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The Best Pens for Gift in 2023


A pen is an item used daily but may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of gifts. But giving it to a person symbolizes how much you appreciate their creativity. They are conventional yet classy, but selecting the right one is key.

A gift is something meaningful and a form of well wishes to the recipient. There are a lot of amazing gift pens out there and choosing one might be a bit challenging. In this guide, we have selected the best pens for gifts along with other things to think about before buying one.

The Best Pens for Gift Reviews

1. Waterman Expert Fountain Pen for Gift


To start strong, we have this sleek Waterman Expert Fountain Pen, lightweight with a black lacquered body to give it that classic fountain pen look. It has 23-karat golden trimmings with a subtly engraved brand name, adding to its elegant appearance and feel.

It already comes in a stunning blue box, and this is perfect as a gift for any event. What I like the most about this pen is that its classic look is perfect for any age recipient. It’s an absolute beauty to look at but functional as well with its cartridges that are easy to refill.

Watermans are not new to the game with their French artisans presenting you with a premium writing experience. Gifting this to someone special will encourage them to let loose creativity in design.


  • Has various writing tips
  • Comes with a beautiful gift box
  • Sleek designs for any age group


  • Issues receiving ones with sticky residue from tape

2. Scriveiner Stunning Luxury Rollerball Pen for Gift


If you are looking for a gift pen with a more unique color, this pen might be it for you. It has a stunning racing green color with silver detailing. It has the convenience of a roller ball pen with the allure of a fountain pen.

These are great gifts for people who might use them in offices or work without the risk of leaking. The Schmidt liquid ink system assures a great premium writing experience every time. Don’t be just drawn by the great price as the British-designed pens have great quality and feel together with a beautiful holder.

An amazing feature I liked is that they have a warranty of one year. Although I am not going to return this, many reviews praise their outstanding customer service in cases of replacement or refunds.


  • Warranty Card and great customer service
  • Smooth writing experience
  • Budget-friendly


  • Cap comes off easily

3. Scriveiner Luxury Fountain Pen for Gift


Next up we have another pen from Scrivener, the Luxury fountain pen edition. Just as you expect, this pen has a lacquer finish with 24 karat gold finish in colors, black, blue, and green. It has a fountain pen tip made by Schmidt. This particular pen in the review is the black variety.

A problem I come across with some fountain gift pens is that they are harder to refill as they don’t come with converters. Not only does this have a reusable converter but also, a separate black and blue cartridge. If you prefer cartridges, these fit the international standard size, so no more guessing games!

This version comes with the same warranty and great customer service. Well-balanced and luxurious, it is sure to be a hit for any recipient.


  • Fits the international standard-size cartridges
  • Converters are reusable and allow users to use the pen with bottled ink
  • Well Balanced


  • Issues with color fading or peeling off

4. BASTION Carbon Fiber Bolt Action Pen for Gift


Most of our suggestions so far have highlighted design but the Bastion Carbon Fiber Bolt takes functionality to the next level. It’s a stainless steel ballpoint pen with easily replaceable reinforced ink cartridges.

Say you want to give this to someone more heavy-handed or works in a more physically demanding field, this pen with its carbon fiber outer body is considered stronger than steel. Its durability doesn’t only mean it won’t break easily, but is also very long-lasting.

Although it might seem a bit bulky at first, it’s a great option if the user prefers a premium weight. A unique feature you don’t see often is that Bastian claims that this can also be used as a self-defense tool and glass breaker.


  • Carbon fiber outer body ensures durability
  • Significant weight yet balanced
  • Self-defense tool and Glass Breaker


  • Other ink cartridges might not fit in this pen

5. ZenZoi Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen for Gift Set


If you like the carbon fiber component but prefer something sleeker, this Zenzoi Carbon Fiber Fountain Point pen might be the one you are looking for. It comes in this alluring dark gray color with silver details crafted to create a unique look.

I appreciate how straightforward the ink cartridge replacement is on this pen and that it comes with a converter for easy refilling. One of my greatest fears with these tips is the pen coming uncapped and breaking, but you won’t have to worry about it with the cap twist feature.

Since the pen nibs were created by Schmidt, they provide a smooth writing experience. It’s lightweight yet durable and has a timeless design. This pen would look amazing being used by anyone in any setting.


  • Reliable Twist Cap
  • Carbon fiber durability with a more classic design
  • Nib quality avoids blotches or bleeding while writing


  • Cap clip can break easily

6. PARKER Sonnet Ballpoint Pen for Gift


While talking about timeless design, our last pen might just be the very definition of it. Parkers are considered one of the most luxurious pens out there. This particular model has a matte black finish with gold trimming, but other beautiful designs span from blue to red.

It’s a smooth twist ballpoint pen and is lightweight but still able to maintain that premium feel. I adore the craftsmanship of Parker pens, especially with the subtle brand engraving and clip design. The gift box is an experience in itself with superior quality materials.

These do require a more premium budget but you definitely won’t regret it. The Parker Sonnet line prides itself on being timeless, and it for sure is going to be a timeless gift for anyone receiving it.


  • Elegant and premium gift box
  • Quick flow technology ensures optimal ink flow that is long-lasting
  • Product authenticity and warranty


  • Expensive

Pens for Gift Buying Guide 

We have listed some of the most popular gift pens there are. But when choosing a gift with a meaningful idea, it might take a bit more than just hearing about the pens themselves. So here are a few things to consider before buying one.

