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The Best Markers for Shrinky Dinks in 2023


Drawing on, cutting out the designs on shrinky dink, and baking them later in the oven is a fun activity with children, in an arts class, or at home. However, using just about any marker won’t give you the best results.

That’s why it’s important to use the best markers for shrinky dinks. Otherwise, the ink will fade or melt right away when baked in the oven. So if you’re looking to start a hobby with shrinky dink, you must use the right marker for it.

This guide should be able to help you compare and find your markers for shrinky dinks. I’ll feature reviews of high-ranking products and discuss the things to look for when searching for the right markers.

The Best Markers for Shrinky Dinks Reviews

1. Sharpie Permanent Markers Ultimate Collection


This set comes with assorted colored markers for shrinky dinks and pens with fine and ultra fine tip markers. The 32 fine tip pens are brilliantly colored, giving users more creativity in their designs. These are motivating and inspiring to help create unique masterpieces.

Meanwhile, I liked that the set also comes with 29 pieces of ultra fine tip markers, which I can use for sketches and letters, too, all in amazing detail. There are also 5 different neon markers, which look attractive especially when the lights are out. If you like pens to produce designs to stand out even on a dark surface, these Sharpie Permanent Markers include six metallic markers.

The pens have a permanent ink and the ink is nontoxic and quick-drying. The best part is that they are resistant to fading and water.

Overall, the Sharpie set of markers are for all art lovers out there. You might want to check it out, too, especially if budget is not much of a concern but quality.


  • 72 different markers
  • Suitable for other creative works
  • Non Toxic permanent markers


  • A bit expensive

2. Shuttle Art 30 Colors Permanent Markers for Shrinky Dinks


Another to consider when choosing your permanent markers for shrinky dinks, this 30-pc set of colored markers could be what you’re looking for.

The fine tips are perfect for decorating and designing and creating more shrinky dinks art. I love that the pens are also compatible with other surfaces, such as metal, stone, wood, and plastic.

The Shuttle Art Collection for kids and adults alike are also useful for marking, doodling, and adult coloring. If you love scrapbooking and detailing, these fine point markers are also worth checking out.

The ink of these pens is quick-drying and vivid, too, for creations that come to life. I noticed that the ink is also water resistant, fade-resistant, smear proof. It’s also safe for children because it’s nontoxic and acid-free, and thanks to the pens conforming to standards EN71 and ASTM D-4236.


  • Conforms to international quality and safety standards
  • Doesn’t fade and smear-proof
  • Ideal for plenty of uses like detailing and lettering


  • Issues receiving dried out pens

3. Uni Posca 29 Acrylic Paint Markers for Shrinky Dink


Posca pens are some of the most reliable markers for shrinky dink projects. This particular set comes with 29 acrylic paint pens, which I can conveniently use on surfaces, such as glass, fabric, metal, and rock. These pens are also great for graffiti art.

In addition to the versatility of these pens, they’re also with reversible tips, allowing users to choose which tip suits the application. These markers are also nontoxic and don’t have alcohol.

Using them on shrinky dinks is excellent and my kids love the results all the time. I think people looking to get into the hobby would love these markers, too.

Overall, these are safe and reliable markers and they’re made of quality ink, which can help everyone create beautiful shrinky dink designs in a cinch.


  • 29 different acrylic pens
  • Reversible tips
  • Can write on many surfaces


  • Nibs might need to be compressed to saturate with the ink

4. Paintigo 12 Acrylic Paint Pens Markers for Shrinky Dinks


Paintigo acrylic markers is very useful for getting into the hobby of creating lovely and lively designs on the shrinky dink. I first tried these pens on my garden-themed designs and they look amazing. The color doesn’t fade and the ink is smear proof, too. They don’t ruin my work of art, and that’s cool.

I’ve also tried using these pens on surfaces like glass, wood, ceramic, fabric, and rock, and the colors are alive. They’re rich, bright, and vivid, so I got excited and tried them in personalized mugs and shirts. You might want to try these activities, too.

The extra fine tips are perfect for detailing and lettering as well as doodling and drawing. These pens are made with Italian ink, which is quick-drying and odorless. I also found out that they conform to ASTM D-4236 standards.


  • Can be used for different DIY projects
  • Works on a wide range of surfaces
  • Quick-drying and odorless ink


  • Not for porous surfaces

5. Crayola Take Note Colored Permanent Marker Set


Not to forget on this list is the Crayola Take Note marker set, which comes with 12 different fine tip colored pens. These Take Note Markers make permanent marks on surfaces, so they’re versatile for use in pencil cases, drawers, crafts, coloring, and drawing.

The 12 colors give users a lot of opportunities to explore their imagination and make it come to life with different works of art. The fine line pens write smoothly and easy to control, not to mention the nice grip they have.

Organization is also a breeze because every pen has its color name on the barrel. Thus, I can eliminate the time I need to look for the color I need. Finally, these non toxic pens color so well and that they allow me to create amazing designs on shrinky dinks. My kids love them, too.


  • Nice and comfortable grip
  • Rich colors, not a lot of applications needed
  • Fine lines work well for detailing and lettering


  • Not recommended for kids below 14 years old

6. Smart Color Art 30 Colors Fine Point Permanent Markers for Shrinky Dinks


The fine tip marker set comes with 30 lively and beautiful colors, which give anyone the opportunity to create their masterpieces having multiple colors. The pens are very useful for shrinky dink and they color well. They also don’t melt in the oven, and that’s cool.

Anyone can create their personalized shrinky dinks designs and be inspired to create more. The fine tips are easy to maneuver on shrinky dink and other surfaces.

