How to clean a fountain pen?

Fountain pens need to be cleaned every 4-8 weeks even if it is still writing without any problems. To do a basic cleaning on your fountain pen, you need to:

  1. Carefully disassemble your pen.
  2. Focus on the nib and hold it under cold, running water for a few seconds.
  3. After the initial cleaning, soak the nib in water and replace the water as long as there are still some ink traces.
  4. Completely dry the nib. You can use a cloth to wipe it dry, but you can also air-dry it 24 hours.
  5. Re-assemble your fountain pen.

How does a fountain pen work?

For the fountain pen’s ink to reach your paper, you need to hold it at a specific angle. This is required so the ink can travel down to the nib. And eventually down to the paper using the combined principles of capillary and gravity actions.

When you point your fountain pen downwards, the ink is gently pulled by gravity, and the nib releases the ink at your control and pace.

Where to buy Under $100? 

Fountain pens are available in any bookstore and art supplies shop. You can test the feel and weight of the fountain pen when you go to a physical shop.

Another option is to go shopping online. You can either go directly to a brand’s website or shop on a more extensive marketplace with different fountain pens.

What is the Best Fountain Pen under $100?

  1. Cross ATX Brushed Black PVD Fountain Pen
  2. Waterman Hémisphère Fountain Pens
  3. Waterman Expert Fountain Pen
  4. Cross Wanderlust Everest Stainless Steel Nib Fountain Pen
  5. Kaweco Brass Sport Fine Nib Fountain Pens
  6. TWSBI Diamond Fountain Pen nib EF
  7. Xezo Maestro Natural Sea Shell Handmade Fountain Pen
  8. PILOT Elite 95s Fountain Pen

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Buying the best fountain pens under 100 is a feasible task. It all takes a little effort and time for you to look around and narrow down your choices.Fountain pens give that esteem and sense of maturity to you when you are using them.

When shopping for one, exhaust all your options and don’t feel limited with a $100 budget. This money is more than enough for you to get a decently fair fountain pen that you can enjoy for a long time. Refer to our buying guide above for some cool choices and things you need to consider when shopping for one. Buy a fountain pen today!

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