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The Best Markers for Glass in 2023


Occasionally, you’re going to need to write something in glass. Not only will it look pretty, but it’ll also be quite practical. Why be bothered with looking for a bulky whiteboard when a window or drinking glass is just within your midst? However, with a variety of available marker pens, it can be tricky to pick out the best markers for glass surfaces.

Luckily, we’ve compiled the top six best markers for glass that will surely be useful for various occasions. Whether it’s for your upcoming business meeting, or just want to decorate your glass windows, these are the markers you should be keeping an eye on.

Top 6 Best Markers for Glass Reviews

1. Quartet Glass Board Dry Erase Markers


Coming in strong is the quartet set of glass board markers from Quartet. With its bullet tip, you can make your statement loud and clear with this glass marker’s distinct, bold, and legible lines. Despite their boldness, they’re easy to erase and don’t clump up when you wipe it off – ensuring you of a clean, streak-free surface afterward.

The Quartet markers’ liquid ink system is as free-flowing as your thoughts and as vivid as your imagination. A standard pack gives you four colors (black, blue, red, and green) which is enough variation for those direct, no-nonsense presentations – ideal for corporate-savvy individuals or diligent university scholars.

For a more daring collection, Quartet offers a six-pack of neon colors, namely neon pink, green, neon blue, brown, orange, and purple.

To add to the Quartet markers’ practicality, you can easily see how much ink is left in the marker with their transparent ink gauge. They may not be refillable, but they’re guaranteed to last you a long while before running out.


  • Bullet tip for bold tips
  • Offers standard and neon colors
  • Transparent ink gauge


  • Not refillable

2. Arteza Dry Erase Markers for Glass


Arteza’s dry erase markers are for those who want up the ante in the glass marker game. Offering packs of 10, 18, and 20, these markers offer a wide variety of colors to choose from – including neon variations just to spice up. These markers are as versatile as they come, as they’re able to efficiently write on the glass as well as nonporous surfaces.

If you’re looking for a non-toxic marker that doesn’t give off a strong odor, the Arteza dry erase glass markers are your best option. These glass markers are safe and easy to use and will not ruin the vibe with that strong, invasive marker smell.

For every set, each Arteza dry erase marker comes with its replacement tip. Included with this package is a convenient little tweezer that you use to exchange the old tip with a new one. This doubles the longevity of your set so you can use your marker for longer.


  • Comes with replacement tips and helpful tweezers
  • Largest pack offers twenty different colors
  • Non-toxic, low odor


  • Easily comes off because it’s dry erase

3. Expo Neon Window Dry Erase Markers


Throw formality out the window and let the neon colors come through. Expo’s standard five-piece neon set of markers are a statement, coming in loud pink, orange, blue, green, and yellow-green. They work great on glass surfaces, white dry-erase surfaces, and black surfaces – guaranteed to grab anyone’s attention from afar.

The Expo Neon markers are equipped with a sturdy bullet tip that is great for those broad, bold strokes. You won’t have to worry about your office or meeting room smelling like ink, as these markers are low-odor and non-toxic.

To add to the fun, Expo marker come in various forms such as clickable types, 2-colors-in-1 types, built-in ink indicator types, and even built-in eraser types.

The marker adhere to all kinds of uses and will surely be a staple in your school or office life. Whether you want eye-catching visuals or a straightforward marker to get your point across, the Expo Neon Window Dry Erase Markers have got you covered.


  • Fun, attention-grabbing colors
  • Comes in various forms
  • Low-odor and non-toxic


  • Not good for labeling glassware as it is dry erase

4. The Original Wine Glass Markers


Special occasions just got better with the Original Wine Glass Markers. These metallic-colored marker will be a party favorite, guaranteed to liven things up. Watch your guests light up with glee when they see their names signed on their welcoming drink.

Because they’re so versatile, you can use these markers on mirrors, glass jars, and windows for various purposes. A standard set comes in five metallic colors, namely gold, silver, purple, green, and red – perfect for catching anyone’s attention.

