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The Best Markers for Shoes in 2023


With the rise of sneakers and shoes, it can be challenging to find the best one that suits you. There are thousands of shoes in the market yet most designs tend to be simple and repeated.

The solution to this? Designing your own. Doing so not only brings a personalized touch to your own pair of shoes, but it can also be a fun activity and can also show your creativity.

You can design your shoes by using marker to draw on them like you would on paper, making everything that much easier. This guide will show you the best markers for shoes, so you can start designing your very own pair.

The Best Markers for Shoes Reviews

1. TFIVE Paint Pens Paint Markers for Shoes


The TFIVE Paint Pens are waterproof, oil-based markers that come in 18 different shades. These markers use opaque and vibrant ink that is low odor, quick dry, and non-toxic.

I think it is perfect for using as a marker on shoes as it can withstand the dirt and water that may come in contact with them.

It also has 18 different vivid colors to choose from to make any design that you have in mind alive. The TFIVE Paint Pens marker also have a fine round nib as the tip to allow for a precise and smooth application.

It can be used by people of all ages, including kids, teenagers, adults, and professionals. You definitely might want to check them out.


  • Versatile use
  • Each pen is individually packaged to avoid leaks
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly


  • Issues receiving a dried up pen

2. US Art 40 Unique Primary Fabric Markers for Shoes


The US Art Super Markers are versatile markers that come in primary and pastel dual-ended tips. Each marker has a rich and intense color perfect for decorating and drawing on your shoes.

The vibrant pigments are permanent and are resistant to washing should you need to clean your shoes often. Each pen is designed with a bullet and a chisel tip, allowing you to switch up depending on your needs.

The bullet tip allows you to make fine lines and small details on your drawing while the chisel tip is great for broader writing or filling in color.

It is also non-toxic and therefore safe for children to use and does not fade over time.


  • 40 different color shades to choose from
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and can be used to draw or write in finer details


  • Have to switch from end-to-end sometimes as its dual-ended

3. DAPAWIN Permanent Fabric Markers


The DAPAWIN Fabric Markers come in 20 bright and vivid colors. It comes with a fine tip that can be used to draw smaller elements and finer lines.

I found that the 20 different bold colors were ideal for more artsy and colorful designs with more detail. Since it has a finer tip than most markers, it can also draw and get into the smaller parts of the shoe.

It’s extremely affordable and is easy to use. The colors retain the vibrancy of the first application and do not fade away over time.

The DAPAWIN Fabric Markers are safe and non-toxic and can be used even by very young children. They will issue a refund if you receive a faulty product


  • Durable, versatile, and can be used for various products aside from shoes
  • Refund option if you receive a faulty product
  • Does not bleed into fabric or material


  • Permanent and wash-proof so any mistakes can’t be removed easily

4. Stationery Island Fabric Markers with 24 Colors


The Stationery Island Fabric Markers are 24 permanent and waterproof markers ideal for decorating and drawing on your shoes.

I found that because of its unique feature of having a dual nib with the same color, I can use the 1 mm fine tip to draw small and thin lines and details while I can use the slightly thicker 2 mm tip to draw bigger details or fill in colors.

It’s waterproof and won’t easily fade away over time.

The 24 different colors available give a wide range to choose from to create beautiful and colorful designs. You can also combine two colors to create a new and unique one.


  • Does not bleed into the material
  • One color can be overlaid by another to reveal another color
  • Permanent and long-lasting


  • Finer 1 mm tip can dry out faster than the 2 mm tip if used more often

5. ARTarlei Permanent Arcylic Paint Markers


The ARTarlei Permanent Acrylic paint markers are a great tool to create the design you have in mind for your shoes.

I found that the colors provide a great vibrancy to whatever is being drawn and is very long-lasting.

These markers have been tested and certified to ensure that they are safe for use by children and adults and don’t harm the environment.

Its medium tip and ink with premium quality brings life to the shoes and artwork that you’re creating. Since it works on any type of surface, I discovered that it works well with both the smooth side of the shoes as well as the fabric side.


  • Can be used for a number of different surfaces
  • Has a 30-day money back and a 1-year replacement guarantee on the product
  • Long-lasting color and vibrancy


  • Fewer number of colors available

6. Marabu YONO Acrylic Paint Markers for Shoes


The Marabu YONO Acrylic Paint Markers have 6 pens in a pack that can give high-quality and brilliant color payoff.

These markers can be used in a variety of surfaces should the shoe have a smooth, rough, leathery, or rubber top layer to draw on. The ink dries matte and opaque giving an excellent and expensive look to the drawing.

I think that the versatility of the ink makes it great for any kind of art style and user, may it be from a homemade project by a family or a commissioned artwork from a professional.

The ink can also be used for different techniques. When wet it can be used as a watercolor, mixed and blended to be lighter, darker, or in combination with other colors.


  • Multipurpose for different art techniques
  • Water-based and dries fast
  • Non-toxic, low odor, and eco-friendly


  • A bit pricier per marker

Markers for Shoes Buying Guide

How exactly will you know which marker will work for you? Here is a buying guide to help you find the best match for you.

