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The Best Paint Markers for Canvas in 2023


Having the right painting tools in your arsenal is crucial for creating incredible art. If you are a dedicated artist or painting is your hobby, you know how hard it is to look for the best drawing instruments with the countless options the market offers you. But never fear, we have got your back. Today, we are going to help you choose the best paint markers for canvas.

The best paint markers have excellent ink quality that doesn’t bleed, offer you the best color quality, and works for many uses. We have reviewed some of the best markers that are available in the market today.

Top 7 Best Paint Markers for Canvas Reviews

1. ARTISTRO Acrylic Paint Markers for Canvas


Among the more trusted brand in the market when it comes to quality art materials is ARTISTRO. If you are looking for a versatile paint marker that will satisfy your artistic needs, you can check ARTISTRO’s acrylic paint markers.

This multi-purpose marker works well with various surfaces such as rocks, stone, pottery, smooth wood, fabric, paper, etc. Imagine all the crafts and projects you can create with this pen. The extra-fine tip of this marker makes it ideal for detailing and adding some touch-ups to your art.

The set comes with 12 vibrant paint colors. The ink quality is excellent, with consistent flow and a bright opaque finish. It is also fast drying reducing the possibility of smudging your design. However, it is best to seal it. These pens are also non-toxic and safe for children’s use.


  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Dries quickly
  • Non-toxic and safe


  • Needs a sealant

2. TFIVE Oil-Based Waterproof Paint Marker for Canvas


Every marker from TFIVE was independently tested and certified to deliver the best writing quality that you expect. Their oil-based paint markers can help you in perfecting your craft.

If you are looking for a paint-marker for canvas, you should check this out. Aside from a canvas, this paint marker also works on glass jars, rocks, wood, ceramics, and many more. The paint-pens come in 12 brilliant colors. They are non-toxic, acid-free, and odorless, so you can share the fun of drawing and painting with your little friends.

The tip of the pen is 2.0 mm to 2.8 mm. These pens are more suitable for larger handwriting and filling in spaces. The ink has excellent consistency and is permanent and quick drying. Once it dries, it stays for a long time.


  • Versatile paint marker
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Permanent and quick drying


  • Not the best for intricate designs

3. TOOLI-ART Paint Pens Extra Fine Tip


If you are looking for paint markers with better color selections, then the TOOLI-ART paint pens are perfect for you. The set consists of 28 unique and vibrant colors with two extra pens, black and white, often used.

You will not be disappointed with the pen’s ink quality. The markers give a nice opaque finish that makes the colors pop on any background. You can use these paint pens for drawing on rocks, metal, glass, wood, and others.

The extra-fine tip is a plus. You can use these markers to work on detailed designs with the needed precision. The pens are safe for all to use.

Although the ink dries quickly, they are not safe from external elements such as water. It is best to apply a sealant to them to preserve your work,


  • Wide color selection
  • Dries quickly
  • Safe for all


  • Not safe from external elements

4. Emooqi Acrylic Paint Pens


Another paint pen that works great on canvas and almost any other surface is the Emooqi acrylic paint-pens. If you want a versatile pen for any crafts and occasions, this set is an excellent choice.

The pens are rich in pigment with brilliant colors that pop on either light or dark surfaces. The ink is fast drying and waterproof. You can even mix it and run another color over it without making any mess or ruining your work.

The pens are easy to hold and manipulate. The barrel has a comfortable grip, coupled with a durable tip that smoothly glides over a surface. However, it may take some time and a few pumps before you can get the ink flow you want.


  • Highly pigmented paint pens
  • Works on almost all surfaces
  • Easy to hold and control


  • It May take a few uses to get the best ink flow

5. Arteza Acrylic Paint Markers


Unleash your creativity with this next set of acrylic paint markers from Arteza. The pack contains 40 luminous and opaque paint markers with 37 standard colors and three metallic colors. You will surely enjoy the different combinations and styles you can work with using these pens.

With these pens, there is no waiting time. Your art will dry quickly with their fast-drying ink. You can use them to draw and customize art on mugs, glass, wood, and fabric.

What’s unique about these paint markers is that they have replaceable chisel tips, so you don’t have to worry about wasting ink. The tweezers also come in with the package for your convenience. The pens are toxic-free safe for anybody’s use. You also don’t have to worry about toxic fumes and odor. However, the ink may run out quickly.


  • Wide selection
  • Dries up fast
  • Features replaceable chisel tips


  • Ink may run our quickly

6. Chalky Crown Acrylic Paint Markers


Another set of high-quality paint marker that work on canvas is the Chalky Crown acrylic paint-marker. If you are looking for a pen for different art projects you might come up with, this set is an excellent beginner set. It works for any DIY project and is worth your money.

The paint markers use water-based ink, which dries quickly on any surface and creates and glossy finish on your work. The colors pop out in light or dark backgrounds. But what’s even more brilliant about these markers are their reversible tips – chiseled and bullet. It is time to explore your artistic side.

The set comes with 12 different colored pens. Although this is good for beginners, the limited color selection might be constricting for our dedicated artists and hobbyists.


  • Works on multiple projects
  • Features reversible tips
  • Non-toxic and quick drying


  • Limited color selection

7. ZEYAR 18 Colors Paint Pens


We can’t miss out on the ZEYAR 18 color paint pens if we talk about the market’s best markers. Are you looking for high-quality pens to help you on your next art project? Here is an excellent choice.