Whether it’s labeling your spice rack jars or just want to add some reminders on your mirror, the marker will do just that. And don’t worry about making a mess because these wine glass marker streaks come right off with some soap and water. Get it for yourself or gift it to a special wine-loving friend.


  • Stylish, metallic colors
  • Great for marking mirrors, glass jars, and windows
  • Looks great on wine glasses


  • Use sparingly for special occasions only

5. Vino Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens


Wine-tasting get-togethers can be such a drab, so why not spruce it up with some stylish labeling. These easy-to-use markers are a great way to personalize wine glasses at any event. You can choose between a 4-pack or a 7-pack, which features the colors red, blue, green, purple, silver, gold.

Vino Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens come in a fancy box that makes it a perfect gift for any wine enthusiast. You can even use it on wine bottles, if you let it try for a few minutes. These markers wash off easily with some soap and water, so don’t be too stressed about making any mistakes.

In wine, there is truth – what better way to express the truth than by detailing your favorite glasses with whatever you please. Get these metallic Vino marker for your next event, or as a present.


  • Washes off easily
  • Comes in an elegant gift box
  • Pointed tip


  • Needs to dry for 3-5 minutes

6. Gainwell Wine Glass Markers


Tired of guests losing their drinks at a party? Gainwell’s Wine Glass Markers are the way to go as they’re a quick way to personalize drinks. These washable pens dry fast, don’t smear, and are food-safe – making them great additions for your party pantry.

A set of eight markers will give you the colors gold, silver, blue, red, pink, green, purple, and dark silver. Don’t limit your imagination to just glassware – these markers are also safe to use on ceramic plates, bottles, and other dinnerware.

Whether you’re buying a set for yourself or giving it away as a gift, these markers will be a useful and wonderful addition to any party-loving home. Gainwell Wine Glass-Marker also have a thorough customer service line, so if you’re dissatisfied with their product you can simply contact them and they’ll help you solve your issue.


  • Affordable
  • Eight colors to choose from
  • Can be used on ceramics


  • Non-refillable

Markers for Glass Buying Guide

If you’ve ever seen movies or commercials with people writing equations on glasses, you know that it looks smooth, cool, and oh-so-satisfying. But before you get too excited and buy your first set of glass markers, there are a few things to consider.

Tip Shapes

Although shape may not matter in certain aspects, for glass-marker it surely does. The shape of your marker tip relies solely on what you need to write on the glass-surface. If you’re into stylish calligraphy or legible text, know what tip your glass-marker should be.

There are two widely used tips for glass-marker. Mainly because they’re the most practical. The bullet tip glass marker is a straightforward, bullet-shaped tip that is even on all sides. Meanwhile, the chisel tip is wedged and draws thick streaks at a certain angle.

Wet-Erase vs. Dry Erase

While most glass markers are alcohol-based, they can either be wet-erase or dry-erase. Dry erase glass marker work well in lectures or meetings, as they can easily be wiped off afterward. On the other hand, wet-erase glass-markers offer some semi-permanence as they can only be removed with a damp cloth or after being washed off with some soap and water.

Other wet-erase glass-marker variations feature liquid chalk and rainproof marker. Liquid chalk works well with glasses and gives off a vibrant, chalk-like streak. Rainproof markers are great for outdoor signage set-ups, and as their name says, will not smudge or run in the rain.

Color Range

Most standard glass marker sets will have at least four colors. This will already go a long way and offers enough variation for when giving out lectures or explaining concepts during meetings. However, if you want more variation you can always opt to get sets with more colors. The most could range up to twenty different colors – including neon and metallic colors like silver and gold.


