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The Best Glitter Gel Pens for 2023


Add some sparkle to that artwork with the best glitter gel pens. The high pigment inks used in gel pens provide a thick finish to your art; the specks of glitter in them make it even more perfect. You can use them to add some glam to your journal, scrapbook, to add glittery details to your artwork. The possibilities are endless.

But which glitter gel pen should you get, you might ask? Indeed, choosing the right pen out of all the different available brands in the market can be problematic. We are here to help and save you from such trouble.

Top 7 Best Glitter Gel Pens

1. Aen Art 100 Color Glitter Gel Pen Set


Let out the creativity in you with this set of 100 glitter gel pen set. You have 100 unique colors to play around with. You can make any style and design with pretty and vibrant shades.

These glitter gel pens flow freely and offer a smooth writing experience. It is also acid-free and non-toxic, perfectly safe for children’s use. Its water-based ink does not bleed through the pages, so you don’t have to worry about ruining a good quality artwork. With its transparent barrel, you can also freely monitor your ink reservoir.

Each pen is designed with a comfortable grip making it easier to hold and control each stroke precisely. It features a 0.8 m – 1.0 mm fine tip, making it perfect for more refined details on your art.


  • Wide range of color selection
  • Smooth Ink flow
  • Easy to hold and use


  • A bit expensive

2. Taotree 32 Color Neon Glitter Gel Pens


Add an extra charm and more colors to your art with the Taotree glitter gel pens. These pens create vivid colors, including glitter and even neon glitter ones. Its high-quality ink allows the colors to pop on each page.

If we talk about ink quality, these pens have the best consistency with free-flowing ink that glides effortlessly on the paper without skipping. It has a thick finish and good opacity, so there is no need for you to reapply ad add a second layer. Its fine-point tip of 0.7mm to 1.0 mm is perfect for detailed outlines.

These pens carry 40% more ink which you can use for a long time. They are perfect for doodling, hand lettering, scrapbooking, or sketching. With their comfortable grip, you can use these pens for an extended time without feeling any strain.


  • High-quality ink with good consistency
  • Provides a comfortable grip
  • Long-lasting pens


  • It takes some time to dry

3. Aen Art 30 Color Glitter Gel Pens


If we are talking about the best gel pens, you can’t miss out on these Aen Art color glitter gel pens. These pens are excellent for journaling, scrapbooking, Zentangle art, greeting cards, and many more. These glitter gel pens offer the same non-toxic and safe ink, making them suitable even for children to use.

The pens feature a 1mm rollerball tip that glides and flows easily on paper. It also has excellent consistency and writes without making any gaps. The ink is fast-drying and permanent. It does not effortlessly smudge and does not make any mess no matter which paper you use.

These glitter gel pens are straightforward to use. It dispenses ink easily without hassle. Not to mention the comfortable grip it offers. However, it does have a limited selection of colors.


  • It dries fast and does not smear easily
  • Great ink consistency
  • Easy to use and hold


  • Limited color range

4. REAEON 200 Glitter Gel Pen Set


Let’s bring out all the colors with this set of glitter gel pens from REAEON. It is one of the largest glitter gel pens that you can find, carrying 100 unique and vibrant colors. What makes this set even better is that they come with free refills so you can enjoy and use your pens for a long time.

You can use these gel pens with confidence as they are non-toxic and follows strict safety and quality standards. The ink flows smoothly and does not bleed through the pages. The ink dries up quickly, too, and does not easily smudge.

These pens come in a convenient case that you can easily carry around with you to start on that art idea whenever and wherever. However, the ink does not last for long.


  • Wide range of colors
  • Refills included
  • It does not bleed through the pages


  • The ink isn’t too long-lasting

5. ColorIt 48 Glitter Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books


Satisfy your artistic needs with these glitter gel pens from ColorIt. It comes in a set of 48 unique gel pen colors. The smooth flowing ink creates solid and vivid colors that are aesthetically pleasing. You also don’t have to worry about using up your pens too quickly because this set is complete with the refills.

The package also comes with a glittery travel case which is perfect, so you can quickly bring these pens with you wherever you go. You never know when an idea hits you. They are also color-named and coded for easy organization.

The pen features a 1.0mm point tip with high-quality ink. It feels smooth when writing and does not go through the pages. These pens offer the best precision some artworks require. Some pens do tend to skip.


  • It comes with the refills
  • Complete with a carrying case
  • Color named and coded


  • Tends to skip

6. Shuttle Art 120 Colors Pen Set


You thought 100 color gen pens were a lot? Let’s add 20 more to that. Shuttle Art is among the first brands to offer a wide variety of colors to work with. Their glitter gel pen sets contain 120 unique brilliant colors. Imagine the different artworks you can create with these shades.

These pens also follow a strict safety standard. They are non-toxic and acid-free. With a transparent barrel, you can easily monitor how much ink you have left.

The high-quality ink has superior consistency. It writes without breaking and skipping. The ink also dries fast, so it doesn’t smudge easily. The bullet fine point tip is perfect for a smooth writing experience. It dispenses ink efficiently without leaving any scratch marks on the paper. However, they can be a bit expensive.


  • A lot of colors to choose from
  • Superior ink consistency
  • It dries up fast and does not easily smear


  • A bit expensive

7. Arteza Super Gel Pens


To complete the list, we have Arteza Super Glitter Gel Pens. Arteza is one of the trusted brands in the market that follows high-quality standards to produce reliable products. Their glitter gel pens are also more economical and perfect for people who are on a budget.

