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The Best Markers for Car Windows in 2023


Writing and painting on car windows could be messy if you use just about any marker that is not meant for its surface. That’s why you need to use the best markers for car windows in the activity. However, we do recognize the massive selection of these markers on the web, making it hard and even time-consuming to compare your choices.

We did the research and put up this guide highlighting the most dependable car window markers. Along with the reviews is a buying guide and frequently asked questions that you might be looking for answers for. So if you’re ready, let’s get started.

The Best Markers for Car Windows Reviews

1. Chalkola 8 Washable Window Markers for Cars


These jumbo eight-piece set of window markers for cars are one of the top choices that you’ll find online and for reasons. One of the things I liked about it is that there is more ink in every pen, so I can use them longer.

For the price of eight pieces of pens, I get eight times more ink. Every pen has 28 grams of ink, which is more than the four grams of ink of other markers.

I use these pens not only on car windows, but also on nonporous surfaces. Let me tell you that you should not use them on porous surfaces, or they will leave marks as they can absorb ink.

These pens are also versatile for different applications like a LED board, sign boards, and other surfaces, as well as office calendars. The colors are also bold and vibrant. You’ll love them! Each pen also has three types of tips, adding to their versatility.


  • More ink per pen
  • Can write on nonporous surfaces
  • Three tips for multiple uses


  • Might need some shaking during use to get a solid color

2. CHALKY CROWN Dry Erase Chalk Markers for Car Windows


Allow your kids to explore their creativity and imagination with these great chalk marker for car windows. These pens are so easy to use that they only need to use a cloth or paper towel to wipe the ink off if they want to write a new message or draw a different design.

These pens can be excellent gifts for a mother, a student, a teacher, or a restaurant owner because they write well on many nonporous surfaces. In addition, these markers are dustless unlike traditional chalk. They’re also odor-free and nontoxic, making them safe to use with and around kids.

The colors are also bold and rich and the markers are lightweight.

Overall, these CHALKY Crown marker for car windows are highly dependable. I just wish that the colors would show quicker on the board without many applications.


  • Easy to use
  • Nontoxic and safe
  • Bold and rich colors


  • Might have to do several applications for lighter colors to show

3. GOTIDEAL Liquid Chalk Markers for Car Windows


GOTIDEAL Liquid Chalk Markers, which come in 30 pieces of neon colored markers, write well on car windows, and they’re very easy to erase. The colors are neon fluorescent colors that look fabulous on windows, too.

I liked that these neon colored pens also have a reversible tip, allowing me to use either the bold or the fine tip depending on what I need. These markers don’t only work well on car windows but also in holiday decorating and designing, like on cards and other artwork.

This set also comes with four different metallic colors along with three free tips and 24 pieces of chalkboard labels. The marker for car windows can also make for cool menu designs for bistros and restaurants.

Overall, these pens are highly-recommended and work on most nonporous surfaces, although I suggest trying them on a small area because they might not be suitable on your kind of chalkboard.


  • Bonuses in every purchase
  • Reversible tip for more uses
  • Vivid neon colors


  • Leaking issues

4. Chalktastic Chalkboard Markers for Car Windows


These chalkboard marker for car windows come as a set of eight classic colors. You can use them on school signs, glass windows, and chalkboards, too. I tried them on whiteboards, and the results were also impressive. The pens can also work on ceramic surfaces and are easy to erase.

The highly concentrated ink saves me time and money. I don’t need to apply the pens several times to make the colors bold, allowing for more opportunities to be creative in artworks aside from car window designing and decorating.

The markers are also dustless, odorless, and nontoxic, so using them with and around children will be safe. Finally, I think these pens can make for an excellent gift for artists, teachers, children, and anyone looking to discover their creativity in different arts.


  • Safe, nontoxic, odorless, and dustless
  • Eight classic colors
  • Works on many nonporous surfaces


  • Some issues with smearing around when removing

5. GOTIDEAL 12 Colors Jumbo Window Markers


GOTIDEAL has been around for years and since then has been introducing quality art supplies, like these jumbo window markers, on the market. Each set comes with 12 different colors for more opportunities to explore one’s creative side and do artworks like card making, calendar decorating, and more.

These pens also produce amazing results on car windows that the colors look alive. I think they can also serve restaurant owners well in terms of coming up with a creative menu board.

The marker for windows are also easy to erase. All you need is to wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel.

Every set also comes with two metallic colored marker and each pen has a three in one nib. It is also with 12 colors already, allowing users to select which they’d need to make a colorful art.


  • 3-in-1 nib design
  • Easy to wipe off
  • Versatility and ink quality


  • Issues with inconsistencies in the color line

6. Rainbow Glass Pen Window Markers


When choosing pens for car windows, it’s important to use quality pens that don’t need a lot of application before coming up with solid colors. It’s one of the areas where these Rainbow Chalk Marker stand out. Using them allows me to decorate, draw, or write on a glass surface with pens having highly pigmented ink, saving me time and money.

These pens also work on surfaces like window panes, mirrors, and marker boards, to name some, adding to their versatility. They’re also useful for indoor or outdoor use for decorating an occasion venue.

The tips are also reversible, 15mm jumbo tip and the 5mm narrow tip, making these pens useful for different uses. The narrow tip can be used in writing and lettering, and the broad tip for covering or shading a large area. Finally, these pens are made of water-based and nontoxic ink, making them safe to use even in smaller spaces.