This set of paint-marker consists of 18 vibrant colors, including some metallic ones. Their ink has excellent consistency and coverage. One layer of color is enough to achieve that rich shade you want.

These pens are also toxic-free, essentially safe, and odorless. It is suitable and made for artists, students, adults, and even children. You don’t have to worry about strong smelly ink that may ruin the fun while painting.

The ink also dries quickly and remains permanently. It is water and fade resistant, so you can confidently work on art that lasts. However, it might take a moment to activate the pen.


  • High-quality multi-purpose markers
  • Great opacity
  • Dries quickly


  • It may take a moment to activate

Paint Markers for Canvas Buying Guide

Different brands come out with art tools with almost the same quality and features, making the whole selection process even more complicated. If you are new to the craft and just building your painting arsenal, then choosing the best pens will be more difficult.

Below are some of the essential factors and features you should look for a paint pen for a canvas to help you with the whole selection process.

Compatibility with the canvas

The first thing you should look at when buying a paint-pen for canvas is if they work on canvas or fabric.

Even when a brand claims that their products work on canvas and almost all surfaces, it is still better to look at the label or read some reviews by other customers regarding how well the pens work on a canvas. Not every marker works the same way for a canvas. Different types of canvas and various types of ink may affect the quality of your work.

Tip sizes and shapes

Tip sizes and shapes mainly depend on your specific use and preference. Looking at tip sizes is essential, so you know the best use for it.

Paint pens either have extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad tip sizes. Pens with medium tips are the standard choice as they are not too thick nor too thin. Extra-fine and fine tips are ideal for defining, outlining, and adding intricate styles to your art. On the other hand, broad tips are perfect for larger handwriting and filling in a wide surface area.

Pens also come in different tip shapes – bullet, chisel, or brush tips. Choose a pen that works best for your style.

Ink Quality

Paint pens can either be water-based or oil-based. Essentially, water-based dry quicker but are not that permanent. Meanwhile, oil-based pens are more permanent but take much longer to dry.

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Other Things to Consider Before Buying


What is a paint marker for canvas?

A paint marker for canvas, as its name states, is a painting tool used to paint on canvas. But most paint pens that you can find today are multi-purpose, and their versatility makes them a favorite by artists and hobbyists. You can use them to add embellishments and draw on glass, rocks, ceramics, wood, and many more.

The marker works the same way as an ordinary marker for paper. But other pens require an activation process before you can use them on a canvas. The process might involve some pumping and pressing over a piece of paper to let the ink flow. After you’ve done it, you are free to use it directly on the canvas.

Types of canvas paint markers

Generally, you can classify canvas paint markers according to their binder, the most popular types: oil, acrylic, and watercolor.

  • Oil: Oil paint pens usually take a much longer time to dry, but the medium allows easy blending. They are also more permanent and once dry; it stays on safe from smearing and fading.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic paint pens contains a water-based solution that holds the pigments together. They are known as the most versatile marker that works and draws on almost all surfaces. They also dry quicker but is not entirely safe from water.
  • Watercolor: These pens use a natural, non-toxic gum called Gum Arabic to bind the pigments. They dry fast but do not apply well with most surfaces the same way as acrylic paints.

Why do you need a paint marker for canvas?

Paint markers are versatile and convenient. You can use them for almost any project that may come to mind. Do you want to draw on a canvas? Are you thinking about customizing a mug? Likes to draw on glass? Paint-markers for canvas can do the job and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular canvas paint marker brands?

One search online, and you can find a lot of different brands that carry paint markers. But among the most popular and trusted for their quality products are Tooli-Art, ARTISTRO,TFIVE, Emooqi, Chalky Crown, ZEYAR, and Liquitex. Other brands use different materials and paints, so choose one that best fits your artistic style.

Do permanent markers work on canvas?

Yes, permanent markers work and draw on a canvas. Permanent markers contain a mixture of non-toxic ink and slow-evaporating alcohols. Permanent workers work on canvas, glass, ceramics, wood, fabric, and many other mediums. They create vivid colors that pop out on any background.

Permanent markers stay on unless removed with a solvent. So, if you use a permanent marker on a canvas, you can be confident that your art will stay put once it dries and they dry fast.

Can you use watercolor on canvas?

Yes, you can also use watercolor on a canvas. However, using watercolor may not be an ideal choice. The watercolor coverage is less opaque. If you want to achieve a vibrant and vivid color, you need to add multiple watercolor layers. It also quickly fades with water. Still, watercolor can add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your art.

Where to buy it

You can find paint markers for canvas in a Walmart or Target in your area. Your local art supplies store should also have them. But if you want to explore more options, going online, such as on eBay or Amazon, is also good.

What is the Best Paint Marker for Canvas?

  • ARTISTRO Acrylic Paint Markers for Canvas
  • TFIVE Oil-Based Waterproof Paint Marker for Canvas
  • TOOLI-ART Paint Pens Extra Fine Tip
  • Emooqi Acrylic Paint Pens
  • Arteza Acrylic Paint Markers
  • Chalky Crown Acrylic Paint Markers
  • ZEYAR 18 Colors Paint Pens


At this point, you should already know what to look for when shopping for the best paint markers for canvas. We have already given you all the essential things you need to consider in shopping and what to look for in a paint marker. You know some of the most trusted brands, and we even reviewed some of the best markers out there.

With all those important details in mind, you should find a paint marker for a canvas that works for your needs and preferences to help you in your next project. Create impressive crafts with an equally excellent pen.

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