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The Best Markers for Anchor Charts in 2023


Anchor charts are essential additions to classrooms and even homes to stimulate visual learning. It’s crucial for learners to take part in its creation in order to retain vital information. Using the best markers for anchor charts is the key to stimulating artistic skills and keeping learners interested in working through harder problems.

There are many different types of anchor charts that will need a variety of marker tips and colors. This will guide you in finding the right kind of marker and provide additional information on what to look for to help you or your students to create amazing anchor chart with anchor chart marker.

The Best Markers for Anchor Charts Reviews

1. Mr. Sketch Chiseled Tip Markers for Anchor Charts


This set of 22 markers has chiseled tips, which allow for 3 different line widths. The assorted colors each come with a unique scent that makes students love using them and spark their imagination. It comes in a large cylinder shape that is easy to hold and use.

The markers are a great choice for their vibrant colors and easy-to-use design. I liked that it can be used in different ways depending on the angle you are holding it in which means you won’t have to switch them out with fine tips when doing more detailed work.

They are extremely durable and the scents also make a fun guessing activity during breaks. The ink and scent on the paper doesn’t fade too fast as well. These markers are non-toxic and conform to standard ASTM D-4236.


  • Colors are vibrant and long-lasting
  • Versatile for fun activities for kids
  • Non-toxic and permanent


  • Issues with questionable scents

2. Sharpie 22480PP Flip Chart Markers


These classic sharpies come in a pack with 8 markers. Originally made for flip charts, it does not bleed through paper and has bullet tips perfect for more detailed designs and lettering.

If you prefer marker with fewer odors, these pens are going to be an absolute hit. They also come in bold colors which are great for highlighting important information. Even when using colored paper, these markers are sure to stand out.

Anchor charts often require a lot of writing; this set has got that covered and comes with 2 black marker. The color payoff is also reliable and long-lasting.

I find that these are also very useful in other activities and are fairly inexpensive for the quality of the ink. Overall, these would make a great addition to classrooms and offices.


  • Water-based ink avoids bleeding and strong odors
  • Saturated and bold colors
  • Cost-effective


  • Lack of variety of colors

3. STAEDTLER 356 WP6 Lumocolor Bullet Tip Flipchart Marker


The Staedtler 365 WP6 marker is an absolute dream to work with for students and adults alike. Not to be fooled by the beautiful dynamic colors, these 6-pack bullet tip markers dry fast and are odorless.

An amazing feature I found is that they wash easily from most kinds of clothes, so no need to worry about stray pen marks. As a left-handed person myself, these are definitely smudge-proof and in case you forget to close them, these markers can stay uncapped for days.

It’s also very versatile as they can be taken anywhere even on an aircraft and won’t leak all over. It comes neatly packed in its own case so after a full day of making charts you can keep them and don’t have to worry about misplacing one.


  • Refillable
  • Ink dries quickly
  • Does not dry out when left uncapped


  • Cannot be used for non-absorbent surfaces

4. Tongfushop Alcohol Markers for Anchor Charts


It comes with 80 different markers and each with a chisel and standard fine tips The Tongfun Alcohol markers might just be the last set of marker you buy.

Perfect for drawing and lettering, these markers with their bright variety of colors are great for keeping productivity up even while making harder anchor charts. These dry fast on paper, but don’t wear out quickly as long as they are properly capped.

Its ink has passed the ASTM D4236, SGS, ROHS, and EN71 standard certifications assuring its safe use even for children. They write great even on non paper surfaces so as to not limit your imagination to just paper. To avoid messy and missing marker, it comes in its own container and carrying case.


  • 80 different marker with dual tips
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • Has its own box container with easy access


  • Dries out quickly if left uncapped

5. Crayola Super Tips Marker for Anchor Charts


These next set of markers definitely don’t lose out when it comes to quantity. It comes with 100 markers, in nearly every color you could think of.

The broad tip marker allow you to make fine lines and bold strokes. They are perfect for coloring in designs and even lettering. The colors are high-quality ink, so you don’t have to worry about getting the perfect shade each time.

Anchor charts require a level of freedom in their creation so using these won’t be a problem because not only are these non-toxic but also easily wash out of clothes and skin. The color is buildable and has good visibility even from a distance.

For the quality and quantity of these, they are quite inexpensive and sturdy enough to last you a long time.


  • Nontoxic formula and washable
  • Large color variety
  • Affordable


  • Tends to wear out more easily if you are heavy-handed

6. AmazaPens Set of 24 Vibrant Anchor Chart Markers


Last but definitely not least, are the Amazapens Markers. The 24 twin-tip marker can definitely hold their own on this list. They have a great color selection for fine details or if you’re looking for a marker with great coverage.

I found that these were great for filling in drawings and an amazing feature is that they can turn into watercolor. Just by using a brush with a bit of water, these markers can be easily blended and can give a softer vibe.

It has great quality ink that dries smoothly and performs best on a bit thicker paper like the ones used in anchor chart. They produce extremely vivid colors that last long, so these would definitely catch your attention if you are willing to do a minor splurge.


  • Can be used as watercolor
  • Great for coloring large areas
  • Blend with other colors greatly


  • Prone to bleeding through and pilling paper

Markers for Anchor Charts Buying Guide

Color variety

While you may not need every color known to mankind, having a large selection is better than being limited.

