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The Best Graffiti Markers for 2023


If you want your artwork to last, you need to use a suitable medium for it. It is the same when it comes to graffiti. Purchasing the best graffiti markers is essential to ensure high-quality and long-lasting art.

Before, graffiti artists used to lug around large paint canisters to paint. However, graffiti markers have become more popular as they are easier and more convenient to use. These markers come in various brands, types, and colors, making them difficult to choose.

This article will enumerate all the information you need regarding graffiti markers. It will also include a review section, a buying guide, and a FAQs section.

Top 6 Best Graffiti Markers Reviews 

1. Molotow ONE4ALL Acrylic Paint Marker


Molotow is one of the leading companies when it comes to graffiti art supplies. Their ONE4ALL paint markers boast that same excellence.

Compared to other pens, the ONE4ALL markers have a wide color selection, ranging from primary colors, metallic colors, neon colors, and even pastel hues. With this, you can experiment with different styles and ideas in your art.

Molotow’s ONE4ALL also comes in different head tip sizes, ranging from 1.5mm to 15mm. As such, you can find a suitable pen that works best for your drawing style and preference. This acrylic-based marker provides an opaque finish, and the markers’ capillary system enables consistent ink flow.

Moreover, its formula is also quick-drying and long-lasting, having strong resistance to various weather conditions. You can even use it to work on many surfaces like figures, instruments, paper, stone, wood, etc. However, the pen sometimes clogs.


  • Diverse selection
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Capillary system


  • Sometimes clogs

2. Krink K-60 Paint Marker for Graffiti


The Krink K-60 paint marker comes in a squeezer bottle appearance which some artists prefer. The product has a 2-oz capacity and comes in fifteen different shades.

Since it is in bottle form, the paint marker comes with protective caps to prevent leaking. You can squeeze the bottle to start painting. The large 15mm head tip enables the marker pen to provide broad and bold lines, making it ideal for wide and smooth surfaces like paper, glass, metal, etc.

Unlike other items, the K-60 paint marker comes with an alcohol base. Nonetheless, it does not produce any unpleasant odors, nor does the smell linger.

The alcohol-based formula also quickly dries and is impervious to harsh UV rays and water. As such, you would not have to worry about your artworks getting washed away or fading. However, be careful when using considering it’s a flammable material.


  • Provides thick, bold lines
  • Squeezer bottle form
  • 15 colors


  • Flammable material

3. Markal 80221 B Paintstik Solid Paint for Graffiti


The Markal 80221 B Paintstik is one example of graffiti pens that come in crayon form. With its wide and large head tip, it enables the user to create bold and thick lines.

Moreover, the crayon appearance also makes it more convenient for the user. When it becomes too blunt, or you want smaller and thinner lines, you can sharpen the tip instead of replacing it.

The B Paintstik comes in a set of 6 or 12 markers, offering a variety of hues. You can find primary colors along with bright shades for your artwork. Many users have praised the brand for its pigmented colors.

The marker’s formula also dries quickly and does well under harsh UV rays and rain. As such, it will not fade nor wipe easily.

However, this marker does not come with any form of protection. Hence, the tip can easily break off.


  • Crayon form
  • Pigmented hues
  • Long-lasting formula


  • No protection

4. Krink K-55 Acrylic Paint Marker


One of Krink’s paint markers’ distinct features is their chisel tips, which are also found in the K-55. This 15mm double-edged point enables the user to create thick and bold lines. Moreover, the head tips are durable enough that the artist can use them on wide, rough, and uneven surfaces.

The K-55 paint makers come with a 30-ml capacity which is sufficient for most artworks. This acrylic-based paint comes in eight colors and gives an opaque finish that you can quickly build upon.

Krink’s K-55 marker also has a durable appearance due to its protective cap. As such, it will not spill nor leak. The marker’s formula rapidly dries and is resistant to the sun and water, making your art last longer.

However, some users are dissatisfied with its green color, stating that it’s more pastel than fluorescent.


  • Broad, double-edged chisel tips
  • 30ml paint capacity
  • It comes with protection caps


  • Incorrect green shade

5. Montana Acrylic Paint Marker


The Montana paint markers come in eighteen pigmented hues. The company sells them in a set of three, enabling you to pick the colors you need and avoid the ones you don’t.

The marker comes with a large 15mm head tip, delivering broad and thick lines. It comes with an acrylic-based formula and offers decent paint coverage. Moreover, the formula rapidly dries and is resistant to various weather conditions.

Montana’s graffiti marker also comes with a convenient appearance. Its pump system enables the user to control the ink flow as well as prevent any leaks. You can also monitor the capacity due to its transparent body. When necessary, you can replace the tips and refill the ink.

However, beginners might have a hard time using the marker at first due to its mechanism.


  • 18 color variations
  • It comes with a pump system
  • Can replace the tip and refill paint


  • Hard to use at first

6. Sakura Solidified Paint Solid Marker for Graffiti


The Sakura graffiti marker is sold separately and comes in twelve different shades. As such, you can save more by just purchasing the colors you need rather than buying a set with colors that you won’t use.

Sakura’s marker comes with a solidified paint base, providing a highly pigmented color. Moreover, the formula makes it faster to dry and more resistant to various weather conditions. Once painted on, the paint can only be removed by alcohol-based cleaners.

