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The Best Pens for Epoxy in 2023


With the rise of DIY or do-it-yourself projects and just the overall popularity of epoxy or epoxy resin, a lot of materials and things can have this type of finish. Due to its versatile nature, it can be used to top or coat numerous things. If you’re looking for pens to use on it, chances are you need something that will stay on properly, permanently, and look good.

Since it often has a smooth and glassy finish, it can be written or drawn on, making it perfect for any type of project. This guide will show you the best pens for epoxy, so you can start to write, draw, and decorate to your heart’s content.

The Best Pens for Epoxy Reviews

1. Uni Posca Full Set of 29 Acrylic Paint Pens for Epoxy


The Posca brand and its Acrylic Paint Pens are one of the more famous and well-known brands that carry markers and pens for many different uses. This particular pack comes in 29 different colors that are all vibrant and come with high-quality and pigmented ink.

It features a fine bullet-tip point for precise and smooth application. This tip is reversible, allowing for a pen that will last you longer. This reversible tip feature works by just removing the bullet nib which changes the tip size from 1.8 millimeters to 2.5 millimeters. The Posca Acrylic Paint pens are also water-based, permanent, and waterproof. It doesn’t contain alcohol like many other pen, making it safe and non-toxic. It has been professionally tested to work on different types of surfaces, making it perfect for epoxy.


  • Can be used on many surfaces
  • Long-lasting
  • Comes in many different colors


  • A little expensive

2. ZEYAR Premium 18 Colors Acrylic Paint Pen


The ZEYAR Premium Acrylic Paint pens feature 18 beautiful color pens that are perfect for any creative project. The pens have a quick-drying ink which makes them resistant to smudging or smearing when used. It is also permanent, waterproof, and fade-proof, allowing the ink to stay on the surface no matter the elements and for a long time.

Its extra fine tip allows for a more precise application should you need to make intricate details on your designs. It is water-based and contains no acid, making it non-toxic and eco-friendly. The ZEYAR Premium Acrylic Paint pens are archival-quality and boast an extremely opaque ink that makes any design and writing stand out.

It was formulated and made to write on different types of surfaces like epoxy with a smooth application. Overall, these pens are perfect for epoxy. You might want to consider them for yourself.


  • Waterproof and fade-resistant
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • High-quality ink, odorless


  • Doesn’t come in a wider tip

3. Molotow 127HS Acryl Marker Metallic-Set for Epoxy


The Molotow One4All Acryl Marker Metallic set is a great option for epoxy pen. This particular set comes in 6 different metallic colors that have a great metallic sheen for their finish. It features a unique Flowmaster pump marker system which allows for the ink to continually come out without having to shake the pen or wait for it to refill in the tip.

Molotow 127HS Acryl Marker has a high-covering, opaque, and premium acrylic-based pigmented ink that gives off a beautiful and bold color to the design. It is refillable, and the tips are exchangeable as well. Solvent-free and can be diluted with water or acetone, should you need to erase them or change the opacity based on your desire. These pens are also UV and weather-resistant, making them perfect for even the outdoors.


  • Comes in different bullet-point sizes
  • Pigmented colors
  • Refillable


  • Only comes with a few colors to choose from

4. Overseas 36 Colors Permanent Paint Markers


The Overseas Permanent Paint Markers have an opaque ink that is oil-based and is made from premium Japanese ink that gives off a distinct beautiful finish. It features a durable, medium-sized round nib perfect for smooth and precise application perfect for different designs.

They are individually packed in separate heat shrink films to avoid any leakage when they are shipped. These paint markers are quick-dry, odorless, and acid-free. They are also non-toxic and contain no xylene making them eco-friendly. Made for versatility, these pens that come in 36 different colors can write on almost all surfaces with ease.

The ink is quick-drying in just 1 minute to ensure that smudges and smears are kept to a minimum. The waterproof feature makes it long-lasting and will surely save your design for a long time.


  • Comes in 36 different colors
  • Waterproof, quick-dry
  • Work on multiple surfaces


  • · Tends to dry out

5. TZARROT Acrylic Paint Pens for Epoxy


The TZARROT Acrylic Paint Pens come in a pack of 8 with two white, two black, two gold colors, and two silver acrylic paint pens marker. They are made with Japanese acrylic pigment ink that gives off a bright color with good coverage. The pens are waterproof and permanent, making them long-lasting and resistant to external factors like weather.

These acrylic pens are water- based and dry quickly for a mess-free work ideal for children, teenagers, adults, and professionals. The extra fine tip that comes in 0.7 millimeters gives you the freedom to create more intricate lines and details for your designs and projects. The TZARROT Acrylic Paint Pen can be used on multiple types of surfaces, with epoxy being one of them. It is non-toxic, odorless, and safe for use.


  • Quick-drying
  • Extra fine tip for precision
  • Opaque and bold color payoff


  • Only comes in 4 different colors

6. Sharpie 15 Color Paint Marker for Epoxy


The Sharpie Color Paint markers come in 15 different, vibrant colors. These pens are oil-based that are equipped with premium and high-quality ink that all Sharpies have. These markers are permanent and quick drying even on glossy surfaces like epoxy.

It has a medium-sized tip that is versatile for any design and project that it is used for, making it perfect for all ages from kids to adults and professionals. The vibrant colors stand out even on either dark or light surfaces and are made to be very long-lasting.

It is fade, water, and abrasion resistant. They are durable and can be used for a long time for many different purposes. These Sharpie pens were also formulated to be non-toxic, xylene-free, and eco-friendly for safe use. The caps of the pens have clips that can be used for easier attachment.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Permanent and quick-drying
  • Opaque application even on a glassy surface


  • A little expensive

Pens for Epoxy Buying Guide

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a pen to use on the epoxy material that you wish to write or draw on which include the following:


Depending on the purpose and preference you have, some brands sell packs with only one color, a few basic colors, or an assortment of colors. Those that come in one color only usually have the basic black or blue colored pens.

