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The Best No Bleed Pens for 2023


The best no bleed pens with fine tips, assorted colors, and quick-drying inks are useful for bullet journals, bible journals, sketch notebooks, and any other paper.

They can make your journaling, drawing, color coding task, or any writing task easier! They write smoothly and yet not smearing or leaving a mark on the paper. These pens are also fun to use and easy to grip.

However, choosing the right set for your preferences and needs can be tedious and time-consuming.

The following reviews, FAQs, and buying guide should help you pick the right fun and colorful no bleed pens. If you’re ready, let us begin with the top picks today.

Top 6 Best No Bleed Pens Reviews

1. Mr. Pen Bible Pens No Bleed Pens


Mr. Pen No Bleed Pens are a favorite among kids, teens, and adults for pen that write smoothly and clearly, even on bible pages. They are fine tip pens that write on small spaces and thin paper without bleeding through.

The fine tip pen come in assorted vibrant colors – blue, green, black, orange, pink, and purple. The tip of 0.7mm is ideal for writing, journaling, or doodling. It is also suitable for planners and diaries.

The no bleed pens write smoothly on magazines, bibles, and planners without smearing on the pages. They’re also great for color-coding or underlining.

I also liked that they can offer consistent lettering, allowing for crisp and no skip lines.

Overall, the Mr. Pen bible pens are an excellent choice if you’re looking for quality pen for a wide range of purposes. Check them out for yourself.


  • Six assorted and vibrant colors
  • It does not bleed through any kinds of paper
  • Smooth and quick to dry; no smearing


  • A bit on the lighter side for some people

2. COLNK Journaling Planner Pens No Bleed Through


COLNK Journaling Planner Pen deserve to be on this list because they’re high-quality, reliable, and long-lasting. They don’t dry fast compared to others, offering you more extended use.

I love that they come in two colors, giving us more options either to get the retro or the fruit color variety.

This set comes with six pieces of pen in different colors to meet your needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for a gift, you can also consider this set with a box included. I liked that it’s pretty practical and lovely.

They’re also practical and economical because they’re refillable. You also do not need to re-cap because the pens are retractable.

Overall, pen collectors and users will enjoy the soft grip and appreciate its weight of these pens. They’re high-quality and long-lasting, giving you more savings for your purchase.


  • Comfortable grip and lightweight
  • Minimum bleeding and quick dry pens
  • 5mm fine point writes well even on a small space


  • Tend to smear according to some users

3. BLIEVE- Bible Pens No Bleed Through


If you’re looking for journaling pens, you might want to check out the BLIEVE- Bible Pens! This set already comes with seven pieces of gel pen with fine tips, allowing for more creativity. Use them for journaling, doodling, or underlining.

The Ballpoint Pens by BLIEVE are no-bleed through pens, making them suitable for bibles and thin papers.

You should not miss out these bible journaling pen with ink ballpoint that come in seven different colors, orange, red, purple, blue, black, pink, and green. You’ll also love that the pens are easy to use for bullet journals, bible, and planners.

They are also great for note-taking, drawing, and lettering. They also do not smear because the ink is quick-drying. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about them bleeding through any paper.


  • It comes in seven different colors
  • Quick-dry ink and do not smear on thin paper
  • Ideal for bullet journals, bible journaling, and underlining


  • Might leave a mark on very thin paper

4. Bible Micro-Line Color Pens No Bleed Through


The eight-piece set of color pens are perfect for anyone keeping a planner or journaling daily or weekly. The pen is also bible-safe, which makes them ideal for thin paper or bullet journal.

I also liked their versatility in that they’re helpful for note-taking, underlining, scribbling, and drawing. The Bible Micro-Line Pens are also for people who love dot journaling and underlining.

Each set is also with eight different colors, including blue, black, green, pink, purple, red, yellow, and orange.

The pens are also fadeproof and waterproof and write without skipping or bleeding through.

They also have precision tips and micro-pigmented inks, creating fluid, consistent, and fine lines. Nevertheless, they are versatile for a wide range of purposes. And if you want to make perfect lines, consider the Bible Micro-Line Color Pens.


  • It comes in eight different colors.
  • Versatile for Bible study, bullet journals, and note taking
  • Color-coded for different Bible themes


  • Some complaints about receiving dried pen

5. Nicpro Bible Pens No Bleed Through


The Nicpro are perfect for Bible study, note-taking, journaling, and drawing. They have 0.7 mm tip that make them ideal for bullet journaling, drawing, and planners, too.

They do not bleed through any paper, making them great for highlighting and underlining, too. The pen set comes with eight pieces of Bible pens with fine points.

Besides, the bible pen set also includes eight lead refills, which make them a practical choice. This value package is also with eight different pen colors, including blue, pink, black, purple, black, red, orange, and dark blue.

I also liked the anti-skid grip, and that’s thanks to its ergonomic silica grip! Even if you’re writing for hours, you’ll not feel any discomfort.

Overall, these are some of the best pen for Bible pages, color coding, underlining, and bullet journaling. They also write smoothly while drying fast, so no worries about them smearing on paper.


  • Value package with eight different colors and lead refills
  • No bleeding through fine point gel pen
  • Perfect for note-taking, memorizing books, journal, and planners


  • Too light for some users

6. Mingtron Bible Highlighters and Pens No Bleed


Mingtron is a known brand for Bible journaling supplies, including these pens and highlighters. You’ll love writing with them because they glide smoothly on any paper. But then, they do not smear or leave a mark on thin paper.

The gel highlighters are a favorite for bible journaling, bullet journaling, note-taking, writing, and underlining.

If you’re looking for an ideal gift for Christian friends, you might want to check out these pens. The gel highlighters do not bleed through on any paper. They’re proven and tested to work well on onion papers and bible papers.