  • Reversible tip design
  • Can be used on many nonporous surfaces
  • Quality ink


  • Tends to dry out fast

Markers for Car Windows Buying Guide

Reversible nibs/tips

If you’ve just started out building your collection of markers, I suggest choosing chalky pens or car window markers that have reversible tips or nibs. This will allow you to learn how to draw or write with your pens easier because they have dual tips. These tips will let you practice using either the bold or thin liners.


Choose sets with more colors to express your creativity better. However, take note that more colors can also mean pricier. If you don’t have issues with that, it’s fine that you go with sets coming with more colors because these can also support your art with varying color options.

Quality ink

This is a crucial factor when selecting marker pens. When choosing pens for car windows, you should pick the set that will work compatibility on the kind of surface you’ll be using.

The ink must be safe and nontoxic especially if you will use them with children. It would also be helpful to choose ink that can produce bright, vivid, and opaque shades.

If you love decorating your car windows with these markers, get waterproof and quick drying pens. The reviews for car window marker pens could also help you.

Versatility for most nonporous surfaces

Choose pens or markers that can write compatible with most surfaces because they are more versatile for different applications. They’ll also improve your drawing skills and let you discover the kind of medium you’ll really feel comfortable on aside from car windows.


Strike a balance between price and quality. Don’t go for too affordable products because they’re more likely than not run out fast or their ink is not highly pigmented. On the other hand, going for the most expensive ones doesn’t always translate to getting the highest quality pens. Read reviews to check out user satisfaction ratings for these markers.

What is a Marker for Car Windows?


Markers for car windows are easily erasable with paper towels or cloth. They’re especially made for car window application. In addition, these pens can work on almost any nonporous surfaces, including ceramic, glass, and mirrors.

However, be sure to check them in a small area first to avoid ruining your board. More so, these pens are made with high quality opaque ink that allows users to apply them conveniently on car window and are designed with a nice grip to ensure user ease.

Moreover, these marker for car windows are safe and nontoxic to use with and around kids. They can also make for great holiday and birthday gifts to art lovers. Such can also be used in classrooms and homes.

Types of Car Windows Markers

There can be more but the most common types of marker for car windows are liquid chalk markers and neon markers. You can use liquid chalk marker to make lovely, bold, and creative signs on windows and glass because they’re highly visible and attractive coming in many colors.

On the other hand, neon window markers are suitable for car windows, especially those tinted ones. The ink is still visible even in low lighting conditions and at night. These pens can also be used at homes, classrooms, and menus. Such pens are also easy to wipe off with paper towels.

Why do you need Car Windows Markers?

If you love the arts, especially drawing, doodling, and designing, you will need special markers to help you express your creativity. The opportunities to be creative, draw, and design whatever you like would be possible with reliable car window markers.

These are not ordinary marker because they can be wiped off easily with a paper towel, allowing users to erase their drawing or lettering, and then do it again as they want to. Such car window markers are ideal for car window because they are highly visible, especially the neon colored ones.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you use chalk markers on car windows?

Yes, you can use chalk markers, particularly liquid chalk markers, on car windows. They will not stain or ruin the surface of the car window and in fact they can be erased quickly using a cloth or paper towel. These are available in different colors, nontoxic, and dustless. Check them out and learn how to express your imagination through the arts.

Do washable markers work on car windows?

Yes, there are specific washable and water-based marker that can be used and will work well on car windows. Some of them are also suitable for other surfaces, such as nonporous ones, like glass and mirror. Also, these do not just work for drawing or designing car windows but also pictures, invitation cards, and so many more.

Do window markers wash off easily?

Yes, they can be washed off or wiped off easily with cloth or paper towel. But if you’re having trouble removing the marks with any of these, you can use a damp cloth or mix some dishwashing liquid with water and then wipe off the surface using a piece of cloth.

What is a car window made of?

The side windows are made of tempered glass, which is durable than laminated glass because it is heated to at least 1000 degrees Fahrenheit before cooling it later to room temperature.

Where to buy?

There are many places to buy car window markers, including school supplies stores in your community. Arts and crafts shops should be selling them, too. But then, if you’re looking for a wider range of choices, quality colors, and more brands, you might want to get yours online,like on Amazon or eBay and receive your order at your doorstep.

Wal-Mart, Target, and other stores could also be selling them, so you shouldn’t have a hard time looking for your car window pens.

What is the Best Markers for Car Windows?

  • Chalkola 8 Washable Window Markers for Cars
  • CHALKY CROWN Dry Erase Chalk Marker for Car Window
  • GOTIDEAL Liquid Chalk Markers for Car Windows
  • Chalktastic Chalkboard Marker for Car Window
  • GOTIDEAL 12 Colors Jumbo Window Markers
  • Rainbow Glass Pen Window Markers

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Make your car window be your canvas! Let your imagination sail free and create masterpieces you’ll be proud of using the best markers for car windows. They can help you make attractive and fun designs as well as inspirational and motivational messages. More so, if you want to use them in other ways like chalkboards, glasses, mirrors, and establishment menu boards, you can, too! Just check for the specific features of the pens you’re buying like if they work on the type of surface you’ll be applying it to.

Use this buying guide and window marker reviews as a basis to compare and later decide which to buy. Enjoy your car window art making!

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