Type of Ink

Markers for shoes come in different types of ink. You may be more familiar or comfortable with using one than another. They can come in water-based, oil-based, or acrylic types of ink.

Number of Colors

Different brands of markers can carry various numbers of colors in a package. Some can come in 6, others in 12, 24, and even 40. You should consider the color range of the design you have in mind while choosing a set to buy.

After all, if you plan of using just a few colors, you might as well go for sets with a fewer color marker that are more affordable. But if you want more versatility in your set, then I suggest going for sets with more marker colors.

Tip or Nib

Different markers can have a fine, medium, or a large tip. This is another factor to consider while choosing your marker. If you have a more detailed design, then fine tips would work best, while larger and more blocked-out designs call for medium to large tips.

That’s why it is also a wise decision to consider buying dual tip marker, which eliminate the need to buy two sets of shoe marker, saving you money in the end.

Price Point

Brands can offer different price points depending on the quality of the ink and the number of colors in the set. Choosing one that can satisfy both the number of colors you want and the quality you need while fitting your budget is a good decision.

However, don’t go for the most affordable marker for shoes because they’re more likely than not made of cheaper and short-lasting materials. Strike a balance between the price and quality. The reviews above should be able to help you.

What is a Marker for Shoes?


Markers for shoes are paint marker that are made to be permanent, vivid, and can be used on different types of surfaces.

These can be used to design and decorate shoes to make them more personalized, colorful, and overall more decorative.

Marker for shoes are used to make more definitive and precise artwork like drawings of figures, abstract shapes, or even calligraphed words instead of using thicker paint brushes or spray paint.

The ease of use of these markers allows people of all ages, from children to adults to professionals to use these markers to create their own custom designs.

Types of Markers for Shoes

There are different types of markers for shoes.

Most of them are made to be permanent, long-lasting, waterproof, and fade-proof. This is to allow the designs and colors to stay on the shoes for as long as they can.

This marker can be oil-based, water-based, or acrylic and often come in packs and in different colors.

They can either come individually or with dual ends to allow more colors to be available.

The sizes of their nibs can also vary from fine to medium and can be either bullet or chiseled type.

The variation in size and type can help the user make more fine, intricate details or use it to create bigger designs and fill them in with color.

Why do you need Shoe Markers?

Shoe marker in the form of paint markers are best used for more intricate designs.

Since only experienced and well-trained artists can use mediums such as wet paint and a paint brush or spray paint, marker allow even amateurs with no experience whatsoever to make their custom dream shoes a reality.

Using regular markers won’t do as even though they claim to be permanent, they’re made to be used on paper and not other surfaces, leading them to fade quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions


What to use to draw on shoes?

To make precise and intricate designs on shoes, you can opt to use paint marker instead of regular paint brushes and paint.

This can help you to control your use of color and can make finer and smaller strokes need be.

Can I use permanent markers on shoes?

Yes, you can technically use regular permanent markers on shoes but they aren’t guaranteed to stay long. Since they are not formulated to be waterproof and fade-proof, they can easily wash out from your shoes.

Other typical permanent markers don’t fully dry on different types of surfaces like smooth and shiny ones and might just leave a smudge on your shoes. Therefore, permanent paint marker made for shoes are the best options.

How to remove permanent markers from shoes?

To remove permanent marker from your shoes, you can try rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, also known as acetone, and tissues or a clean cloth.

You can start by placing some of the rubbing alcohol or the nail polish remover on the tissue and cloth and wiping away the marker stains gently.

Be careful and use these items sparingly with your shoes as too much of it can damage and discolor the top layer of your shoes.

How to paint on shoes?

You can paint on shoes with either waterproof acrylic paint or a paintbrush or with a paint marker.

To start off, you can first make a rough outline of your design on your shoes with a pencil or an erasable marker to mark where you want your drawings to be.

You can then paint or use the marker to fill in these outlines to create your own custom shoe design.

After painting or drawing, allow them to air dry for a few hours to make sure they don’t smudge when touched.

What is the Best Marker for Shoes?

  • TFIVE Paint Pens Paint Markers for Shoes
  • US Art 40 Unique Primary Fabric Markers for Shoes
  • DAPAWIN Permanent Fabric Markers
  • Stationery Island Fabric Marker with 24 Colors
  • ARTarlei Permanent Arcylic Paint Marker
  • Marabu YONO Acrylic Paint Markers for Shoes

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In a world where you can just buy off a new pair of generic-looking shoes, try something by creating your own custom design. Using the best markers for shoes in your designs can help you create a piece of artwork and a fashion statement with just a pair of shoes and some marker.

These markers are not only more precise, they also come in various colors, have vibrant and opaque, high-quality inks, and can last longer than most paints. These paint markers allow for you to express your creativity without breaking the bank and without having to master highly technical skills.

You can use this guide as a reference when you want to decorate your very own custom shoes and compare the different qualities of the shoe marker to get the most out of what you’re buying.

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