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The Best Pens for Bible Journaling in 2023


Journaling is a therapeutic way to disconnect and connect. It is simply letting go of the worldly woes and getting that connection back with God through the Bible. Taking time to write your worries and your thoughts lifts down the burden that you have for the day. But not all pens are created for journaling, some pens just perform so much better for different kinds of paper.

The best pens for Bible journaling are what you need to reconnect more with the word of God. Having the right pen will encourage you to pour your emotions out, so you can let go more of what weighs you down. Check out these pens for a better Bible-journaling experience.

Top 6 Best Pens for Bible Journaling Reviews

1. BLIEVE Bible Journaling Kit


Have a productive journaling experience every time you read and write your thoughts with the BLIEVE Journaling Kit. This comes with a colored pencil, highlighter, bible pens, scripture pencils, lettering stencils, and a sharpener.

Color code your bible without being worried that the pen will bleed through the next page. That’s what the bible pens that come with the set guarantees, so you don’t have to worry on doodling and highlighting your bible. You can juice out your creativity because this set comes in with a pencil, stencil and other specific bible pens for your little diary. This set is also great for your loved ones who love journaling and writing.


  • Comes with a variety of writing tools
  • The bible pen does not bleed through paper
  • Great as a gift for your loved ones


  • The colored pencils are not that saturated, they are light on paper

2. Paper Mate Retractable Ballpoint Pens for Bible Journaling


Writing down notes can be a tiring task if you don’t have the right ballpoint pen with you. The Paper Mate Retractable Ballpoint Pen will make bible-journaling a breeze with its comfortable rubber grip. It glides smoothly on various papers and does not drag the ink along. It takes pride in providing a smooth experience when writing, with a steady flow of ink all throughout.

You will also enjoy how these pens have a retractable design. You won’t lose the cap and you can instantly write on your journal in a click. The medium 1.0mm tip is perfect for fine writing and for underlining your bible quotes. This set also comes in 8 colors so your journal won’t have pale and boring look.


  • Smooth writing experience with a steady flow of ink
  • It has a rubber grip with a retractable design
  • Comes in 8 colors


  • Ink does not last a long time

3. Mr. Pen Bible Journaling Kit with Bible Pens & Gel Highlighter


Creatively remember your favorite bible verses with this Mr. Pen Journaling Kit. This conveniently provides you with 10 bible highlighters that comes in very vivide colors, perfect for any bible paper. The set also has 8 pens so you can write down notes as you study and read along passages.

The best thing about the highlighters and pen in this set is that it does not bleed through paper. You don’t have to worry about underlining and encircling your favorite passes with the fear of obscuring the text at the next page. It also does not smear and writes smoothly on different paper products, including glossy magazine paper and bible paper types.


  • The highlighters and pen don’t bleed through different paper types
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Both pens and highlighters don’t smear easily on paper


  • Easily runs out of ink with constant use

4. iBayam Colored Pens for Bible Journaling


Write better with colored pens that are made just for journaling. You can embrace your faith more when you use these colored pens that come in with vibrant colors. They have a minimal bleeding tendency, so you don’t have to worry about having ink blots on the next page.

Smoothness if out of question with these pens as they spontaneously glide through. The fine tip also makes sure your handwriting is at its best. You will only get a full premium experience on journaling with these pens. It comes in 36 different colors, for your every mood when bible-journaling.


  • It comes in 36 different vibrant colors
  • Very minimal bleeding tendency so there are no inkblots on the next page
  • Every pen has a fine tip for a premium writing experience


  • It smudges through when the ink does not dry out completely

5. Pigma Micron Inductive Bible Study Kit


The best companion you can have for underlining bible passages is the Pigma Micron Inductive Bible Study Kit. It comes with 8 pens that promise a smooth glide throughout the pages and crisp letters in your own diary. Enjoy skip-free lines every time you come across something worth remembering in your bible.

You don’t have to worry on smudging the ink with this pen. It dries fast upon writing, and it does not fade over time. Among the best features of this kit is that it comes with medium point and fine point pen for all your needs that doesn’t bleed on to your bible, or any other writing surface.


  • Best for underlining as it offers skip-free lines that glides smoothly
  • Medium and fine point pen that don’t bleed on the common bible paper
  • The set contains 8 pens for all your writing needs


  • Ink may leak when the pens are not used for a long time

6. Tombow Twintone Marker Set for Bible-Journaling


Enjoy writing in different styles and fonts with the Tombow Twintone Marker Set. Bible-journaling is levels up with these pens that have a durable fiber point tip for a long-lasting laydown. This set comes with 12 vividly bold colors that will liven up your journal.

The dual tip is designed for you to be creative about your daily entries and come up with your own fonts and designs. Upon writing, it also dries quickly so you don’t have to worry about accidentally smudging the letters or the design off your journal. It also does not bleed through most papers and does not saturate your current page with too much ink.


