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The Best Fountain Pens Under 50 Dollar for 2023


Writing is an expressive way to let others know your thoughts. It is a common life skill that has a deep meaning if on one wants to put out in tangible material everything in the mind. Many tools arise when it comes to getting these things done, and a fountain pen is among the most luxurious ones.

Using a fountain pen is a lifestyle statement. In this day of digital and technological age, writing with a fountain can slow the pace of life. However, owning one can be expensive as these pens don’t come without a price. The best fountain pens under 50 can be hard to find, but it can be a great investment if you want to have that unique writing experience.

Top 8 Best Fountain Pens Under 50 Reviews

1. Dryden Designs Fountain Pen


Write like a dream in this lavish fountain pen without shelling out too much cash. This pen is designed to keep your writing skills well balanced, without having to press down too hard to have that continuous ink flow. Writing down flows smoothly with the pen’s weight that aids your every letter stroke.

This fountain-pen is compatible with both a bottled ink and a standard cartridge, making it a versatile pen suitable for daily and occasional use. It takes pride in having a fine nib with a snap on cap that ensures zero leakage, so you can bring this pen anywhere.

It also comes with a complimentary guide that will help you optimize the use of this signature pen, so you can keep it in pristine condition for a long time.


  • It has a fine nib that glides smoothly on creamy paper
  • Versatile pen compatible with a bottled ink and a standard cartridge
  • Easy snap on cap that offers zero leakage


  • It scathes stone paper

2. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set


Impress everyone with this classy and elegant fountain pens in all your writing ventures. It is beautifully balanced with a metallic touch that adds a modern look of the pen for your daily writing routine. This pen has a high precision and gives owners a great comfort on whatever one needs to write and sign on.

This pen is refillable and it includes an ink converter, blue and black ink cartridges, a premium leather case and a gift box. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pens Set is perfect for those who like to write with delicate weight and it caters the writing needs of both left and right-handed individuals. As this is well-designed to provide a premium writing experience, it glides smoothly on paper without that rough writing texture.


  • It looks very elegant and classy with a metallic touch
  • Refillable and it comes with a set of blue and black ink cartridges
  • Perfect pen weight for both left and right-handed people


  • Sometimes writes in skip lines depending on the paper

3. Scriveiner Silver Chrome Fountain Pen under 50 Dollar


Write in style with this sophisticated pen that will make your writing experience a more comfortable and elegant one. True luxury is in your hands with its stunning design that is made with brass and a silver chrome design. The 24-karate gold finish adds a sophisticated touch in all your writing ventures.

This pen comes with a medium nib from Schmidt that is gilded with an 18-karat gold. It also includes a converter and 2 spare ink cartridges in blue and black. The ink system from Schmidt allows the pens to glide without budge across all writing medium. It is also perfectly weighed to balance out elegance with comfort.


  • Very elegant and classy with a 24-karat gold finish
  • Tip is in a medium nib, perfect for daily use
  • Weighed adequately for a comfortable writing experience that glides smoothly


  • Ink runs out quickly

4. PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen


Have a more modern take in handling a fountain-pen with the Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pens. This pen has a brass barrel with hints of stainless steel, giving it a sleeker and more modern look, compared to other sophisticated and delicate-looking pens.

The snap cap makes it perfect for everyday use, as you can bring this pen with ease anywhere you like. It is heavier compared to other plastic pens, and it writes elegantly and smoothly in various papers. It also comes in an elegant box, so it is perfect for when you want to have it as a gift for your friends and loved ones.


  • This pen is made of brass with hints of stainless steel
  • Perfect for everyday use with its snap cap
  • Its weight if ideal for those who want to write smoothly


  • The ink sometimes clogs inside

5. Parker Urban Fountain Pen under  $50


Writing has never been this comfortable and elegant at the same time, with the Parker Urban Fountain Pen. The sleek hourglass curve of the pen makes it very easy to write with. It also has a modern look with a chic pearl shine. The metallic reflection and the glossy varnish make it perfect for those who want to put some striking fountain pens look as you write.

The engraved stainless-steel nib is very durable and it delivers a charming ink flow that will suit most writing styles. The shape is very ergonomic for a natural pen grasp, and it balanced out with the right weight that will guide every signature and letter stroke you write.


  • Unique design with a mix of chic pearl and metallic reflection
  • Very ergonomic with its sleek hourglass curve body
  • The nib is stainless steel making it very durable


  • It can be a bit scratchy to write on some paper

6. Asvine Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen


Bring out a unique fountain-pen in all your writing needs with the Asvine Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen. It has a deep black color that makes it stand out from your common fountain pens that are stainless steel in nature.

The pen is streamlined with stainless steel but has a matte black finish. It comes with a converter for bottled ink, making it very easy to use. You don’t have to worry about having light nor extra heavy writing tool because this pen is calculated to the brim, for a relaxed writing experience. It also has a metal pen case with a gift box, perfect for personal use and for giving it out to a loved one.


