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The Best Paint Pens for Rocks in 2023


Stone painting, also known as rock painting, is a rising new hobby in the art community wherein you get to paint on smooth rocks using multi-colored special paint pains or paintbrushes. It is a great way to bond with your loved ones while enhancing your skills. Moreover, these newly painted stones make for great gift ideas, or you can make one to decorate your room.

However, paint pens and paintbrushes come in a wide array of types and colors. But you do not have to worry; this article will list down some of the best paint pens for rocks that you can use for your project.

Top 6 Best Paint Pens for Rocks Reviews

1. ARTISTRO Paint Pens for Rock Painting


Artistro’s paint pens are highly-praised in the art community due to their versatility. These pens can write on card stock, canvas, fabric, metal, paper, plastic, polymer clay, pottery, and other similar surfaces aside from rocks.

Despite being water-based, these pens still provide ten vibrant colors and silver and gold that catch the eye. Moreover, their water base makes them dry quickly.

I also like how these paint-pens come in 0.7mm tips, making them suitable for artists that focus on detailed work. They also give an opaque and glossy finish which you can quickly build up when necessary.

However, these paint pen can be inconsistent in their lines. Users have reported paint blobs appearing or that the lines get too thin. As such, many recommend testing the markers out first before applying them to the rocks.


  • It gives a glossy and opaque finish
  • Extra-fine tips good for detailing
  • Water-based ink dries fast and offers vibrant colors


  • Inconsistent line thickness

2. Uni Posca PC-5M Paint Marker Pen


The Uni Posca paint pens are also a favorite. Made by the Japanese company Uni, the Posca pens are versatile and can work on any surface. Many artists used these pens for various art projects, including rock painting.

The Posca pens come in a variety, with fifty-nine colors (including eight glitter, eight metallics, and six fluorescent dyes) and eight different tip thicknesses and shapes. As such, you can easily choose a pen that suits your needs.

Uni’s Posca paint pen come in an opaque finish, allowing them to pop easily in dark backgrounds. Out of all the paint pen brands, this brand is the most resistant to fading. However, it washes off easily from your hands.

Nonetheless, the Posca pens can take a bit of time to get used to. You will need to learn how to properly store the product to prevent the paint from gushing out and keep them in tiptop shape.


  • Versatile and flexible to use
  • Wide choice selection
  • Resistant to fading


  • It needs to be stored properly

3. Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers for Rock Painting


Sharpie is one of the leading brands when it comes to markers and pens. Their oil-based paint markers also boast the same excellence and quality they are known for.

The Sharpie oil-based paint markers come in a wide selection. You can choose from a set of five or two pens and four tip sizes. These paint markers provide a total of fifteen colors with variations depending on the brush size.

You can also use the pens on various surfaces such as ceramic, glass, paper, posters, rocks, etc. Like all oil-based pens, the Sharpie variant has a decent ink flow and gives a bright and glossy finish. If you seal the art, the color stays.

However, oil-based pens can be messy to use as they do not dry up quickly.


  • It comes in a wide selection of sizes, colors, and sets
  • Retains color well
  • It can be used on various surfaces


  • It does not dry up as fast as water-based pens

4. WHITE Acrylic Paint Pen for Rocks Painting


The JR. White comes in a set of twelve bright colors in an opaque and glossy finish. It comes in a 2mm medium tip and provides decent ink flow and coverage.

Moreover, these water-based paint pens can be used on various surfaces such as canvas, enamel, fabric, leather, metal, paper, plastic, shoes, and similar materials. The formula is also leak-proof, preventing any kinds of messes.

The JR. White paint-pens are mainly designed for kids. With their non-toxic formula and non-invasive smell, these paint-pens are safe to use. Compared to other brands, these paint-pens’ barrels are also wide enough for kids to hold comfortably. However, it is still advisable to let an adult supervise them while working on their art.

However, these pens are not good for detail work since they are a bit thick.


  • Child-friendly paint pen
  • Leak-proof and non-toxic formula
  • It comes in twelve bright colors


  • Thick tip not suitable for detail work

5. Asani Paint Pens Water-Based Acrylic Markers


The Asani paint pens come in twelve different colors, each loaded with 3ml of Italian ink. Unlike regular ink, Italian inks have waterproof properties and, thus, do not fade quickly.

These paint pens are also versatile as they can be used on various surfaces such as canvas, ceramic, fabric, glass, leather, metal, plastic, treated wood, and other similar materials.

I like the Asani paint pen because they have a smooth and consistent ink flow, and they dry quickly. The markers give a vivid and opaque finish, allowing you to build on the colors.

The Asani paint pens are also ideal for detail work due to their 0.7mm nylon tips. However, many users recommend using the pens only on smooth surfaces as the rigid tips might result in paint blobs on uneven surfaces.


  • Uses premium Italian ink
  • It comes in twelve colors
  • Extra fine nylon tips


  • Difficult to use in uneven surfaces

6. Arteza Acrylic Paint Markers for Rocks


The Arteza acrylic paint pens come in a wide selection with sets of three, twenty, and forty pens. In the twenty and forty set versions, you will get all the standard colors plus three metallic ones, enabling you to have various colors.

What I like about these pens is that they are replaceable. Each set comes with replaceable dual-tip nibs. Using the provided tweezers, you can easily switch out the default round tip with the dual one for different line thicknesses.

