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The Best Markers for Pumpkins in 2023


Special markers designed and made for pumpkin decorating and drawing are suitable for the purpose. They stay and don’t scratch off and are made with high quality tips to improve success in the activity.

Moreover, these markers are ideal for indoor or outdoor pumpkin decorating and can produce impressive results. In short, they’re not your ordinary marker for other art projects but for stunning and cute pumpkin faces!

What are the best markers for pumpkins? If you’re looking for pens that work perfectly on a pumpkin’s surface, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’m reviewing reliable pumpkin markers, which last long and produce lovely results. In addition, I’m discussing what to look for when selecting among the plentiful choices of pumpkin pens on the market.

The Best Markers for Pumpkins Reviews

1. JR.WHITE Acrylic Paint Pens Paint Markers for Pumpkins

JR.WHITE-Acrylic-Paint-Pens-Paint-MarkersThese acrylic pens and paint markers work on pumpkins well, allowing kids and adults alike to express themselves in making their DIY pumpkin design and decoration.

I noticed that the paint pens also work on other surfaces like glass, wood, fabric, canvas, and rock, giving me more flexibility of use which is what I am looking for in my pens.

The paint pens for pumpkins are also great for graffiti and scrapbooking as well as arts and crafts and Easter Eggs.

In addition, these pens don’t have any bad odor in them unlike oil-based paint pens. They’re suitable for kids’ use while giving an excellent finish on pumpkins. Also, these are useful for fabric marker and making cards. The pen marker just have a lot of uses!


  • Safe for kids use and nontoxic
  • Can be used on other surfaces like rocks
  • Ideal for many art projects


  • Lacking shine

2. Emooqi 12 Colors Waterproof Paint Art Marker Set for Pumpkins

Emooqi-12-Colors-Waterproof-Paint-Art-Marker-Set-for-PumpkinsNot like all pens would work on the surface of a pumpkin. So if you want to decorate or design a pumpkin for a school project, Halloween, or home decoration, check out this marker set from Emoogi.

The paint markers are versatile and can be used on materials, like fabric and metal. I’ve also tried using them for projects like mugs, shoes, bags, and clothes. Quite easy to use and control, these pens allow me to do a lot of DIY art projects, like my latest pumpkin design.

I noticed that the finish is glossy and opaque on either dark or light surfaces. These markers also have water-resistant ink, so I can use it even for outdoor projects like rock design.

Ink flows fluidly without any issues, too, and I can clearly see the remaining ink in the barrel. These markers also have 2-3mm tips, which allow for its use in fine lining and filling large areas quickly.


  • Ink flows fluidly and smoothly
  • Suitable even for outdoor use
  • Opaque and glossy finish


  • Some issues with paint scratching off

3. Niutop 12 Colors Paint Markers for Pumpkin Decorating

Niutop-12-Colors-Paint-MarkersPumpkin decorating is fun and exciting! It’s a great activity to do with kids in school or at home. But for the most fruitful and exciting time, using these Niutop paint markers could be for you.

These paint markers are quick-drying, water-based, and weather-resistant, but then, they don’t have any nasty odor and are nontoxic, too. I also liked that these pens can be used for surfaces, such as metal, stone, and glass.

They’re so versatile that using them is not just for pumpkin decorating but also other arts like Christmas balls and Easter eggs.

The paint also leaves permanent marks on most surfaces, while its color remains vibrant and rich. In addition, this set comes with 12 colors, like pink, yellow, and blue. These pens are also designed with 2mm tips that are easy to control and maneuver on surfaces.

Overall, I loved these pens because they’re easy to use, making them suitable for children and beginners alike.


  • Suitable even for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Works on multiple surfaces


  • Issues with the tip coming off

4. ZSCM 12 Colors Paint Markers for Halloween Pumpkin Painting

ZSCM-12-Colors-Paint-Markers-for-Halloween-Pumpkin-PaintingDoing it yourself pumpkin painting and decorating can save you money while also spending quality time with kids. Every Halloween, there is this tradition of pumpkin painting, and for this, we need reliable products like the ZSCM 12 Colors Paint Markers.

