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The Best Paint Pens for Wood in 2023


Start that handmade masterpiece with just a pen and a piece of wood. A decorative piece might come to mind or a wood painting for a loved one. Either way, you need the best paint pens for wood for the job.

Painting on wood can be quite a challenge if you don’t have the right tools. You cannot simply use a normal pen for your project. Some pens don’t write well on the surface of wood, while others bleed and create messes which ruins the quality of your work. Which pens are excellent for wood, you might ask? We have got you covered.

Top 7 Best Paint Pens for Wood Reviews

1. Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers


When we talk about writing and drawing instruments, Sharpie is one of the most trusted and well-known brands out there. Sharpie offers the best quality pens that artists and hobbyists love.

If you want a pen that can create vivid strokes and colors, the Sharpie oil-based paint markers are an excellent choice. They are oil-based, so they are more permanent and resistant to fading or water damage. This non-toxic formula works not only on wood but on ceramics, glasses, and metals as well.

These pens also come in 4 versatile tip sizes you can choose from depending on your needs. They have extra-fine, fine, medium, and bold tip pens.

However, they have a limited color selection with only five primary colors. They are suitable for occasional use, but you might need a more extensive color choice if you are an artist.


  • Permanent and long-lasting
  • Works well on multiple surfaces
  • Available in 4 tip sizes


  • Limited color selection

2. Niutop Acrylic Paint Pens


The Niutop acrylic paint pens are water-base pens with smooth ink flow and consistency. They work well and make colors pop on must surfaces such as rocks, metal, plastic, ceramic, canvas, and many more. If you are looking for a pen to up your artistic arsenal, you can check these pens out.

These paint pens come in 24 vibrant colors. You have 12 primary colors, eight metallic colors, and four pastel colors. Imagine the different color combinations and masterpieces you can create with this variety of shades.

The extra-fine point tip of these pens is also ideal for drawing intricate designs and styles. They are also quick-drying and resistant to fading for that long-lasting quality you want.

However, some pens might take a moment to start and activate properly.


  • Quick-drying ink and permanent
  • Fine tips for intricate designs
  • It comes with 24 unique and vibrant colors


  • It needs a moment to activate

3. FLYMAX White Paint Pens for Wood


The FLYMAX white paint pens for wood are better in quality than most of the markers included in a set. It is good to invest in white paint pens for decorative purposes. They work well on almost anything, from wood to leather, to ceramics, paper, stone, metal, and many more.

The ink is non-toxic and certified safe for children’s use. These paint-pens are ideal for drawing fine details with their 0.7mm fine point tip. They are easier to hold and control to work on intricate designs with precision.

The pens also dispense ink efficiently without leaking. They dry up quickly, reducing any possibility of smudges and smears. However, it might not work as well on bumpy woods. It is best to smoothen out your wood first also to avoid damaging your pen.


  • Vivid white color
  • Eco-friendly and safe
  • Dispenses ink quickly without leaking


  • It might not work as well on rough surfaces

4. TFIVE Oil-Based Waterproof Paint Marker


The TFIVE Oil-based marker works on multiple surfaces. They are permanent and make the colors pop may it be on a block of wood, metal, ceramics, canvas, or fabric.

These pens have excellent consistency and opacity. They have great coverage even with a single stroke. They are also suitable for shading and filling large spaces with their 2.0mm-2.8mm tip. You can use these pens for larger hand lettering and designs. The durable tip is ideal for rough surfaces, making them perfect for wood painting.

The oil-based ink is odorless, non-toxic, and acid-free safe for your child’s use. They also dry quickly, so you can work on your project confidently without making any mess.

The pens come in 12 different colors. They are perfect for artists and or even newbies who want to improve their writing and drawing arsenal.


  • Excellent consistency and opacity
  • Vivid colors
  • Safe and eco-friendly


  • It might take a few seconds to start up

5. Paint Mark Quick-dry Paint Pens


The Paint Mark quick-dry paint pens are versatile pens that work not only for woods but for other art projects as well – metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, and more. If you want a pen for a wide range of use, you should check these pens out.

Each pen is of premium quality with high-quality oil-based paint that is permanent and is resistant to fading, smearing, and waterproof. With these pens, you are confident that your artwork will last for a long time on display.

These pens are available in a pack of 15 or 20. They come in a variety of primary colors and some metallic colors. Choose the set that answers best for your artistic needs. They are also comfortable and easy to use. The barrel is comfortable in width and height. You can use these pens for extended hours without straining your hands.


  • Quick-drying
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Ease of use


  • Take some time to dry

6. ARTISTRO Paint Pens Fine Tip


If we talk about the best paint pens for wood, we cannot miss out on one of the industry’s most trusted brands. The ARTISTRO paint pens are among the favorite of our artists and hobbyists.

These pens have excellent opacity and consistency. With one stroke, you can get the rich color you wanted without having to reapply the shade. The ink flows smoothly without clumping or flooding. It uses oil-based ink, so it is permanent and long-lasting even without applying any sealant.

These pens are great for any project you can think of. You can use it on a canvas, ceramic, plastic, and so on. It is also eco-friendly and non-toxic, so you can share the fun with your friends and even with little kids. However, it might create some marks and scratches on rough surfaces.