These pens use a quick-drying permanent ink. You don’t have to worry about smudging colors or colors bleeding through the pages. The fluent consistency of the ink is excellent. It writes on the pages vividly without creating any gaps or clumps. They are also perfect for detailed designs with their 1.0 mm ballpoint tip.

This set of glitter gel pens are complete with 18 different colors. This set is quite a limited color selection compared to other brands on this list. But their quality is undeniable.


  • Thick and consistent ink quality
  • It uses quick-drying ink and does not bleed through
  • A budget-friendly set


  • Limited color selection

Glitter Gel Pens Buying Guide

The different glitter gel pen sets you can find in the market offering almost the same features and quality of pens, making it difficult to tell which one you should get. The confusion is understandable, but if you know what to look for in a glitter gel pen, the choice will be much easier. Below are some of the essential factors you need to keep in mind when shopping for glitter gel pens to help you.

Color selection

Glitter gel pens come in a set with a variety of colors. Other brands even make 100 unique colors in one package, some with neon or metallic shades. Look for a brand that offers the colors that you want. With more shades, you can have more fun and create different masterpieces. However, a more comprehensive color selection also means you must spend more.

Ink refills

Some brands already come with ink refills. Sets with refills will prove more economical in the long run since you don’t have to buy a whole new set to get that exact shade that you have already used up.

Smooth ink flow

Look for pens that dispense ink easily for smooth writing. Some pens are difficult to activate and do not consistently dispense ink. These can create skipping and unnecessary marks on the paper, affecting the quality of your project.

Drying time

It is also important to note how fast-drying an ink is. Some inks dry faster while take a few seconds for the paper to absorb. Non-fast drying inks are prone to smudges and smears if you accidentally go over them.


Drawing and working for hours can strain your hands if you use an uncomfortable pen. Look for pens that have a comfortable rubber grip. These are easier to hold and control.

Other Things to Consider Before Buying


What is a glitter gel pen?

A glitter gel pen is like an ordinary gel pen with a thick, paint-like finish. The difference is that glitter gel pens have glitter in them, which adds more charm and sparkle to your writing or drawing.

These pens work like a normal pen. Just take the cap off and start writing. Although, some brands do require to activate the ink first. You can use gel pens to add intricate and detailed designs to your artwork. You can easily highlight a portion of your art or journal with the sparkly finish of a glitter gel pen.

Types of glitter gel pens

Before buying a glitter gel pen set, here are the different types of glitter gel pens you can find in the market:

Glitter gel pens: These are the standard ones with a rollerball point and water-based gel ink with a mixture of glitters. They come in a variety of colors – pastel, metallic, or neon.

  • Glitter glue pens: This type of pens uses a combination of adhesive and glitter. They are often used to accentuate an art. However, it does take a lot of time to try.
  • Glitter paints pens: These pens use a paint base, often acrylic combined with glitter and color pigments. Glitter paint pens are ideal for use on surfaces other than paper.

Why do you need a glitter gel pen?

Glitter gel pens are a great addition to your art arsenal. They are a fun and attractive way to highlight details on your artwork. The glittery finish will make your artwork aesthetically pleasing and adds more pop of colors in the background.

You can use them for almost anything, from drawing to journaling or crafting an invitation letter. Spice up your project with the various colors a glitter gel pen set has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular glitter gel pen brands?

Some of the most popular and trusted glitter gel pen brands are Sakura, Aen Art, and Copic Spica. They are known to have the best quality inks and pens with a wide range of color selections. However, they are also more expensive compared to other brands. Some of the more budget-friendly alternatives are Taotree, ColorIt, Caliart, and others.

When choosing a glitter gel pen brand, you don’t have to choose the most expensive one. You can always find a cheaper alternative with decent quality. In shopping, look for a pen that works for your artistic needs and your budget as well.

What can I use glitter gel pens for?

You can use glitter gel pens to add sparkly detail to your handwriting or artwork. With the fine point grips of most glitter gel pens, they are also excellent for creating minute details for your design. They also come in metallic, pastel, and neon colors perfect for whatever art design you have in mind. You can use them for journaling, scrapbooking, drawing, sketching, and so many more.

Where to buy it?

You can buy glitter gel pens in your local art supplies store. You can also drop by a Home Depot or Walmart, You can explore a lot of options for glitter gel pens in the market. If you want, you can also find them online, complete with ratings and reviews on Amazon. Some other online shops and businesses also sell different art supplies.

What is the Best Glitter Gel Pen?

  1. Aen Art 100 Color Glitter Gel Pen Set
  2. Taotree 32 Color Neon Glitter Gel Pens
  3. Aen Art 30 Color Glitter Gel Pens
  4. REAEON 200 Glitter Gel Pen Set
  5. ColorIt 48 Glitter Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books
  6. Shuttle Art 120 Colors Glitter Gel Pen Set
  7. Arteza Super Glitter Gel Pens

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Finding the best glitter gel pens should be easier now, now that you know what features and factors look for when shopping. We have also answered some of the fundamental questions about glitter gel pens. We hope that the guide has helped you in some way. You can choose among the products that we reviewed, but you can also choose to explore your options.

Whether you are an expert or still learning about art, a glitter gel pen collection should improve your craft. Now, start that art and add some flair to your work with the right glitter gel pens that work for your artistic needs.

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