Anchor charts are usually made by teachers but some also encourage students to make their own and being able to provide a good array of colors to allow room for creativity would be great. Though having the basic colors is also important for teachers. Classic colors like black, blue, red, and orange are great for the most crucial information.

Color Saturation and Vividness

But before the variety of colors, you should also take note of how saturated they are on paper. They should be bright enough to be seen from the farthest side of the classroom.

Go for markers that have a greater color payoff on the charts to ensure that while students get to be creative and at the end of the day, they should still able to read the anchor chart and learn from them.


Some teachers might prefer buying cheaper marker only for them to stop writing within the first week or exploding ink all over students.

Investing in durable markers will eventually be way better for your wallet in the long run. But this doesn’t necessarily mean buying high-end marker because there are many great budget-friendly options out there, so don’t settle for any less!


As seen in the list, there are many kinds of tips available for anchor chart. It greatly depends on what area you want to focus on more. Anchor charts don’t always have to be filled with designs, so for more information-loaded charts, chisel tips and fine tips are great options. But if you are looking for something more versatile, dual tips is definitely the way to go. They can be used for detailed letters and bold designs.

What are Markers for Anchor Chart?


Markers for anchor charts are created to be vibrant and are easy to use for students and teachers alike. They should be vivid enough to be seen from far away and quick drying to avoid smudges. Since they are meant to be used for classrooms, all are formulated to be non-toxic and most of the time easy to wipe or wash off.

Types of Markers for Anchor Charts

Although not mainly made for anchor chart, these types of markers are commonly used and recommended.

Water-based markers are great since they are formulated to be non-toxic and reactivate upon contact with water, making them easy to wash off clothes and skin. It is less likely to bleed through pages even with more heavy handed users.

Alcohol-based Markers are also nontoxic but more known for their quick drying qualities with great color payoffs while coming in more variety of colors. These colors also last longer with proper care and do not fade as fast.

Chisel-tip markers are preferred since although they only have one tip because they give different widths of lines ranging from extremely thick for coverage to fine lines for letters and details. It’s also budget friendly with the same amount of variety like other sets.

Dual-tip markers are just as amazing since they give more control and don’t rely on angles making them easier to use for younger students. They also allow for changing the size of the tip depending on the application.

Why Do You Need Anchor Chart Markers?

You need these markers because they cater to the needs of making informative yet creative charts. They are made to be permanent and pop from backgrounds, like colored poster paper. Since it involves a lot of writing and drawing on a fairly large surface, whiteboard marker, dry-erase markers, or colored pens and pencils might not be the best choice. For anchor chart, special marker for them are needed.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are anchor charts?

Anchor charts are posters that are used as an aid in teaching lessons. They contain important information or points that can help students better understand the lesson. They are not just limited to academics but can also be used to remind students about classroom rules or even strategies. There are many kinds of anchor chart depending on the lesson you want to teach.

How are anchor charts used in the classroom?

These charts are designed to be a form of reminder of past lessons. They are meant to be interactive not only containing the thoughts of teachers but students as well. Anchor charts are a great way to promote understanding instead of just memorizing solutions and rules. Anchor chart can become daily reminders and truly anchor learning to a student.

Where should an anchor chart be placed in a classroom?

Each classroom may look different, but the key placement is somewhere easily visible. It’s popular for many teachers to place their past anchor chart on bulletin boards in classroom spots where they can be easily seen. Some may even use easels and place them in front for easy access to students during lessons. For anchor chart reminding about rules, placing them on the door would serve their purpose as a great daily reminder.

Are flip chart markers permanent?

Most flip chart markers are permanent. They need to be quick-drying and formulated to not bleed through the paper. While water-based marker can be reactivated with water, the reason most of them are washable; alcohol-based ones are more permanent.

Take note that both cannot be used on whiteboards or dry-erase boards, as they are extremely difficult to erase on such surfaces. And remember, not all water-based markers are washable, too.

What is the most popular anchor chart marker?

The Mr. Sketch Chiseled markers are one of the most if not the most popular anchor chart markers out there. Many teachers like to use them since they are inexpensive but absolutely pop in the charts themselves.

Plus, there is the bonus of the chiseled tip making lettering easy and designs fun. Students love them for their unique scents which come off the charts and keep them more engaged than typical marker. The others we’ve featured here are also popular anchor chart marker.

What is the Best Marker for Anchor Charts?

  • Mr. Sketch Chiseled Tip Markers for Anchor Charts
  • Sharpie 22480PP Flip Chart Markers
  • STAEDTLER 356 WP6 Lumocolor Bullet Tip Flipchart Marker
  • Tongfushop Alcohol Markers for Anchor Charts
  • Crayola Super Tips Marker for Anchor Charts
  • AmazaPens Set of 24 Vibrant Anchor Chart Markers

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Just like how anchor charts are tools for learning, using the right tools for creating them affects their impact greatly. There aren’t any rules set in stone for these charts because for as long as you have the right tools and dedication, they are sure to turn out wonderful.

That is why finding the best markers for anchor charts are a challenging feat. But choosing one that can be a trustworthy aid in creating impactful and creative anchor chart will be easier with a guide like this. Get started choosing the right marker for anchor charts using the reviews and buying guide featured here today!

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