In addition, I liked that the pens are waterproof, so they don’t fade and wash off. They also don’t melt in the oven, making them suitable for the hobby of marking shrinky dinks and creating lovely designs on them.


  • Waterproof
  • Comes with many colors
  • Doesn’t melt and fade


  • Leaking issues

Markers for Shrinky Dinks Buying Guide

If you’re searching for pens specifically meant for designing on and making shrinky dinks, here are some of the things to consider.

Glossy surface compatibility

Before buying pens for shrinky dink, check for their compatibility with glossy surfaces. The ink must also adhere to plastic surfaces.

Otherwise, the ink won’t sit and instead fade easily. Acrylic and permanent markers are some of the most suitable pens for shrinky dink.

Quality of the ink

This is a primary factor to check when buying markers for shrinky dinks. The ink must be vivid and bright and can handle oven heat. Avoid inks that will fade or melt right away when heat is applied on it. Avoid waxy inks, too, or they will just melt off instantly. Finally, the colors must stay the same even if they are exposed to a high temperature.

Fine point

It’ll be better to go for fine tip markers because you’ll be working with small bits of plastic. Using them will allow you to keep your work clean because the ink will not spread on the area where you’re working on. But if you want to create more details in your work, I suggest going for the extra fine tip pens.

Dual tips?

Are you looking to do more than just marking shrinky dink? Then, you might want to go for dual tip markers because they let you interchange which tip to use depending on the activity. Using them will let you work on other projects aside from shrinky dink designing.


The price is always a primary factor when deciding to buy something. It pays off to check both on this and the quality of the product you’re buying. It won’t help that much if you buy something cheap but which ink doesn’t last long or color well on the surface you’re using it for.

What is a Marker for Shrinky Dinks


Markers for shrinky dinks are specifically designed and made for the purpose of decorating and designing shrinky dink, which are small bits of plastic. They have an ink that will adhere well to the surface you’re painting or drawing on. Some of these inks are acrylic paints and permanent marking inks.

They’re suitable for the activity because they will not fade or melt off when baked in the oven. That’s why it is important that you select these types of pens to ensure you won’t waste money on markers that don’t write on glossy surfaces that also include glass, mirror, and some types of fabric.

These pens come in different colors and some also have dual tips or nibs of different sizes for suitability in every application.

Types of Markers for Shrinky Dinks

Markers for shrinky dinks are special markers that write well on a glossy surface like plastic used in shrinky dink. Their ink is permanent and will not fade. Two of the most common types of markers for this purpose are the acrylic paint markers and permanent markers.

Permanent markers, as their name suggests, will leave a permanent mark on the surface. They’re typically waterproof and fade proof, making the designs created using them long-lasting. The ink is also smudge or smear proof, so they won’t ruin your artwork.

Acrylic paint markers also leave permanent marks on the surface and are quite versatile to work well on a wide range of surfaces, such as rock, glass, mirror, ceramic, fabric, and so on. The colors are vibrant and buying quality acrylic markers can ensure that you don’t have to make many applications before the colors show solidly.

Why do you need Shrinky Dink Markers?

You need these markers because they’re designed and made for the hobby of creating fun and varying designs on shrinky dinks. These pens have permanent and highly pigmented inks that will stick to the surface and won’t melt when the shrinky dink is baked in the oven.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you use washable markers on shrinky dinks?

No, stay away from washable markers for the shrink plastic. They will not stay on the surface to create permanent marks. Others to stay away from for your project include oil pastels, crayons, and ink pens.

Can you use gel pens on shrinky dink?

No, you cannot use gel pens on shrinky dinks. They will not work and write well on shrink plastic because they will not stick to the surface well. Thus, they will not be very visible or look attractive. But then, you can still use gel pens when creating the design or letters that you will apply color over to with your markers.

In addition, the ink of these pens will look streaky and bubble on the surface of shrink plastic. Instead of using them, use specifically made markers for shrinky dink that I’ve outlined in this buying guide. They can give you the best results in working with shrink plastic.

Do alcohol markers work on Shrinky Dinks?

Alcohol inks can work on Shrinky Dinks. The nonporous and slick surface of the shrink film is an excellent surface to be working using them.

Can I use Crayola markers on Shrinky Dinks?

Yes, you can use Crayola markers on Shrinky Dink, particularly their Crayola Take Note Colored Permanent Marker Set. They can help you create wonderful masterpieces because their grip is easy to control and have rich colors. Check them out if you like Crayola and want to use their markers for your shrinky dink.

Where to buy?

Shrinky dink markers are easily accessible and available in many arts and crafts supplies stores in your area. You’ll also find them in many arts supplies shops online. Amazon and eBay are also places to buy these markers. Here, you’ll find a wide range of options and products based on price, brands, number of markers, type of ink, and so on.

What is the Best Marker for Car Shrinky Dinks

  • Sharpie Permanent Markers Ultimate Collection
  • Shuttle Art 30 Colors Permanent Markers for Shrinky Dinks
  • Uni Posca 29 Acrylic Paint Markers for Shrinky Dink
  • Paintigo 12 Acrylic Paint Pens Markers for Shrinky Dinks
  • Crayola Take Note Colored Permanent Marker Set
  • Smart Color Art 30 Colors Fine Point Permanent Markers for Shrinky Dinks

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Using the best markers for shrinky dinks will give you the most amazing results in your DIY projects! They are colorful, fun to use, nontoxic, and adherent to the surface of shrink plastic. So, go on and explore your creative side using these special markers! But then, don’t forget to use only markers for this application. Choose pens which ink stays and adheres to the surface of shrinky dink and have vibrant colors. Make sure that the ink doesn’t also melt or fade. To help you with it, refer to the buying guide and reviews to find the most wonderful markers for shrinky dink today!

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