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The Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books in 2023


Adult coloring books are excellent stress relievers. That’s why they’re favorite pastimes among art lovers, children, and adults alike. Anyone can enjoy the activity of bringing drawings to life using their best markers for adult coloring books. But if you’ve just started with adult coloring, choosing your first set of marker can be time-consuming and challenging at the same time.

There are so many choices on the market and they possess different features, including type of ink and types of markers. This guide shall be able to help you pick among the plentiful of choices. We’re also discussing a buying guide to compare your options. Let’s begin.

The Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books Reviews

1. Crayola Fine Line Markers Set For Adult Coloring

Crayola-Fine-Line-Markers-Set-For-Adult-ColoringThese Crayola Fine Line Markers come in forty different colors, making more shades and colors available for your choosing. Their fine tips are easy to maneuver around paper and allow users to bring out their best in coloring. The colors are rich, vivid, and alive.

I also noticed that the fine tips work pretty well for lettering, creating original designs and drawings, and writing. They’re versatile enough for use in different applications, giving more value to the purchase. I believe they would also make great gifts for the young at heart who love to express themselves in art.

It’s also good that these markers are nontoxic, making them safe for users age 12 and above. In addition, the colors are vibrant, so creating details in the coloring activity is easier.


  • Vibrant colors make drawings come to life
  • Ideal for hand lettering, writing, and detailing
  • Durable fine tips


  • Issues about receiving a dried out marker

2. Soucolor Glitter Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books

Soucolor-Glitter-Gel-Pens-for-Adult-Coloring-BooksIf you love not just to add color but also shine and vibrancy to your drawings and coloring activities, then the Soucolor gel pens could be your go-to markers. Whether you’ve just started out or you’ve been coloring for a while, these gel pens are easy to use and versatile for applications like journaling, doodling, and drawing. Even beginners will have a great time using these lovely colorful pens for their artwork.

Also, I liked the inclusion of a storage case, allowing me to carry my set anywhere without losing one of them. There are also individual inserts in the case for organization and convenience.

The application of the colors is also smooth, and that’s thanks to the fine tip 0.8mm-1.0mm tip. They can also dry up fast and do not smear on paper. In addition, these pens are nontoxic and safe for use even by kids.


  • Versatile for applications like party invitations and scrapbooks
  • A lot in one pack, including four coloring pads, and more
  • Comfortable for art designs and sketching


  • Paper on the coloring pad requires more coloring

3. Dual Brush Markers for Adult Coloring Books

Dual-Brush-Markers-for-Adult-Coloring-BooksAnother to consider on this list of cool adult coloring book markers are these AEN markers. Each pack comes with 24 pieces of pens with dual tips. I use the fine tips for making thin lines and outlining, while the larger brush tip for activities like coloring, drawing, and calligraphy. I

can certainly express my artistic side and be more creative with these pens which tips I can easily switch up based on my needs. Now when it comes to note writing, I love using the fine tips.

The colors are rich and vivid and they look so alive! These pens are also useful for school projects and design works, as they’re perfect for personalizing the results, like in detail marking.

Overall, I recommend this set for animators, illustrators, architects, and hobbyists. And if you love adult coloring books, it is a real must have. Only problem is that it tends to smear on thin paper.


  • Non Toxic and safe even for kids
  • Vibrant and vivid colors
  • Ideal for school projects and scrapbooking


  • Can smear on thin paper

4. Hethrone Markers for Adult Coloring

Hethrone-Markers-for-Adult-ColoringColoring is fun but it becomes even more worthwhile with dependable tools like these Hethrone Marker for Adult Coloring. Each pack comes with 100 different colors to choose from and yet the price is very affordable.

But aside from that, I find these pens versatile enough for different uses like doodling, lettering, calligraphy, and sketching for their two-tip design that makes switching up for a specific use easy.

Using these for adult coloring books is also convenient and easy because each marker has a color name and number, allowing for identification and saving my time.