These markers conform to ASTM D-4236, making them compliant with standards and nature-friendly. I also find them very useful for painting other surfaces, including plastic and metal.

The nontoxic markers are also waterproof and nontoxic, so children are safe to use them in pottery, polymer clay, and rocks. I noticed that the ink is also highly-pigmented, bringing out that quality finish I’m looking for.

Outdoor and indoor use is also possible because these acrylic paint marker dry quickly and then produce a durable finish on whatever surface you use them on. I find that the colors are also quite easy to mix. The 2-3mm tip makes the pens also easy to control for drawing and painting.


  • 2-3mm tip for easy control
  • Highly pigmented ink for quality finish
  • Works on multiple surfaces


  • Color intensity seems to belong on the pastel side

5. Mitoymia 18 Acrylic Paint Pens for Pumpkins

Mitoymia-18-Acrylic-Paint-PensPumpkin painting and decorating will be a fun activity if you would use easy to control acrylic paint pens like this Mitoymia 18-pc set. The markers have durable nylon tips that do not wear easily and are durable for more uses.

In addition, they have a 3mm reversible tip, which can be used for both filling larger areas and detailing. The tips also allow for smooth flow control without any hassles.

I liked that they’re durable and simple, too, while being able to produce permanent and long-lasting paint. The pens are also suitable for a wide range of uses, including Christmas crafts and can work on porous and smooth surfaces.

The markers are also quick drying and safe to use for DIY projects. They’re also weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use as well.

Overall, this marker set makes great art supplies for kids and adults and is versatile for a lot of uses like planners and gift card marking, too.


  • Cool addition to one’s arts and crafts supplies
  • Quality ink and finish
  • Suitable for different uses


  • Paint tends to run

6. Acrylic Paint Pens Paint Markers Set

Acrylic-Paint-Pens-Paint-Markers-SetThe JR.WHITE acrylic paint pens, which come as a set of 18 pens, are versatile for pumpkin painting, rock painting, and painting on other surfaces, such as ceramic, fabric, and metal.

These pens are with quality and environmentally-friendly ink, which also conforms to standards EN71-3 certificate and ASTM D-4236. More so, they’re ideal for other uses such as detailing and drawing.

These acrylic paint pens allow kids to improve their curiosity and imagination for different art projects. They also make great gifts for arts enthusiasts, young and old, who love to do arts and crafts during their free time or in DIY or school projects.


  • Ideal gifts for the art lover
  • Environmentally-friendly and certified ink
  • Can be used on different surfaces


  • Some issues with the nibs fraying

Markers for Pumpkins Buying Guide


Markers are available at varying price points – from the most affordable to the most expensive. You don’t need to break your bank to look for quality pens because there are those for sale at affordable prices. Get started with the comparison process using the above reviews for pens at varying price points.


Reading reviews is one of the best ways to determine the usefulness of marker pens for pumpkin drawings. They’ll give you insights on the satisfaction rating of customers from those products. In addition, it’ll help to determine the brand and figure out its reliability. Also, look for marker that don’t have a strong odor, but they must be safe and nontoxic. They should also write well on the surface and can be used outdoors.

Number of pens

If you’re looking to create a design with different colors, choose a set that comes with more pens. But if you want to use only a few, then picking those that come with a few pens could be an option.

Safety and conforms to standards

Especially if kids will use them, safety must be top priority to avoid accidents. It would also help to pick those that conform to standards on quality and safety to ensure the best results working with your markers.


If you’re looking for pens that can also work on different projects, choose pens that can be applied on multiple surfaces like glass, rocks, and ceramics.

These pens can help you create arts and crafts, like holiday gifts, Easter egg designs, and party invitations. In addition, they can make great gifts for the art lover.

The markers are also useful for indoor and outdoor uses because the paint can stay on the surface.

So when choosing markers, be sure to check on the applications and if they will work on multiple surfaces. This will help you get the most out of the activity and give you impressive results.

What is a Markers for Pumpkins


These paint markers are specifically made for pumpkin drawing and decorating. They help arts enthusiasts create impressive pumpkin lanterns and faces with or without any much arts experience. The marker often come in sets of 12 colors or more and are made with topnotch tips to ensure durability.