All glass markers should be non-toxic as they will end up being used on glassware. However, it’s always good to double-check if the glass-marker you’re purchasing is non-toxic. Bonus points if it specifies that it’s low odor. Marker tend to give off a distinct smell owing to the volatile chemicals that make up its ink mixture. Ideally, these shouldn’t get in the way of whatever you’re serving in your glassware, so make sure the glass markers you’re purchasing are odor-free.

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Other Things to Consider Before Buying


What is a glass marker?

A glass marker is a permanent or temporary marker that’s manufactured to be used on glassing. While you’d think that any marker can write on glasses, glass-marker do have some specific features that make it a cut above the rest. A proper glass marker should be able to glide through the surface easily while giving the right amount of ink. Too little could render anything illegible, and too much could cause it to blot and smudge.

Glass-marker come in many kinds and colors, all of which are making the rounds in the market. Some feature the basic colors for those direct, formal presentations. Others give you an array of colors ranging from gold to neon pink.

Glass marker are a fun way to decorate windows, glassware, and all other non-porous surfaces found in your home or office.

What kind of markers do you use to write on glass?

All markers are going to leave a mark on glasses, but only glass-marker will stick on it for a long time. Water-based markers are rarely ever for glasses, and so most glass markers are alcohol-based. If left on a glass surface for a while, alcohol-based marker will not fade away and will only wash off if wiped down with soap and water. Therefore, they’re also called wet-erase marker.

Another type of alcohol-based marker is dry erase marker. The marker will immediately come off with a dry cloth. However, if left alone they will stay on and resist any heat changes.

Why do you need glass markers?

If you’ve ever been burdened with having to stick labels on glass-surfaces for any reason at all, you know that this is a hassle in the long run. Glass marker free you from that inconvenience by making it easier to write, label, and decorate on all kinds of glass-surfaces.

With a variety of colors to choose from, glass-markers are convenient, attractive, and fun to use. You can hold lectures by the window, label glasses with your guests’ names, and even paint over old spectacles. The possibilities are endless, and all it takes is to buy a set of four glass marker – or more!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular glass marker brands?

Gainwell, EXPO, Arteza, and The Original Wine Glass-Markers have established themselves as the top glass-marker brands. They all offer their own set of color sets, as well as unique features such as refillable tips and gift boxes.

Despite their differences, all these glass-marker do a great job at sticking to glass very well and easily come off – making them a popular choice among artists, wine enthusiasts, students, and office folk alike.

How do you keep a permanent marker on glass?

Most permanent marker easily come off with some alcohol and a damp cloth. To permanently inscribe on glasses, the surface must be wiped down with vinegar or nail polish.

After writing what you want on the glasses, you let it sit for about a day. Oil-based marker do a better job at permanently sticking to the glassing, but if handled properly, alcohol-based markers can also stick to glass just as efficiently.

Do chalk markers work on glass?

Chalk markers work best in non-porous surfaces – especially glasses. They do well metal, porcelain, slate chalkboards, and anything with a smooth, sealed surface.

Where to buy it?

With a quick internet search, you can find sets of glass markers available in online stores. Amazon offers a variety of glass-marker brands, most especially the top-rated ones. Keep an eye out on user reviews and you should be able to find the glass market pack just for you.

What is the Best Marker for Glass?

  1. Quartet Glass Board Dry Erase Markers
  2. Arteza Dry Erase Markers for Glass
  3. Expo Neon Window Dry Erase Markers
  4. The Original Wine Glass Markers
  5. Vino Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens
  6. Gainwell Wine Glass Markers

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Glass is virtually everywhere and is itself a versatile, convenient surface. With the help of glass marker, you open the possibilities to a more practical, playful environment – one that isn’t afraid of making mistakes.

Finding the best markers for glass may be a challenge at first, but just remember why you’re buying a set in the first place. There are a lot of brands to choose from, varying from fancy uses to fun ones.

A simple stylish scribble on a guests’ wine glass will liven up their night. Similarly, presenting that complicated algebra equation on the window could make math fun for kids. Whatever you choose to do with your glass marker, it will likely have a positive impact.

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