Filling and blending are also fine for the brush tip, which is perfect for filling in larger areas of the drawing. And most importantly, these pens do not bleed unlike those I’ve used before.


  • Non-bleeding and safe to use
  • Metal tin case for easy organization and storage
  • Ideal for wide range of uses, including hand lettering


  • Issues receiving dried out pens

5. Copic Alcohol Sketch Marker Set

Copic-Alcohol-Sketch-Marker-SetCopic is a premium brand chosen by professionals, anime artists, and arts enthusiasts because it offers quality and long-lasting markers, giving them the most out of their spending. This sketch marker set that includes 12 basic colors are highly dependable for adult coloring book because they’re easy and smooth on paper.

These pens are also perfect for fine arts, designs, and illustrations and even professionals use them for landscape, architecture, and fashion design. The alcohol-based markers can also dry up fast and won’t smear on paper.

These sketch markers are also highly reusable because the nibs are easy to replace. The markers are also ink refillable. So even if Copic marker are a little bit more expensive than other artists’ markers, they can be used for a long time.


  • Made in Japan and high quality pens
  • Blending and layering suitable
  • Replaceable nibs and refillable ink


  • Optional and spare nibs not included

6. ZSCM Dual Brush Pens Art Markers for Adult Coloring Books

ZSCM-Dual-Brush-Pens-Art-Markers-for-Adult-Coloring-BooksWhen searching for high performing art markers, artists and professionals opt for these adult coloring book markers, which come in 60 pieces of vibrantly colored markers.

These markers are water-based, eliminating any odor that alcohol-based markers usually emit. That’s why these dual brush pens are also ideal for children who love to color coloring books or have to work on school art projects.

The super fine tips are also ideal for different uses like journaling, doodling, and lettering, and the brush tips are suitable for blending, shading, and filling in larger portions of the page.

It’s also surprising that the water-based ink dries up fast, while remaining acid-free and odor-free. I love that they don’t leave any blotches or smudges on paper.

Overall, these markers are excellent quality pens for sketching, coloring, and drawing. They could also make for lovely Christmas gifts for anyone who loves coloring and drawing.


  • Perfect as holiday gifts for art lovers
  • Dries up fast and doesn’t smudge on paper
  • Versatility for different artworks


  • Print on the markers could be sticky on the fingers

Markers for Adult Coloring Books Buying Guide

How do you go about the choices available for adult coloring book markers? The following are some of the things to consider.

Number of Colors

More isn’t always good. The question is, would you be frequently using all those colors before the ink dries out? So, it is to say that more colors doesn’t always mean more useful. Check the back label of the product and see if the shades or colors you intend to use are there.

Vibrancy and vividness

We buy adult coloring book markers to come up with impressive coloring results. Avoid ink colors that tend to look washed out because they will need more coloring before you come up with the desired effects. Pick a set which pens can dispense pigmented ink to get closer to the color you want to come up with.

Pen designs

Choose pens with a nice grip, so your hands won’t feel tired even after hours or coloring. It would also be better to choose pens that have a contour design and don’t slide between your fingers easily. I also suggest looking for markers with matte finish in the body for a non-slip grip.


For better ink consistency and long-lasting use, I recommend picking quality pens that aren’t too cheap or too expensive. But if you have the budget to spend, you can go for higher priced pens, as they tend to be made of higher quality ink material.

The tips!

I suggest going for dual tips, so you don’t need to buy two sets of pens having the same colors. Check for those offering both a brush tip and a fine tip. They can offer you more flexibility than going for fine tips only, let’s say. Still on the tips, check for quality – tips that don’t wear out or flatten too fast.


Look for markers with non-bleeding ink even on thin-grade papers. Otherwise, you might have to deal with streaky pens or struggle in spreading out ink if yours would dry up fast, too.

What Are Markers for Adult Coloring Books?