  • Excellent ink flow and consistency
  • Versatile paint pen
  • Permanent and long-lasting


  • Might scratch on rough surfaces

7. Moxix32 Colors Acrylic Paint Marker Pens


Finally, on this list are these beautiful pens that come in 32 different colors. You can work with 22 primary colors, eight metallic colors, and two special colors. Unleash your creativity and make the most of this wide color range.

These pens have sturdy fine tips that work on any surface. They are also suitable for designing and adding details to your art. The barrel of the pens has a comfortable grip that makes it easier to work with.

The paint pens used water-based, non-toxic ink that dries up fast, reducing any possibility of smears and smudges. They are odorless and safe for children’s use. They also have good coverage, but it is best to apply another layer for the best result, also depending on the material you are working with.


  • Durable fine tips
  • Wide color selection
  • It dries up fast and does not smear


  • It can dry up when left open for too long

Paint Pens for Wood Buying Gide

For an impressive and satisfying work of art, you need an equally excellent pen. What makes a paint pen best for wood? Below are some of the essential factors and features you should look for in buying a pen for that wood project you want to start.

Paint Quality

Paint pens for wood generally have either water-based inks or oil-based paints. When shopping for pens, it is best to know the difference in quality between the two.

Water-based pens are unlikely to have any issues with clumping or clogging. They dispense and flow easily. Generally, water-based pens dry faster than oil-based ones. However, you must add a sealant over your art to protect it from external elements and make it permanent.

On the other hand, oil-based pens are more permanent, but they take much longer to dry. They also have excellent opacity and consistency, creating solid and vivid colors even on a coarse surface such as a piece of wood.

Tip Size

Different tip sizes work for different types of art. If you want to create more detailed and intricate designs, you should look for a pen with a fine tip. For larger handwriting and lettering, pens with broad tips are ideal. Broad tips are also good to fill in and shade large spaces quickly.

Tip Durability

Because of the wood’s rough surface, you will need a pen that has a durable tip that is resistant to damage. You can check out the reviews of a product to get an opinion.

Color Selection

If you are only looking for pens for a one-time wood project, a set of at least 12 colors is enough. But if you are an artist or hobbyist who wants to improve your wood painting skills, it is better to invest in a set with extensive color selection.

Other Things to Consider Before Buying


What is a paint pen for wood?

A paint pen for wood is a writing and drawing instrument with a paint-like ink that writes visibly on wood. Unlike your ordinary pens and markers, a paint pen for wood is more permanent and creates thicker and more solid colors that will pop out against the wood’s rough surface. Aside from wood, you can also use them on rocks, ceramics, or canvas.

Paint pens for woodworks like a regular pen. Run it through the surface of the wood to write. Other paint-pens for wood might require some extra work to activate.

What kind of paint pens do you use to write on wood?

Paint-pens for wood can either be water-based or oil-based pens. You must know the difference so you can choose a pen according to your needs.

  • Water-based Pens: A water-based pen for wood is simple and easier to work with. They dry much faster, so there is less possibility for any messes and ruining your artwork. However, they are also not as permanent. It would help if you sealed it to preserve it.
  • Oil-based Pens: Oil-based pens are notorious for being more finicky. They are more permanent without needing any sealant. However, they take longer to dry.

Why do you need paint-pens for wood?

Painting and writing on wood have been the trend these days. They are aesthetically pleasing. You can customize them into anything you want. But it would be best if you had a specific pen for it.

The rough surface of the wood is different from ordinary paper. A regular pen is not likely to draw on wood. Some pens also bleed on the grains of the wood, creating a mess. That is why you need paint markers that work and write well on wood.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best brand of paint pens for wood?

When you search online, you will find a wide selection of brands that offers paint pens for wood. But among the most trusted and well-known brands for their quality product are Sharpies, Aristro, and paint Mark. They are also more economical and budget-friendly.

Are paint-pens waterproof?

Some paint pens are waterproof, while others are not so. This capacity depends on the quality and the type of ink that they are using. Oil-based pens are more permanent than water-based pens. Some pens require a sealant to protect the paint from fading entirely.

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How do you keep the paint pen from bleeding on wood?

Using the right pen is very important to avoid any bleeding on the wood. The type of wood you are working with might also be a factor in the bleeding. Some woods are smoother or more porous than others. With porous wood, bleeding is very likely even with a high-quality pen.

To reduce the possibility of bleeding, try to make your wood smoother. If your pen new, don’t directly write it on the wood. Write them down first on a piece of paper to get rid of any excess or clumps of ink on its tip.

Where to buy it?

You can find paint pens for wood in your local Target or Walmart or anywhere that sells art supplies. To see some reviews from other customers, you can buy pens from Amazon and other online sites.

What is the Best Paint Pen for Wood?

  • Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers
  • Niutop Acrylic Paint Pens
  • FLYMAX White Paint Pens for Wood
  • TFIVE Oil-Based Waterproof Paint Marker
  • Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens
  • ARTISTRO Paint Pens Fine Tip
  • Moxix 32 Colors Acrylic Paint Marker Pens


Create unique and handmade artworks on wood with the best paint pens in town. We have already shown you some of the best pens in the market. But you still have a lot of options to choose from. Buying a paint pen for wood should be a breeze now that you know what factors you should consider and what features to look for in a paint pen.

Bring out your creativity and unleash your imagination. We hope this guide has answered all your questions about paint pens and will help you find the best pen that works for your artistic needs.

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