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The Best Markers for Planners in 2023


Journals and planners are and will always be in! They are not fads that come and go, but they’re here to stay to store our experiences and memories. They’re useful motivational tools that allow us to plan our days, weeks, months, or even a year, improving our lives and giving us inspiration to keep going. These writing notebooks are perfect for bringing out our creativity, too.

Just use the best markers for planners and make fabulous designs, lines, and decorations according to your preferences. However, I do recognize that finding the right planner markers for your needs isn’t as easy as one, two, and three! That’s why I’ve come up with this list of the top markers for journals and a buying guide to help you. Check it out.

The Best Markers for Planners Reviews

1. Dual Brush Marker Pens for Planners with 24 Colored


The Piochoo set comes with 24 different colored markers, each having a fine point and a brush tip, offering more flexibility to users. They can also use these colored pens for taking notes or in adult coloring books. I also liked to use these nice markers for writing and doodling.

This set is very affordable, yet they’re high in quality to give me what I need. The tip’s size is 0.4mm, which is quite flexible for use in medium, bold, or fine strokes. All can be done by just changing the pressure in the application of the brush.

I always get smooth writing experience from these pens because they glide well without smearing on paper. In addition, these pens are safe for kids because they’re nontoxic and acid-free. They don’t also have any unpleasant odor.


  • Acid-free, safe for kids, nontoxic
  • Smoothly glides on paper without any issues
  • Can be used for other artworks like drawing and coloring books


  • Bleeding through issues

2. Caliart Alcohol Brush Markers for Planners


When choosing alcohol brush markers for planners, it is important to find those pens that won’t fray easily, especially since we’re using them every day. These brush markers are durable, particularly their tip. They are highly-dependable and ideal for daily use.

Users can also use these 51 color pens for sketching and calligraphy. Each of them is with chisel and brush tips, allowing for easy switching up depending on use. Sometimes, I use these alcohol markers for making calligraphic strokes, too.

I also liked that the manufacturer has included one colorless blender, allowing me to bring out more creativity from these markers. These are also waterproof and smudge-proof, making them dependable even for a thinner grade paper.

Also, these alcohol markers for planners work on most surfaces, such as rock, plastic, and ceramic. And for organization, the pens are with color-coded caps and the set comes with a black carrying case.


  • 51 different alcohol markers
  • Ideal for different applications
  • Versatile to work on most surfaces


  • Issues with ink drying up fast

3. Tombow 61501 TwinTone Marker Set Perfect for Planners


This set comes with 12 pieces of dual tip markers of different colors. They’re useful for color coding, notebooks, journals, and planners. The tips are fine and extra fine; 0.3mm and the other one is 0.1mm.

The ink is water-based, so it doesn’t emit any strong odor unlike alcohol markers, making them suitable even for kids use in art classes and school projects. Users can switch up between the tips quickly. For example, they can use the broad pen tip for making bold lines, while the super fine tip for lining precision.

The tips don’t also wear that easily. It’s good that they’re made of fiber material with an excellent ability of keeping its shape even after many uses.

Overall, this Tombow set is remarkable and easy to use and they’re quite more durable when compared to other markers out there. I just wish the markers would be smoother on paper.


  • Excellent color quality
  • Dual tips – fine and extra fine
  • Many uses like for color coding


  • A bit rough feel on paper

4. Memoffice 80 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Markers


Writing on a planner allows people to set goals and plan for daily, weekly, or monthly activities. This is worthwhile because it lets them plan for day to day or future plans and write goals.

Dependable tools for writing on or using a planner like the Memoffice 80 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Markers should be in their collection. Offering excellent flexibility and versatility, these markers for planners are designed to have dual tips.

They are useful for accurate coloring, underlining, or highlighting. These tips are also awesome that they let me create different styles, patterns, and sketches in my planner.

The pens also allow for easier organization, and that’s thanks to their color-coded caps. This feature also lets me identify colors quickly. I also noticed that the ink doesn’t cause smudging because it dries pretty quickly, and the pens are awesome gift ideas.


  • Perfect gift idea for the art lovers
  • Dual tips for more applications
  • 80 different color choices


  • Some bleeding issues

5. AEN Art 36 Colors Journal Planner Pens


This set comes with 36 pieces of journaling pens, which are nontoxic and safe to use even for kids. I absolutely love the minimal bleed through on thin paper. I think these pens would also be good for other applications like agenda writing and calendar highlighting.

The fine tip markers can also make for great note taking and calligraphy. Their tip is also high quality so that it doesn’t wear out quite easily like others I’ve used. The journaling pens are also with a tough metal-cad design that prevents the tips from breaking.

In addition, they can give a smooth writing experience because the pens allow for making precise details in my journal. There are also 36 different colors to choose from, and each is a vibrant color for use in my planner.

Nevertheless, these AEN pens are excellent for highlighting, detailing, and drawing lines. They also don’t bleed through quite easily except on Bible pages.


  • Excellent for detailing, highlighting, and drawing lines
  • 36 colors to choose from
  • Glides smoothly on paper


  • Not ideal for Bible marking

6. VITOLER Dual Tip Brush Markers for Planners


These VITOLER Dual Tip Brush Markers are affordable and highly reliable for writing on a planner, and they can also be used for writing on a calendar or working on an art project. I found them useful for adult coloring books, too.

In addition, I noticed that the brush pens are quick drying and can work perfectly well for graphic styles, letting me bring out more of my creativity in using them for other forms of art. These also include hand lettering, card making, and coloring books.

I love that they’re also designed with twin tips – the fine point 0.4mm tip and the brush tip. The ink also flows smoothly without any issue in the flow. The caps are also colored the same as the ink, giving me an easier time to find what I need.