The formula is also non-toxic and safe to use as it complies with the ASTM and ACMI regulations and standards. This graffiti pen also provides consistent ink flow due to its unique twisted system. As such, you can find that the paint is always fresh to use.

However, the graffiti pen is sometimes inconsistent with its lines due to its wide tip.


  • Solidified paint base
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • The unique mechanism keeps the paint fresh


  • Inconsistent lines

Graffiti Markers Buying Guide 

Here are some factors you to consider when it comes to graffiti markers:

Paint Capacity 

Graffiti markers have a capacity ranging from 10ml to 60ml, depending on their shape and size. The volume to buy depends on the amount of paint coverage needed.

Buying in bulk is unwise since the paints will end up drying due to unused. Many recommend buying what you need for a short project.

Marker form 

Marker form is essential since this dictate how your drawings will be. Most graffiti markers come in squeezer bottles and marker forms. However, some brands come in crayons. Choosing the structure will depend on your drawing style and preference. Many recommend testing out the products first to see which one you are most comfortable with.


Graffiti markers usually only come with the primary colors. However, some sets provide metallic or pastel colors.

Head tip

Felt Tips 

Felt tips come with either chisel or rounded shapes, giving you large, bold, thick lines. They are generally leak-free since the felt tip controls the amount of paint that comes out. However, you might have a hard time when first using the pens since they come off rigid.

Mop Markers 

Mop markers come in squeezer bottle versions with spongy or hairy tips. As such, they are ideal when painting big, dripping tags. However, they can be challenging to use since there is no regulator to control paint flow. Moreover, this makes them prone to leaking.

Steel Tips 

Steelhead tips make for thin lines and detail work. They offer excellent paint coverage and are ideal on rough surfaces due to their durable tips. However, they are prone to leaking.

White-out Pens 

White-out pens are the smaller version of the steel tip ones. However, these pens are not very durable and are easy to buff.

Other things to consider before buying 


What is a graffiti marker?

Graffiti markers come in a squeezer bottle or marker form and different head tip shapes, enabling you to create bold and thin lines. It contains a decent amount of paint and comes in varying shades.

Types of graffiti markers

Graffiti markers differ in two ways: 1) their paint type and 2) head tips.

Under paint type, there are two kinds of graffiti markers:


Acrylic-based graffiti markers provide lighter colors and often use thin bullet tips found in most small pens. They are ideal on soft and flat surfaces since they are fragile.

Solidified paint 

Solidified paint graffiti markers come with big round or square head tips, making them ideal to use on wide and rough surfaces. These markers offer great paint coverage thanks to the thick and coagulated paint base.

Under the head tip type, graffiti markers come in four different types:

Felt Tips 

Felt tips are the most common tips you see in most graffiti markers. They come with either chisel or rounded points, giving you large, bold, thick lines.

Mop Markers 

Mop markers generally come in the squeezer bottle versions. They are ideal to use in painting big, dripping tags on flat and smooth surfaces.

Steel Tips 

Steelhead tips make for thin lines and most detail work such as drips. They offer excellent paint coverage and are great on rough surfaces due to their durable tips.

White-out Pens 

White-out pens are the smaller version of the steel tip ones. The thin lines enable them to stay longer.

Why do you need a graffiti marker?

Graffiti markers provide an easier and more convenient way to paint graffiti since you no longer need to carry around large paint canisters.

Moreover, graffiti markers are specially designed for graffiti art. As such, it will give a more high-quality work that lasts longer.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most famous graffiti marker brands?

All the brands listed are some of the best and most popular graffiti markers available. Penguin Art Supplies and Tulip are also excellent choices.

How do you shade in graffiti?

Shading and shadowing are some of the must-have skills in graffiti art and lettering. When filling in your drawing, you must remember that you need to use different color shades to achieve the desired effect. Moreover, you don’t want to layer on colors too much since it would leave a saturated look.

To start, draw a darker outline on your art and do another one around it to create a 3D effect. Next, you need to shade in the middle area of the letter using a thin tip. This size enables you to layer and builds upon your colors carefully. After, you can add in more lines and other details.

Why is graffiti illegal?

Most countries consider graffiti illegal since they classify it as a form of vandalism. Usually, graffiti art is done without the permission of the building’s owner.

Depending on the country, the penalty for graffiti art ranges from cleanup costs, fines, license suspension, and conviction.

Where to buy Graffiti Markers?

You can find and buy most of these graffiti pens on online shopping sites and most physical stores. You can try your local home depot store, art supply shop, and other similar establishments.

For online shopping, you can visit trusted online shopping sites such as Amazon, eBay, etc. You can also purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website.

What is the Best Graffiti Marker?

  1. Molotow ONE4ALL Acrylic Paint Marker
  2. Krink K-60 Paint Marker
  3. Markal 80221 B Paintstik Solid Paint
  4. Krink K-55 Acrylic Paint Marker
  5. Montana Acrylic Paint Marker
  6. Sakura Solidified Paint Solid Marker

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With this article, we hope you now have a better idea of the qualities and factors you need to look for when shopping for the best graffiti markers. 

Nonetheless, regardless of this guide, the marker you end up buying is ultimately your choice. Just make sure that it meets your needs and preferences. Also, set a price range to narrow down your options.

First, if you can, first research about different graffiti markers available by reading other buying guides and product reviews. Lastly, do not be afraid to ask questions and test the product out first before buying. We hope you can find a suitable graffiti marker. Happy creating!

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