Those with a few basic colors often cover the basic ones with the addition of more primary colors. Some brands offer packs that come in various colors from 16 to 36. There are also packs sold with specialty colors like neon-colored pens.


There are different bases for pens which can range from either water-based or oil-based. This can alter the final result of the ink when it dries on your medium, epoxy. Those that are water-based like acrylic pens tend to have a more intense and opaque color payoff but dry as matte. Water-based ones have a smoother application and can be thinned down if needed.

Oil-based markers contain oil-based paint rather than just watery ink which means that they have a richer and creamier consistency. They often have to be shaken before use to remix the pigments as they can separate. Oil-based pens tend to not only be waterproof but also be resistant to fading and scratches over time. They dry a bit slower than water-based ones, which can be an advantage if you need more time to manipulate them.

Tip size and type

Different pens also come in varying tip sizes and types. They can either have very fine or extra fine tips, medium tips, or larger tips. These all depend on what you need for your use.

If you need to draw more fine lines and intricate details, then fine tips will be more helpful while those with bigger tips are useful for filling in colors or for larger details. Pens can also come with round tips or bullet tips. Round tips have a wide and uniform application while those with bullet tips can be used to make both wide and finer lines.

What is a Pen for Epoxy?


A pen for epoxy is any pen or a marker that can write and draw on surfaces with epoxy or epoxy resin finishes. Since epoxy tends to be glassy and smooth, the pens and markers need to be dispensing ink that won’t slide on their surface. These pens can be used to write, or more often design materials with epoxy in it. Using a pen specifically made for epoxy will ensure that it won’t smudge or smear and will last long.

They’re often waterproof, resistant to fading, long-lasting, and extremely versatile. The pens will have inks that almost mimic paint, so the design they make stands out. They’re a great alternative to actual paint for decorating since they can make finer details.

Types of Pens for Epoxy

There are different types of pens for epoxy based on several things. They can either be water-based like acrylic pens or oil-based.

Different brands also offer those that have different features like different sized-tips, finishes, and color opacity.

The pen you buy will ultimately be up to your preference and needs, but take note of these features before you buy one so you can get your money’s worth.

Why do you need Epoxy Pens?

Epoxy pens have been formulated in such a way that they won’t bleed or just sit on top of the surface.

Since not all ink is the same, some tend to just sit on the surface of certain materials, especially non-absorbent ones like epoxy.

Using a pen that’s formulated to work on different types of surfaces will make sure that the ink will permanently dry on the surface and will be resistant to smudging or fading.

This ensures that whatever you have written or drawn on the epoxy surface will last long. They’re also permanent so whatever you write or draw won’t be removed so easily.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is epoxy?

Epoxy is an umbrella term for a class of adhesives, plastics, and other materials that are polymers of epoxides. It’s a very strong type of adhesive and can be used to make epoxy resin coating, which has gained popularity over the years. It’s a very versatile material that dries clear, has a smooth surface, and is highly customizable.

What do you use to write on epoxy?

You can use pens or markers that work well on different surfaces like that of epoxy. These pens can come in different colors and can be used to write different things on epoxy. They are formulated to be long-lasting and waterproof, as well as be resistant to smudges and smears even on glassy surfaces.

What markers work best on resin?

The markers that work best on resin are those that won’t slide, bleed, or smudge when used. Because of the glassy finish of epoxy, a lot of ink can’t stay on it for long and will tend to smudge. Pens that are permanent and made to work on multiple surfaces like epoxy therefore are the choice of pen for epoxy.

Can you use Sharpie on epoxy?

Yes, you can use some variants from the brand of Sharpie on epoxy. You have to consider however the smooth and glassy finish of the epoxy which will make very thin-tipped pens slide on it only. Sharpie pens also come in different types, with some being able to write on epoxy and others that won’t stay on and just smudge.

How to make epoxy pens with molds?

To make epoxy-coated pens with molds, you need the mold, a pen, and the resin mixture.

Most epoxy resins come in parts and have to be mixed, so after doing so, you can pour the resin mix into the mold that contains your pen.

After adding any additional colors or decorations and removing the air bubbles, you can cure it to solidify it, resulting in an epoxy resin-coated pen.

Where to buy?

A lot of pens for epoxy are widely available online in major stores and supply stores locally as well. This guide has specifically given you some of the best options you can find and buy online. One of the best places for epoxy pens is Amazon where you can find a wide range of choices, colors, and brands.

Most aren’t named to be specifically for epoxy surfaces, so you need to be careful and selective about which one you can buy.

What is the Best Pen for Epoxy?

  1. Uni Posca Full Set of 29 Acrylic Paint Pens for Epoxy
  2. ZEYAR Premium 18 Colors Acrylic Paint Pen
  3. Molotow 127HS Acryl Marker Metallic-Set for Epoxy
  4. Overseas 36 Colors Permanent Paint Markers
  5. TZARROT Acrylic Paint Pens for Epoxy
  6. Sharpie 15 Color Paint Marker for Epoxy

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Epoxy is a versatile material and finishes that you can create endless possibilities with. If you need to draw or write on it, a pen made for epoxy is the way to go. People who are particularly fond of DIY projects or have even made a business out of them can use epoxy resin to make all sorts of materials.

To decorate it with ease, epoxy pens are there to make your designs come to life. Coming in all sizes and colors, you have numerous options to choose from. This has been a guide to help you look for the best pens for epoxy.

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