 Markers-for-Coloring Books

Markers for adult coloring books are designed and made to be safe and nontoxic to use by all ages. They have great construction and quality ink for ease of coloring.

Most of these pens also have dual tips for more convenience and money savings. Dual tips eliminate the need to buy two sets of markers with the same colors.

Coloring-book marker also come with different colors so that you’ll have more opportunities to blend, shade, and combine colors easily.

Quality markers will not also smudge or smear on paper and won’t leave streaks of ink that will ruin the paper.

Many of them are also designed for papers used in coloring books. There are also markers with metallic, glitter, neon, or neutral colors. The options are endless for coloring book lovers!

Types of Markers for Adult Coloring Books

Knowing the different types of adult coloring book markers will guide you on how to better select what’s for you.

Brush tip markers: Just like their name, they have brush-like tips sized usually 6mm for filling in larger portions of the drawing. They typically have a felt tip that can soak up ink, allowing for better ink dispensing.

Fine tip markers: They are typically with nibs or tips at 4mm or less and are suitable for lining or detailing. Many are also useful for lettering and bullet journaling.

Watercolor markers: These pens usually have a watercolor-like ink consistency.

Dual tip pen markers: These markers have two tips – one is a brush tip and one is a fine tip, offering more versatility to the user.

Gel pens: These adult coloring book marker have gel-like ink, which tend to appear more vibrant and vivid in colors.

Why Do You Need Coloring Book Markers?

You need these specifically made markers for adult coloring book because they have quality tips and ink for consistent results all the time. They’re also easy to grip and control and even beginners in the hobby won’t have a hard time using them.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you use alcohol markers on coloring books?

Yes, you can but with some caution. Use a feather-light touch to prevent the ink from spreading more than what you need if you press too hard or rest the pen on the paper quite long enough. Nevertheless, use a light touch when using alcohol-based markers on coloring books for the best results.

What Are Coloring Books?

Coloring books are literally books, but instead of texts, these books are with line art in which users should add color using markers, colored pencils, paint, crayons, and other coloring media. The coloring pages are printed on card or paper.

How to Use Coloring Book Markers?

Read the instructions on the label and follow them.

Gel pens and fine liners would be good for card making, sketching and journaling. However, I suggest choosing dual tip markers if you want to do different arts not limited to doodling, sketching, drawing, or coloring.

Test your marker on a paper before coloring to check if they’re bleeding through. If you’re using cardboard or a thicker-grade paper, alcohol-based, water-based, and oil-based marker may be for you.

If you’re doing more sketchbooks, journals, and diaries, use fine liners or gel pens to avoid bleeding through the other side of the paper.

How to Care for Coloring Book Markers?

  1. Don’t forget to put the cap back on the marker after use.
  2. Store the pens in their case after use.
  3. Store single tip pens vertically.
  4. You should store dual ended marker horizontally.
  5. Don’t store your marker in direct sunlight but at a room temperature.

Where to buy?

Arts and crafts supplies stores are the best places to buy marker pens for coloring books. But if you want to save time and effort, head over to and other ecommerce shops for a wider range of options.

What is the Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books?

  • Crayola Fine Line Markers Set For Adult Coloring
  • Soucolor Glitter Gel Pens for Adult-Coloring Books
  • Dual Brush Markers for Adult Coloring Books
  • Hethrone Markers for Adult Coloring
  • Copic Alcohol Sketch Marker Set
  • ZSCM Dual Brush Pens Art Markers for Adult Coloring Books

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The best markers for adult coloring books will make any coloring activity more fun and rewarding. They come with a lot of colors and can be operated with ease on paper. Some of them are water-based and others are alcohol-based. There are also gel glitter pens and so on.

To choose which one is for you, determine your intended use and application. If you want more flexibility to do just about any art, you might as well pick dual tip pens. And of course to help you compare quality markers, refer to the above adult coloring book marker reviews and buying guide. Have a wonderful adult-coloring book time!

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