Overall, this set is versatile for use on any paper, without you worrying about the bleeding. They are of excellent quality for students and professionals.


  • No bleeding through any papers, including onion paper and bible paper
  • It comes with 12 vibrant colors for a wide range of choices in note-taking and coloring
  • Ideal as a Christian gift and in an elegant package


  • Ink not quite as dark

No Bleed Pens Buying Guide

Before buying no-bleed pens, consider certain qualities and factors that make a set a great pick. In the following, let’s discuss a few essential points when comparing your choices.

Tip size

Pens with larger tips are for underscoring multiple lines or filling gaps in coloring books. But for detailed drawings or illustrations as well as lettering, you need small tip pen.

You’ll also find sets with various tip sizes on the market, generally between 0.25mm to 0.7mm. Nevertheless, remember that the tip size to choose depends on the application or purpose you intend to use the pen.

No bleeding through

Sensitive Bible pages require pen that do not bleed, or else the ink will ruin the pages! You should choose gel pens or highlighters that will not bleed on thin paper like Bible pages and onion papers.

For example, the underlined areas should not be visible on the next page. It is one way to figure out if the highlighters/pens are good, even for thin pages.

Storage casing

As much as possible, it is better to choose a set that includes a storage case.

It can make it easier for you to take the pen when you need to, besides organizing them.

Some come with plastic pouches, while others have hard cases with snap buttons or soft clips.

Waterproof and fadeproof

Check on these features when comparing your choices. There are sets with pens with inks fading or are not waterproof. It would help to read customer reviews, which can offer you insights into these pens’ quality.

No skipping

Choose high-quality pen and highlighters that do not skip lines while you’re writing.


They should be perfect to use for note-taking and underlining as well as bullet journaling and bible journaling. They can also be used in bible color coding and organizing your notes.

Other Things to Consider Before Buying

No Bleed Pens

What is a no bleed pen?

As its name suggests, a no-bleed pen is a pen that does not bleed through paper, onion papers, or Bible pages. It does not smear or skip, allowing for smooth, easy, and straightforward writing.

Types of no bleed pens

No-bleed-pens work the same – they do not bleed through any paper. The difference varies from brand to brand, tip size, and so on.

You can find retractable gel pen on the market, usually coming as a set. You can create bold lines using colored gel pens. As they are retractable, you don’t have to worry about them drying out if you left them uncapped. They do not also smear because the ink dries fast.

Fine tip no-bleed pens are also common among no-bleed-pens. They are with a soft grip and excellent affordability. Many also choose them for daily journaling or diaries.

They let you write smoothly and boldly, but they will not bleed to the Bible page’s other side. You can also create sharp lines using fine tip pen, even in small spaces.

No-bleed fountain pens are another choice, mainly if you write a lot or using them for planners and diaries. They can offer you an excellent writing experience and have a soft grip. But then, you must find a fountain-pen-friendly notebook or pad to avoid bleeding through.

Why do you need no bleed pen?


A no bleeding pen is ideal for Bible journaling, bullet journaling, planner, pen drawing, underlining, color-coding, and more. They do not bleed through even on sensitive paper, including Bible pages.


Are you looking to memorize Bible verses or important book sections? Let a no-bleed pen help. It can help you underline, color code, and mark essential parts that you need to remember.

Taking down and organizing notes

Students and professionals who want to take down and organize notes can also depend on no-bleed-pens. As these pens are also easy to hold with their ergonomic grip, they will not make you feel uncomfortable even if using them for a long time.


If you want to draw smoothly and make skip-free and crisp lines for consistency, you can also rely on no-bleed pens.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular no bleed pen brands?

Some of the most popular brands include Mr. Pen, COLNK, BLIEVE, Inc. Peter Pauper Press. Nicpro, and Mingtron.

They are reputable and committed to manufacturing and supplying their consumers with high-quality no-bleed-pens for different applications, such as journal writing, note-taking, and memorizing verses, to name some.

What do you use no-bleed pen for?

No-bleed pens have many uses. You can use them for planners and journals, including bullet journaling and Bible journaling.

They are also used for drawing, illustrations, underlining, and color-coding without smearing because they dry quickly, too.

People also use them for note-taking and organization because they’re handy as markers, too. They also use no-bleed-pens on thin pages to avoid bleeding through them.

Nevertheless, no-bleed-pens are perfect additions to your collection because they’re versatile and easy to use.

Where to buy no bleed pen?

You can buy no-bleed-pens in many online marketplaces, such as Amazon that offer a broader range of choices and carry different brands more than local bookstores and school supplies stores. In this marketplace, you can also read customer reviews on no-bleed pens to figure out which pen offer a satisfying customer experience.

eBay and other online shops sell a broad range of no-bleed-pens, too. Other places to buy are Walmart and local arts and crafts shops.

The manufacturer websites also sell no-bleed-pens of different kits, tip sizes, and color sets.

What is the Best No Bleed Pen?

  1. Mr. Pen Bible Pen No Bleed Pens
  2. COLNK Journaling Planner Pen No Bleed Through
  3. BLIEVE- Bible Pens No-Bleed Through
  4. Bible Micro-Line Color Pen No-Bleed Through
  5. Nicpro Bible Pen No Bleed Through
  6. Mingtron Bible Highlighters and Pen No-Bleed

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There you have our reviews on the finest no-bleed-pens with assorted colors, tip sizes, and applications. Again, remember to compare their tip sizes, versatility, applications, storage case, waterproof, and fadeproof ability.

Love arts and crafts, journaling, and writing in general? Pick among the best no bleed pens that suit your purpose and application. Choose the right set based on your needs.

These pens also vary in terms of tip size, material, and so on. Ensure to compare your options well using the buying guide and reviews of the top picks on the market. Buy no-bleed-pens today!

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