In addition, they help one create impressive designs using their imagination and creativity. Using these marker for pumpkins can produce an opaque and glossy finish for an impressive result. These pens for pumpkins help you create beautiful accents outdoors or indoors. That’s why it is important to use them, not just any other marker that won’t work on the pumpkin’s surface.

Types of Markers for Pumpkins

Acrylic paint markers: For general decorating and designing of pumpkins, these pens are typically used. They’re made of high-quality ink that will not scratch off or be removed even when used for decorating pumpkins for outdoor decoration.

Chalky acrylic paint markers are great because they produce a matte finish and a good coverage.

Permanent markers: These pens are also suitable for pumpkin designing and are especially made to work on either a fake or a real pumpkin.

Using the right pumpkin markers will create impressive results instead of other marker that will not stay on the surface of these vegetables. To help you get started, refer to the marker for pumpkins reviews above.

Why Do You Need Pumpkin Markers?

While you might think that using just about any type of marker for your pumpkin will be good, they won’t produce the best results. Pumpkin pens or markers are what you need!

Typically, they’re made with quality acrylic paint ink that’s what to color and draw on the pumpkin. These markers are created with durable tips as well, ensuring they won’t fray easily and quickly for the tasks and other projects, like Easter eggs and Christmas decoration making.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will markers work on pumpkins?

Yes, markers for pumpkins will work on this kind of art project. However, choose acrylic paint pens or permanent markers. Other marker will not work on the surface of pumpkins, so it is important to use pumpkin markers.

Will Crayola markers work on pumpkins?

Yes, Crayola Quick-Dry Paint Sticks can work on fake or real pumpkins. They can also be used in other works of art. They’ll help you explore your creativity and develop your imagination in terms of the designs and decorations you can make with them on your pumpkin. You can check out Crayola acrylic paints, non-washable markers, and washable paints for your drawings and artworks.

Do chalk markers work on pumpkins?

Yes, chalk markers work on pumpkins and can easily write on them. They can quickly be wiped off; meaning erasing them and drawing another design on your pumpkin will be easy. Just erase the chalk marker and carve your pumpkin. You can also simply use them to draw faces on the pumpkin for cute results. Work this activity with your kids and have a great time.

How to draw on a pumpkin?

Use your marker to draw on the pumpkin. You might first want to use a black marker for drawing a guide to use for later. When done, fill the remaining areas using different markers. Use the chiseled marker tips for even coloring results. Do you want to do some blending? You might want to layer after the base color, and then apply the color above the one you want to combine or blend it with.

How to use pumpkin Markers?

Get your marker – all those that you would need. You can use your selected marker designs being a reference to choose the colors from the set. However, pick colors that will stand out and be easily noticeable given the skin color of the pumpkin. But then, you may also select to do a single colored design with one color or multicolored decorations and designs using different marker colors.

If you haven’t chosen your marker, choose those specifically made for pumpkins, such as acrylic paint pens. For longer lasting designs, you should avoid water-based or washable pens.

What is the Best Markers for Pumpkins

  • JR.WHITE Acrylic Paint Pens Paint Markers for Pumpkins
  • Emooqi 12 Colors Waterproof Paint Art Marker Set for Pumpkins
  • Niutop 12 Colors Paint Markers for Pumpkin Decorating
  • ZSCM 12 Colors Paint Markers for Halloween Pumpkin Painting
  • Mitoymia 18 Acrylic Paint Pens for Pumpkins
  • Acrylic Paint Pens Paint Markers Set

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Designing pumpkins is a fun and rewarding activity done at home or in schools. Children and adults alike find it fulfilling and exciting because it helps them explore their imagination. However, not all marker draw well on the pumpkin’s surface. That’s why it’s most recommended to use specifically made pens for these pumpkin designs.

The best markers for pumpkins don’t emit a strong odor, they’re safe and nontoxic, and they have an ink that will last long. They’re perfect for exploring one’s creativity in decorating and designing pumpkins. The marker can allow one to easily draw on their pumpkin to get excellent results.

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