The ink is also odorless, high quality and long-lasting. It’s exactly what I need for my markers for planners. This set also comes with 34 different colors for a lot more options, adding to the reliability of these pens.


  • Ideal for beginners and professionals alike
  • Twin tips for more uses
  • Perfect for wider applications aside from journaling


  • Bleeding through issues

Markers for Planners Buying Guide

How can you choose good markers for planners? Certainly, the options are endless and going over them one by one is time-consuming. Here are some factors to consider when deciding for what planner markers to choose.


Would you want to use your pens for other applications, like doodling, drawing, scribbling, party invitations, card making, and so on? You might as well get dual tip pens – those coming with brush and fine tips. They’d be more ideal for you if you intend to use your markers in other art activities aside from bullet journaling.


When choosing markers for planners, you must also consider the brand’s reputation and reliability. To do this, marker for planners’ reviews can help.


Price points for planner markers vary from affordable to expensive. If you have the budget to spare, you might want to check out pens that are high in quality and avoid those offered at too affordable prices. More likely than not, cheap pens won’t last long because of the poor quality materials, such as the ink in them.


More colors will give you more options in expressing creativity in your planner or bullet journal. Colors will also make the activity more exciting especially if you love learning with them. Color coding notes, adding designs, and hand lettering is more inviting with more colors.

Number of pens

Aside from journal or planner writing, would you want to use the pens for other activities? It would help to choose more pens in the set if that’s the case. But if you would stick with writing, lettering, and journaling, a few pens could be an option.


Some inks can feel rough on paper; thus, writing can be a bit frustrating. Check for ink that will work on the type of paper you would be using it for. Are you writing with children? It would be best to pick pens that have nontoxic and safe ink.

What are Markers for Planners?


Markers for planners are specifically designed for the application of writing on a planner, journaling, or bullet journaling. They may come with dual tips or just fine tips and typically come in sets of colorful and lovely shades. These markers can make the activity more exciting because they’ll allow you to add pops of colors here and there.

In addition, they come with high quality tips to prevent easy wearing out or fraying, allowing for long-term use. They are also designed with ink that doesn’t bleed through the thin pages of a planner, giving users desirable results. Such pens for planners are also versatile enough for drawing and sketching.

Types of Markers for Planners

Knowing the different types of markers for planners will help you decide which among them is for you. You got three choices – felt tip markers, permanent markers, and glitter/gel pens.

Permanent pens will not smudge or smear when used on surfaces like vinyl or glossy stickers. Their ink tends to dry up quickly, eliminating any worries about spreading the ink in the paper. However, you should not use them on thin-grade papers or they will bleed through and ruin the back and even the next page in your planner.

Felt-tip markers/pens typically have two types of tips. One is the conical and softer nib, which is the standard option. This allows for drawing or writing with the nib’s side and the tip. The other one is a plastic nib that is firm and thin, and encased in a metal, allowing for even, smooth writing.

Gel/glitter markers write smoothly and fluidly. These pens typically use ink in which its pigment is then suspended in a gel. The ink is opaque and thick, showing clearly on different surfaces, especially in planners.

Why do you need Planners Markers?

Planner markers are with special ink that won’t easily bleed through on thin paper like on planner pages. They can also write fluidly and smoothly on paper and don’t feel rough. Many of them come in sets of different colors, letting you bring out your creative side in terms of designing your bullet journal or planner or calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I use a pencil or pen as a planner?

There is no issue whether you prefer a pencil or a pen in your planner. Some people are more comfortable using pencils for doodling, sketching, or even writing in their journal. Others use planner pens because they give users more options to decorate and design their planner with colorful pens with vivid and rich colors.

In my case, I find more inspiration when drawing and writing with more colors. Planner markers add life to my sketches, drawings, and notes. They can also be used for lining and highlighting certain parts of my journal, allowing me to find important notes faster.

Nevertheless, pens make the journaling activity more fun and exciting.

What are the most popular planner marker brands?

Reputable brands are Crayola, Copic, Tombow, Caliart, and Memoffice, and the rest we’ve featured here.

Which planner is most popular?

There are a lot of planners available on the market, but I recommend Panda Planner Pro. It allows me to improve my happiness while increasing my productivity.

This planner features different useful sections like the Morning Review where to write affirmations, things you’re excited about, and things you’re grateful for. The End of Day Review is also useful for writing down the day’s achievements, small or big.

Panda Planner Pro is useful because it also contains sections like task form, notes, and priority list. All these things help me plan my life, envision my goals, and find inspiration for things I do.

How to use Planners Markers?

Using markers to your planner adds to your color scheme and style, allowing you to bring out your creative side while adding more pops of color in your bullet journal or planner. You can use the fine tips for detailing, lining, and writing. If you want to cover larger areas with designs or drawings, you can use the nylon fiber brush nibs of planner markers.

Where to buy?

Buy these planner markers in arts supplies shops or online marketplaces like on Amazon and eBay. You’ll get to choose from plenty of options buying online.

What is the Best Markers for Planners

  1. Dual Brush Marker Pens for Planners with 24 Colored
  2. Caliart Alcohol Brush Markers for Planners
  3. Tombow 61501 TwinTone Marker Set Perfect for Planners
  4. Memoffice 80 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Markers
  5. Aen Art 36 Colors Journal Planner Pens
  6. VITOLER Dual Tip Brush Markers for Planners

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Planner markers allow you to add more color and style to your journal! This makes things more exciting and fun. They’re made with high quality ink, body, and tip and are designed for a comfortable grip.

Choosing the best markers for planners will give you the most fun experience when expressing yourself and discovering your creative side. To figure out which set is for you, think about the applications you intend to use the markers for, your budget, and your style. Refer to the above buying guide for the things to consider when selecting your markers. Also, check the reviews to compare the different marker for planners that can meet your needs.

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