This is also very convenient in case the default round tips get damaged. As such, you can still use the pen due to the replacement nibs.

Arteza’s paint pens are also versatile. You can write them on virtually any surface- the product giving you an opaque and glossy finish. However, users have reported that the pens take a while to blend.


  • Provides a wide color selection
  • It comes with replaceable dual-tip nibs
  • Easy to store and transfer due to organization kit


  • It takes a while to blend

Paint Pens for Rocks Buying Guide

Painting on rocks is quite a fun and relaxing way to bring out your creativity. But you still might have questions in your head on where to get started and what supplies do you need? You might question what kinds of paint do work on rocks or what types of markers are suitable for rock painting.

If we are talking about paints pens for rocks, you can easily find a variety of them in the market. What exactly should you look for? This guide will help you with that.

Water-based acrylic inks

Paints pens all work the same way except that they carry different inks, which offers different quality. The best paint to use when rock painting is acrylic paint, and water-based acrylic inks have some of the best coverage. Seal it with a nice coating, and your artwork will be preserved and protected.

Oil-based pens

An even better alternative for water-based paint-pens is oil-based ones. Oil-based paints pens also have excellent coverage and create a glossy effect on your artwork, making your art and the colors pop even more. These paint pens are also permanent and work best for rock painting, ceramic, or metal.

Ease of use

Find a pen that you can efficiently work with and works best for your comfort. Painting on rocks can already be complicated considering the irregular shape and sizes rocks may come with, so a pen that’s easy to use can make your image easier.

Suitability with other materials

Today you might only want to try rock painting, but there are other painting projects that you can also explore. It is best to have a paint pen that works on most materials such as plastics, metals, glasses, or ceramics. This way, you can make the most out of your pen.

Other Things to Consider Before Buying


What is a paint pen for rock?

Rock painting is a self-explanatory term. As what it is named, it is painting on rocks or stones. This craft has been around for a very long time, tracing way back to our ancestor’s paintings on rocks and the walls of caves. You need different art supplies such as paints, pens, rocks, and sealers for this art.

A paint pen for rock contains either oil-based or water-based inks. They look like any ordinary marker with a tube, a tip, and contains ink. They also work the same way as a normal pen except that they are used to paint on rocks. Markers are easy to use and control even with the uneven shape and surface of rocks.

Types of paint pens for rocks?

One search in online sites and you will find a long list of various paint pens for rocks you can choose from. The following are the different types of paint-pens you can consider buying if you want to try the art and joy of painting on rocks:

Water-based acrylic paint pens: These types of pens are multipurpose and work well with any surface. Just seal your art with varnish for the protected and waterproof quality.

Oilbased paint pen: Oil-based markers are excellent for rock painting as they are more permanent, so you do not have to worry about your artwork fading.

Gel pens: Gel pens are good for adding more intricate designs and details to your painting. You can use it directly on rocks or over a coated surface.

Chalk markers: Chalk pens or markers also work well with rocks and have pretty good coverage.

Why do you need paint pens for rocks?

Rocks come in different shapes, textures, and sizes. Painting on them might be a bit complicated using ordinary paintbrushes. Paint-pens for stones are much easier to manipulate and control. It is also more convenient. Unlike regular brushes, you don’t have to wash your paint-pens are using. They come in a variety of colors, so there is no need for a pallet.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long should I let the paint dry on rocks before I use mod podge to seal it?

After painting, let your art dry entirely before starting the sealing process. The time it needs to dry depends on the type of paint you used and how many layers you painted on. You can leave it to dry overnight to be safe. It is best to put them in a well-ventilated place to help them dry quickly.

How to Prepare Rocks for Painting?

Wash the rocks first in water and let them dry. Paint pens work best on a clean surface. If you want an even smoother texture, you can smoothen the rock’s surface using sandpaper. Make sure to wipe off any dust and dirt so your paint will stick easily onto the rock. You can add a white base coat or primer before painting to enhance the colors of your art.

Do gel pens work on rocks?

Yes, gel pens work and are great for drawing on rocks. They are convenient if you want to add more intricate details to your art. You can find them in a variety of colors, some even in neon or metallics, perfect for additional designs.

What can I use to seal acrylic paint?

To seal your acrylic paint, you can apply a nice coating of varnish. A plain mod podge is also an excellent sealer and creates a fantastic finish for your painting. Applying a sealer protects your artwork against elements and prevents it from fading quickly.

What is the Best Paint Pen for Rocks?

  1. ARTISTRO Paint Pens for Rock Painting
  2. Uni Posca PC-5M Paint Marker Pen
  3. Sharpie Oil-Based Paint-Markers for Rock Painting
  4. JR.WHITE Acrylic Paint-Pens for Rocks Painting
  5. Asani Paint Pen Water-Based Acrylic Markers
  6. Arteza Acrylic Paint-Markers for Rocks

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Stone painting can be an excellent activity for creatives of all ages. Whether as a warm-up or a serious art project, rock painting enables you to explore your creative side and think outside the box. For some people, it can also be a way to relax and bond with others.

As a relatively new hobby, rock painting is only known to a small population. Hence, there is still some confusion about what type of materials you can use, especially when there are different types and sizes of rocks available.

Hopefully, this article has helped you by listing down some of the best paint pens for rocks available. Happy creating!

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