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The Best Markers for Mirrors in 2023


Most would use a drawing pad to sketch or doodle. However, delivering caricatures and messages on uncommon materials, such as mirrors and windows, is intriguingly fun. The bedroom mirror can be an instant messenger for sending a romantic note to your partner in the morning.

Reminding kids and other family members how much you love them is more entertaining when scribbled on glass. However, it’s best to have the correct tools to convey a message on glass. Here are the six best markers for mirrors you should buy to stimulate imagination, unleash creativity, and express your feelings.

The Best Markers for Mirrors

1. Kassa Chalk Markers for Mirrors with 20 Bold Colors


A reversible marker tip is this glass marker’s most significant selling point. Users can hone their calligraphy skills with its chisel-type tip, while kids will love doodling with the marker’s bullet end.

I’m glad these markers are non-toxic and fully erasable, making them safe for kids while ensuring less mess on glass and other nonporous surfaces. It even works on porous materials, like chalkboards.

Scribbling, doodling, and writing messages on mirrors are effortless because of this marker’s quick-drying formula. Smearing and smudging the surface is never an issue.

I found a few complaints about the marker drying up after several weeks, rendering them unusable. My suggestion is to recap the mirror marker immediately after use. It’s non-toxic, versatile tip, erasable, and write-anywhere design make Kassa Chalk Markers the best instrument for everyone.


  • Reversible felt-tipped marker design
  • Works on all surfaces
  • Effortless use


  • A few issues with dried-up markers

2. Expo Dry Erase Neon Markers


Expo continues to surprise people with its ingenious markers. Although these felt-tipped pens aren’t as versatile as the Kassa, they are more fun to write, doodle, and scribble with.

Bright neon colors can transform an ordinary-looking mirror into fascinating wall art. Bathroom mirrors and glass walls can be excellent carriers of thoughtful messages to loved ones.

And since these markers are quick to erase, one could write notes on refrigerator doors.

I like its low-odor formulation, making these mirror markers friendlier to the nose than others. Kids will also feel more comfortable with these pens in their hands.

Some folks might find its price a bit too much for a marker. However, its broad drawing point and fun colors are priceless. These mirror markers are fun to write and doodle with, unleashing anyone’s creativity in a flash.


  • Fun neon colors
  • Low-odor ink
  • Quick to erase


  • A bit pricey

3. Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers for Mirrors


Crafty Croc does it again! Unsurprisingly, these award-winning liquid chalk markers are a favorite of kids and adults with creative streaks.

These pens are almost similar to the Kassa, with their reversible felt-tipped design. One can draw thick and bold lines and invert the ink insert to leverage its fine edge.

Its cartridge contains eight grams of high-quality ink, which is twice more than other mirror markers. People could use these pens longer than other instruments, allowing them to draw, doodle, scribble, and write on glass and other non-porous surfaces.

Although these markers are nearly identical to the Kassa, they are unsuitable for chalkboards and other “porous” surfaces. People can still use them on these surfaces but might require a Magic Eraser to remove them. These glass marker didn’t win the TillyWig Sterling Fun Award for nothing.


  • Longer-lasting ink
  • Works on non-porous surfaces
  • Reversible tip for extra versatility


  • Not for chalkboards

4. Chalkola Liquid Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors for Mirrors


These mirror markers have an ace up their sleeves. They aren’t only available in classic chalk colors but also metallic ones. It’s the perfect combination for out-of-this-world glass art.

Like Kassa and Crafty Croc, these pens have reversible tips. One end features a bullet-shaped edge, while the other is for calligraphic purposes.

These writing and drawing instruments are perfect for creating art on any surface. They are suitable not only for glass and nonporous objects but also clothes, chalkboards, and paper. They wash easily and are erasable, too.

Unlike other glass marker that people can use straight away, these pens need a bit of shaking. On the bright side, it should loosen the joints for a more fun time doodling and scribbling. It’s easy to fall in love with these mirror markers because of their versatility.


  • Erasable and reversible pens
  • Combination chalk and metallic markers
  • Works on all surfaces


  • Requires priming

5. Glass Pen Window Markers for Mirrors


Some glass markers are uncomfortable to use because they are like ball pens. On the other hand, these markers sit perfectly in one hand, resting between the thumb and forefinger.

With water-based pigments, these window markers can make drawing, doodling, and scribbling safer and more fun for children. Adults will also have no issues working with these instruments in writing notes and reminders on refrigerator doors, glass windows, and other nonporous surfaces.

Smearing and smudging are never an issue. So are cleanups because these pens are washable and erasable. Families could spend a day transforming glass panes into works of art.

I miss Kassa, Crafty Croc, and Chalkola’s reversible pen design. The good news is that not everyone shares my opinion. This marker remain some of the best in writing, doodling, and drawing on mirrors and similar objects.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly formulation
  • Washable and erasable


  • Non-reversible pen

6. MoodClue Eraseable Liquid Chalk Markers Perfect for Mirrors


Decorating a car’s rear windshield is more fun and engaging with these liquid chalk markers in bright neon colors. Leaving notes or reminders on household mirrors should instantly catch attention.

This marker will never irritate the nose, harm kids, or be detrimental to the environment. Removing the marks is never an issue, either. One could wipe them off or wash them.

Best of all, its ink cartridge is reversible. Bistros and gastro pubs will love the broad tip, while people in love can rely on the marker’s fine edge to deliver an endearing message.

It’s a bit pricier than other glass markers. Price doesn’t matter if one can derive maximum pleasure and satisfaction from using these pens. The fun and sense of pride children and families get doodling, writing, and scribbling with these instruments should negate any cost concerns.