  • Unique stainless-steel pen with a matte black finish
  • Pen weight has been calculated for a relaxed writing experience
  • Comes with a metal pen case and a gift box


  • The nib sometimes skips while writing

7. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen under 50 Dollar


A premium writing experience does not have to be boring. Get the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen to have a first-class signature or note-taking venture. It has a black finish with a sophisticated design, making your everyday writing skill a more striking one.

This must-have fountain pens makes the most out of your money as it comes with 5 black ink cartridges and 1 blue ink cartridge. It is also very ergonomic as it does not weigh your hand down while writing. The weight of the pen does not sink in your hand it gives your strokes more freedom but still having enough control of the pen.


  • Sophisticated pen with a black finish
  • It comes with 5 black ink cartridges and 1 blue ink cartridge
  • Ergonomic design with a well-balanced weight


  • Line produced from this pen is relatively thick

8. LUXUN Fountain Pens Writing Set


Add some natural yet elegant touch to all your writing needs with the Luxun Fountain Pens. It has a bamboo body that gives off an organic sense as you go through your letter strokes.

The pens provide the writer with a no-spill experience. The nib has an innovative design as it dispenses a smooth and steady ink flow, no matter what angle you position the pen. Your handwriting will never be this smooth and easy flowing.

It is also enclosed in a gift box, perfect for both personal use and as a gift for your family and friends.


  • Natural-looking bamboo design
  • Dispenses ink in a steady and smooth manner
  • Comes in a gift box to treat yourself and your loved ones


  • Skips a few lines at first

Fountain Pens Under 50 Dollar Buying Guide

Fountain pens are a great writing tool investment. As these pens last for years, decades even, it can come with a hefty amount of price. The materials used in these pens are also unique and more durable compared to the usual ball point pens. Buying out your first ever fountain-pen can be confusing, so consider this buying guide if you want to peek at the features you would want in the fountain pens.

Fountain Pen Nib

The nib is probably the most important part of the fountain pens because it determines the quality of the ink flow and style.

The size usually comes in broad and fine ones. The broad nib is wider while the fine tips are thinner and more suitable for everyday writing. Other nib sizes include extra fine, and a medium one between fine and broad.

Nib shapes are usually classified as round and italic. The round nibs have a uniform shape all throughout the course of the pen, while the italic will have a different line width depending on the angle and direction of the stroke.

Pen weight 

The weight of the pens will serve as a guide for comfort. Some writers like a heavy fountain-pen for a more gliding experience, but some like the lightweight ones for extended writing sessions.


Most lightweight pens are made of plastic. Other classier and heavy-duty ones are made of brass and stainless steel. Some pens are made of a combination of materials.

Cap type

Choose a cap type that will suit your lifestyle. Fountain pens are usually capped with a Snap-On type or a screw-on cap. The more modern ones are now retractable.


Not all pens will have the same size. Some are shorter ones, which are preferred by those who write for a longer period. These pens are also pocket-friendly, making it suitable for everyday use. Long-tailed ones are also available to one’s liking.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to write with a fountain pen?

Writing with a fountain-pen will have the same writing position as a normal pen. However, as the fountain pen has a nib, find a sweet spot where the pen’s nib will glide smoothly as it releases ink. It will usually feel scratchy and rough if you aren’t on the nib’s sweet spot.

To keep writing in that sweet spot, write with your arm, and not with the wrist. This will also put less strain on your hand. These pens don’t require you to push it down with so much pressure. Write gently and glide easily with a fountain-pen.

How to store fountain pens?

Make sure to put the cap back on your fountain pens. This will avoid drying of the ink so quickly. Store the pens in a cool and dry place. Avoid keeping the pens under direct sunlight or under extremely cold or hot areas.

How to clean a fountain pen nib?

Basic cleaning of these pens is necessary to maintain a good flow of ink as you write. Uncap the fountain pens and disassemble the barrel to expose the section of the pen. Take out the nib section and hold it for a few seconds under running water to wash off and remove excess ink.

Some sections can be saturated with a lot of ink, these are best soaked in water for an hour, or until the water is clean as you try to re-soak it again. Completely dry the section before you re-assemble the pen again.

Where to buy Fountain Pens Under 50?

Fountain pens can be found in the usual book stores or in specialized arts and crafts shops. Some brands also are available in various pen specialty shops. There are also a lot of online stores like Amazon that carry different fountain pen brands.

What is the Best Fountain Pen under $50?

  1. Dryden Designs Fountain Pen
  2. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pens Set
  3. Scriveiner Silver Chrome Fountain Pen under 50 Dollar
  4. PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain-Pen
  5. Parker Urban Fountain Pen under $50
  6. Asvine Matte Black Forest Fountain-Pen
  7. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen under 50 Dollar
  8. LUXUN Fountain Pens Writing Set

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Fountain pens have been around the arts and crafts industry for years. It has been a classic signature writing tool that gives off the user a more luxurious experience compared to other pens. It also has a vintage sense as one writes with a fountain pain with a nib that dates the user a few decades back.

Investing in one of the best fountain pens under 50 is a great deal if you want to have a luxurious writing experience, without having to spend an unreasonable amount for a pen. These pens are durable, they last for years, and they give you a sense of satisfaction with every writing adventure.

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