Hand size

This is an important aspect to consider when it comes to the size of the pen itself. Most men have bigger palms and would benefit from a pen with more weight. Wider pens that have longer bodies allow for better control for them.

Women on the other hand might fit a more slimline design that is ergonomic. Although generally, this is true, sometimes it can be the opposite. It would be better if you can subtly analyze their hand size before purchasing the pen.


This part is more on the design. Although the safest bet is usually a classic look in solid colors many brands now offer gift pens in a wide variety of colors. If you are not familiar with their preferences, try choosing a pen design or color befitting their age. Younger people might appreciate soft metallics and older ones mostly like deeper colors like the dark emerald green of mahogany.

Work Environment

Depending on where and how often a pen could be used will be a helpful guide on whether to go for a more functional or embellished design.

As previously mentioned in the Bastion with its carbon fiber, it would be great for people who might work outside and have a tendency of dropping them. Office workers will prefer the longevity of the pen’s nibs, ink, and how easily the cartridges change or converters are refilled.


Since pens are popular as gifts some brands have specialized in making them which usually means they are more expensive than our daily pens. But no need to worry. You just have to know your budget and take into consideration everything mentioned. There is always a gift pen perfect for everyone.

What is a Gift Pen


Gift pens are specially designed pens that are crafted to be gifted to someone special. These are usually given to commemorate milestones in someone’s life but are not limited to it.

Types of Pens for Gift

Fountain pens

Fountain pens have been around for years but are not as popular for daily use as they once were, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them one.

Chances are that your recipient may not have one and may appreciate the new writing experience these provide. Or if they already have one, these can be a great addition to their collection and something to remember your thoughts of them.

Ballpoint pens

These types of pens are more attractive for people who might need something practical or they are a bit heavy-handed. They are easier to use, and since they don’t have as much of a possibility of blotting, their ink flow is steady.

Cartridge Pens

These are more specific for the fountain pens, but where the ink is stored in pens is integral in them working in the first place. Ink cartridges are great in that they are cheaper and are easily disposable. Many brands also offer high-quality ink.

Pens with converters

Original fountain pens were designed to retain the ink in them and converters turn the pen itself like an ink cartridge. This type is preferred by people who have hobbies of writing letters of calligraphy since they can control the flow of the ink and are technically more eco-friendly.

Why do you need Gift Pens?

Purchasing from a brand that specializes in gift pens is better since they cater to the experience of receiving a gift rather than just the function of it. Pens are an everyday item, so finding the right gift pen is important for your pen to stand out. Gift pens also come in a luxury or elegant box, so it’s ready for gifting. Just tie a ribbon on it, and it’s good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular brand of pens for Gift?

The answer to this can be subjective because each of us may be different on what we perceive as the “best.” But then, some recommended brands to answer this question are Parker, Bastion, and Waterman, along with the rest of the brands I’ve reviewed earlier.

These pens are like good investments because of their quality materials. That’s why they’re chosen as gift pens for loved ones celebrating a milestone or deserving of a reward.

Is gifting a pen a good idea?

Pens are excellent gifts not only because of how personal they are but because of their versatility as well. They are fitting for any occasion and recipient. and are available in different designs, style, and colors.

But just as the guide earlier, there are a wide variety of gift pens to choose from. Weigh your options based on the interest of the recipient of color, hand size, and writing style, to name some. Also, refer to the buying guide for things to consider when choosing one.

What does gifting a pen symbolize?

Gifting pens generally means that you value the other person’s creativity and freedom of thought. It also represents that you are wishing them more milestones in the future. For events like graduations or after passing exams this usually means blessing the recipients well into the next stage of their life.

What to write while gifting a pen?

Accompanying pen gifts with a letter is an amazing idea. You can start by congratulating them for the milestone or event. It would also be great to incorporate the meaning of gifting the pen to them. Mention how you hope this pen allows their imagination to run free and that it contributes and helps them reach a goal..

What does a black pen symbolize?

People who use black pens are considered to be a dominant person. They like to be in charge of the decisions in their life. It also means that they appreciate receiving the entire truth and over-learning. They can be slightly conservative with their feelings, but they are wonderful people to be close with once you get to know them.

What does the blue pen symbolize?

Blue often symbolizes warm-hearted people. They are emotionally sensitive, friendly, and outgoing people, and they promote freedom, have a big imagination, and are greatly inspired by even the simplest events. Blue pens symbolize all these things, and people who use blue pens love writing their ideas and don’t limit themselves to just words.

What is the Best Pen for Gift?

  1. Waterman Expert Fountain Pen for Gift
  2. Scriveiner Stunning Luxury Rollerball Pen for Gift
  3. Scriveiner Luxury Fountain Pen for Gift
  4. BASTION Carbon Fiber Bolt Action Pen Gift
  5. ZenZoi Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen Gift Set
  6. PARKER Sonnet Ballpoint Pen for Gift

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Gift giving in itself is a complicated process with so much to consider, but if you are set on giving to that person, think of the most essential features to find in the best pens for gifts. A few of these may include but are not limited to quality of the ink, color of the pen, and durability.

But while finding the right pen is important, the meaning behind it should also be a top priority. Knowing what you want the pen to convey to the person and how you want this everyday tool to aid them as they go on with their life is the essence of the gift.

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