  • Dual tip design for fine and thick lines and letters
  • Comes in 12 bold and bright colors
  • It has a durable fiber point tip that quickly dries when you write it on different surfaces


  • May quickly dry if the cover isn’t placed back on immediately

Pens for Bible Journaling Buying Guide

Have you ever thought on writing over your bible but you are worried that things will go out of hand with the ink of your pen? That’s what the pen for bible-journaling are for. Skip experimenting out which pen will work or not for your bible. Here’s a quick buying guide on what to look for when you are about to embark an emotional and spiritual journal in bible-journaling.

Bleeding tendencies

Look out for pen that don’t bleed through on paper. This is among the most important aspects you should look into because most pages in the bible are thin. If you use your ordinary ballpoint pens for journaling in your bible, it can crease the paper through and blot the ink at the back. Be sure to have bleed-proof pens for your journaling.

Tip size

One of the most important factors that will intensify your love for journaling is finding the right tip size for writing. The tip size will help you determine if the pen is right for underlining passages, encircling quotes, and for writing your thoughts on the bible verse. Thicker tips are great for highlighting thin lines while the fine tips are great for writing and for picking out small details in your bible. One is not superior to the other, it all depends on how you use these tips.

Barrel size

Although this might be an undermined feature, the size of the barrel is also significant if you are journaling often. This is because you will need a carry-on case if you use a lot of pens. Pen with slimmer barrels are great for having a bible study out of your home. Slimmer pens don’t take up too much space in your bible journaling kit.

Other things to consider before buying


What is a pen for bible-journaling?

A specific pen for bible-journaling is one that designed toaccommodate the needs of a writer who loves to doodle and write on bible pages. The usual bible pages are not as thick as the typical writing pad. Having a specific pen for this will help you become more confident in airing out your sentiments on your chose passage for the day. It is also easier to glide through most bible pages available today.

Types of bible journaling pens

  • Pencils – these are the typical erasable pencils that are for school and office use. For bible-journaling, it can also come in various colors.
  • Ballpoint pen – this is usual pen used for writing but are usually bleed-proof to accommodate the thin bible pages
  • Gel pen – a gel type of pen is also used in bible-journaling to write entries for a certain day or passage; bleed-proof gel pens are also available
  • Brush pen – this is usually used for making a header for bold and huge lettering details on your journal
  • Highlighters – this comes in various colors that are used to highlight bible verses and passages; most are also bleed-proof so avoid blotting ink at the pages behind
  • Marker pen – this are usually thicker than the regular ballpoint pens used to underline and to add fine details in the journal

Why do you need bible journaling pens?

Bible journaling pens are made for the delicate bible pages and will enhance your love for writing. These pens are designed just for journaling and will surely make every journal experience a memorable one. If you have multiple entries in a day and if you are constantly using your bible, investing in a bible-journaling pen is a great decision for your passion.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular bible journaling pen brands?

Because journaling is a therapeutic hobby, most manufacturers have come up with their own bible-journaling pen that will help you enhance your writing journey. The most popular brands are iBayam, Tombow, Mr. Pen, Pigma, BLIEVE, and Paper Mate. These brands have a lot of pen that are designed to encourage you in writing while still being thoughtful on your bible pages.

How do you stop a pen bleed through bible pages?

The common reason why a pen bleeds through the bible pages is because it uses a gel ink that has the tendency to seep through pages. This cannot be prevented, if the nature of the pen is to excessively blot ink when writing. The best tip to prevent a pen bleed when writing through the bible to use a finer nib or a point pen. Have a designated pen that is bible-journaling so you won’t overuse it.

How to use bible-journaling pen?

Bible pen are easy to use. Open the cap or retract the pen and just write on to your journal for an entry that day. These pens are bible page-friendly and will bleed through. Highlighters work the same way.

Where to buy bible-journaling pen?

Bible-journaling pens are commonly sold in various stationary stores and book stores. Some art stores also sell these specific bible pens. If you can’t find a specific pen in stores, Amazon and other online platforms has a lot of pen for bible-journaling.

What is the Best Pen for Bible Journaling?

  1. BLIEVE Bible Journaling Kit
  2. Paper Mate Retractable Ballpoint Pens for Bible-Journaling
  3. Mr.Pen Bible-Journaling Kit With Bible Pens & Gel Highlighter
  4. iBayam Colored Pens for Bible Journaling
  5. Pigma Micron Inductive Bible Study Kit
  6. Tombow Twintone Marker Set for Bible Journaling

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Having your own bible-journaling pen will elevate the way you express your thoughts and insights for bible study. If you have the best pens for Bible journaling, it would make you anticipate writing in your journal again. These pens standout in your own case because they are commonly bleed-proof. These pens ensure that you are having a great time studying the bible.

Embrace your faith more by having a journal with you. These pens guide you so you can learn more, highlight important verses, underline passages that relate to you and encircle verses that give so much meaning in your life. You can also take note on how these verses relate to your everyday life.

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