  • Nontoxic pens in fun neon colors
  • Reversible pens
  • Odorless and washable


  • Pricey

Markers for Mirrors Buying Guide

Many factors can influence our decision to buy a certain marker for mirrors or any glass surfaces. However, it will be best to focus on the following.

Drying Time

The best window and glass markers are quick-drying, preferably those that dry within two seconds of application. After all, you do not want your wrist to keep smudging the paint or ink and ruining the work of art. Quick-drying marker prevent ink or paint runoffs, ensuring the glass canvas is as clean as possible.

Erasable or Permanent?

Get a permanent glass or window marker if you want to fixate the drawings on the surface. On the other hand, an erasable marker is better for temporary art, such as if you want to have a different design daily or weekly.

Paint or Ink?

Choosing between ink or paint marker depends on the glass or window project. For example, people who wish to create whimsical designs like children’s crayon drawings should consider ink-based window markers. These products have a textured appearance like chalk, perfect for drawing stick figures. If you’re into serious glass artwork, paint-based glass markers are an excellent choice. Mixing both doesn’t hurt, either.


The more colored marker available at your disposal, the more creative you can become. Most people go for conventional solid colors, including red, yellow, green, and blue. However, more imaginative ones prefer outlandish hues in metallic and chalky variants. Everything depends on the project and how you envision it.

Ease of Use

Most glass or window markers are straightforward to use. One only needs to uncap the pen and scribble it on a chosen surface. However, some glass marker require vigorous shaking to prime the pigments before use. Paint-based window marker often require priming to facilitate effortless pigment flow, making them a bit tedious to use. On the bright side, one can always consider vigorous shaking a form of hand and arm exercise.

Other Things to Consider before Buying


People must learn the different factors influencing window or glass marker buying decisions. Equally important are other considerations that can spell the difference between a good buy and a wasteful product.

What are Markers for Mirrors

Marker for mirrors are tools people use to write, draw, doodle, scribble, and create art on mirrors and other nonporous surfaces. However, some products also work with porous surfaces, such as chalkboards, fabric, and paper.

Types of Markers for Mirrors

People can classify markers for mirrors in two ways: writing medium and permanence.

  • Ink-based These mirror markers have chalk-like attributes, perfect for drawing whimsical characters and doodling on glass.
  • Paint-based Most paint-based mirror markers feature acrylic paint, allowing them to create a finer finish on a glassy surface.
  • Erasable Some people equate erasable marker to ink-based products. However, some acrylic paint-based markers are also removable with a nail polish remover or a similar agent. Erasable pens are ideal for temporary applications.
  • Permanent – Most of these products are paint-based, requiring a thinning agent for removal.

Why Do You Need Mirrors Markers?

People have different reasons for using mirror markers. Most like to create eye-catching messages that pop out from the usual. Others like to adorn their mirrors to give them a 3D appearance. Moreover, colored mirror markers unleash one’s imagination and creativity, like children completing their coloring books for everyone to see.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Sharpie come off a mirror?

Although Sharpie is a permanent marker, you can still remove it off a window, mirror, or glass by using a nail polish remover, Dry-Erase marker, Magic Eraser, or a paint thinning agent. You can dampen a piece of cloth with acetone and rub it on the Sharpie markings. Other permanent marker removers include rubbing alcohol (at least 40%), bicarbonate soda and toothpaste mixture, peanut butter, and WD-40, although these might be less effective than acetone-based nail polish removers.

What to write on a mirror?

You can write almost anything, including inspiring quotes, affirmations, and messages to loved ones. Food establishments write their menus for the day on glass, while a few office supervisors scribble “reminders” on washroom mirrors. Kids can draw caricatures, while families can turn a full-sized mirror into a large canvas. What you write on a mirror depends on what you want.

Do dry erase markers work on mirrors?

Yes, dry-erase marker work on mirrors because their inherent design is to draw on nonporous surfaces, such as glass, metals, and mirrors. These writing instruments are similar to permanent marker that can blot porous surfaces if not careful.

How to write on a mirror permanently?

Use an oil or acrylic paint-based marker to write on a mirror or any glass surface without worrying about the “work of art” fading over time. These writing instruments have permanent-setting pigments that adhere to the glass surface. Although “permanent,” one can still remove the writings, drawings, and artwork from the mirror with an appropriate thinning agent, such as acetone and Magic Eraser.

Where to buy?

You can buy mirror or glass markers from leading e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, WalMart, Best Buy, eBay, and Target. Ensure to read the customer reviews before buying to learn more about the product, especially its real-world performance. Alternatively, a local school supplies store should have these writing instruments.

What is the Best Markers for Mirrors?

  • Kassa Chalk Markers for Mirrors with 20 Bold Colors
  • Expo Dry Erase Neon Markers
  • Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers for Mirrors
  • Chalkola Liquid Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors for Mirrors
  • Glass Pen Window Markers for Mirrors
  • MoodClue Eraseable Liquid Chalk Markers Perfect for Mirrors

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The best markers for mirrors can effortlessly unleash one’s creativity, allowing people to use nonporous surfaces as a canvas for fascinating artworks and tools for conveying heartfelt messages. They are quick-drying and hassle-free to remove, providing a clean slate for another dashing idea on the mirror, window, or glass. Giving glass doors and windows a new vibe every week is as sweat-free as scribbling thoughtful notes and sexy messages on bedroom mirrors. Surprise your family with these writing instruments and turn your home into a place of joy, fun, and meaning.

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