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The Best Pens for Left Handers in 2023


Left-handed writing can be difficult because the text flows from the left to the right direction. That’s why for left-handed writers, they struggle to prevent a mess in their paper.

At school, teachers can be teaching kids different techniques to smoothen their writing experience. All those can be more effective, however, with the best pens for left handers. They’re designed and created for the left-handed in mind.

For example, these pens have quick drying ink, so they don’t smear or create a mess. These pens also have a smooth ink flow so that users don’t need to press down too hard when writing from the left to the right side of the paper. To help you select one, here’s a guide I’ve created for you.

The Best Pens for Left Handers Reviews

1. Maped Visio Left Handed Pens


I am a left-handed person myself and I admit that writing with ordinary pens designed for right-handers can be hard. We searched for pens meant for writers like me and found these Maped Visio Left Handed Pen, which come in three bright colors of black, red, and blue.

I find them extra useful for left handers because the grip is made of rubber, and that makes each pen comfortable to hold and control on paper. I’d also like to add that the grip is non-slipping and soft and can guide fingers into the right position for left-handed people.

The line width is 0.7mm, which is just suitable for smooth writing and scribbling. I also liked that the ink doesn’t ruin the paper because it doesn’t smudge, and that’s thanks to the quick-drying ink, which is also quickly visible without applying too much pressure when writing.


  • Ergonomically designed barrel
  • More ink visibility without putting a lot of pressure
  • Rubberized, soft grip for comfort


  • May streak

2. Arteza 24 Colored Rollerball Pens


First, I liked the more rollerball pens that come in this pack of 24 Arteza pens, ensuring I won’t run out of pens for months of writing. Per color, I also get two pens, and that’s very convenient. There are 12 colors in total.

I also noticed the great design of the pen that allow for smooth ink flow and also have to do with the water-based ink that makes it fluid for smooth writing.

Fine writing is also welcome with the 0.5mm tip, which is also applicable for sketching and ink fine art.

The pens also write skip-free lines on paper and the ink doesn’t smear, too. I also found that the ink is made of acid-free materials to resist fading.

Sometimes as a left-handed person, I find it hard to write a column, but these pens make it easier for me. They can provide me with good control so that I can write smoothly. The sturdy metal clip also makes it convenient for me to clip them on after use.


  • Never fading, good quality, acid-free ink
  • Good for taking notes and writing columns
  • Bulk pack of 24


  • Issue with receiving dried up pen

3. Stabilo EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen for Left Handers


Do you want to add some color to the pen collection? Try these Stabilo EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen that come in light pink and dark pink color pen with blue-colored ink.

It is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes with its clean typeface that doesn’t scratch on paper, but it also has a comfortable grip that makes writing for left-handed users easier. The pen also has a molded grip for reduced writing fatigue and straining.

The adult pen is made of plastic material, which makes it lightweight for convenient writing. You can use them in notebooks and school work without any hassle.

Refilling is also easy because each refill comes with a new tip. This pen is also from a reputable brand known for producing high-quality pens trusted by millions worldwide.


  • Teacher approved for handwriting
  • Molded grip zone and non-slip grip material
  • Doesn’t smear


  • Might have to apply some pressure for light handed users for the ink to be visible

4. Mr. Pen No Bleed Pens for Left Handers


This set comes in a pack of six black pens that are reliable and quality to write on the Bible and even on thin-grade paper, ideal for marking, scribbling, and general writing. The fine tip glides through paper easily and smoothly.

The ink is also non-bleeding, so left-handed users can depend on it! The tip is wide enough at 0.7mm for writing on surfaces of magazines and other types of paper. I can also use it for writing in a book and its grip is easy to control while not causing fatigue.

The ink also writes skip-free lines, producing consistently lovely lettering, which I do in my journal, too. Nevertheless, this Mr. Pen pack of 6 pens is a highly-recommended pen for no bleed writing results.


  • Doesn’t bleed through thin paper like the Bible
  • Ideal for journaling and general writing
  • Clean typeface that doesn’t skip lines


  • Might not be for people looking for a more fine tip

5. Pelikan Pelikano Up Fountain Pen for Left Handers


This gray Pelikan is another choice for you if you’re looking for a reliable pen that can last and help you accomplish any writing task. The left hander pen comes in a medium nib, so even heavy-handed users will find convenience in using it.

One of the things that I also appreciate in this pen is its durable anodized aluminum body. It is tough while not being heavy for writing for hours. When done using it, I can just clip it on to my clothing or ID lanyard.

I’d also like to mention about the soft grip zone, offering me convenience in writing and preventing fatigue even after hours of writing. This design is also perfect for left-handed users.

I can also easily see the ink level in the large ink window, which is another great feature of this pen. This pen is compatible with the ink cartridges of Pelikan.


  • Soft grip zone for writing comfort
  • Compatible with Pelikan ink cartridges
  • Medium nib ideal for heavy-handed users


  • Barrel color might not be appealing for users who’d rather have it blue or black

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6. Stabilo Easyergo Mechanical Pencil Left Handed


Last but not the least in our list is the Stabilo 070429 Easyergo pencil that is also chosen by left-handed users who want to learn how to write or improve their penmanship. This pencil has excellent features, such as its ergonomic and soft grip that is also non-slip for writing comfort.

Using this pencil for at least an hour in drawing, I don’t experience any fatigue or straining in my fingers and hands. It is also designed with an ergonomic rollerball, which I think is also suitable for children learning how to write.

Aside from optimal writing, I also liked that the mechanical pencil is refillable and every refill comes with a new tip. In addition, this pencil also has erasable ink, which also glides smoothly on paper. Finally, I appreciate that the models for left-handed users are in a wide range of color combinations and enough space for a name tag.


  • Customizable for a name tag
  • Nice and comfortable grip
  • Erasable ink


  • Issues finding lead refills

Pens for Left Handers Buying Guide

What are the things to look for when buying lefties pens? I’ve created a list of the most essential factors to consider when you’re in the selection process.

Quick drying

Before buying any pen, check that the ink is quick drying, ensuring a no smearing on paper experience. Being a left-handed user, we write from the left to the right and in that case can get our hand over the ink as we continue to write. With a slow-drying ink, you could just imagine the amount of mess we could make in the paper, and that’s a no-no. Thus, check if the ink is quick-drying before selecting your pen for left-handed users.

Smooth ink flow

Whether left or right hand users, we must be choosing pen with a smooth ink flow to avoid pressing too hard and scratching on the paper we’re writing on. It would help that the ink flows smoothly so that it would glide easily through paper even if we’re not applying too much pressure on the pen. This will also help ensure that there will be no skipping lines.

Special grip design

Some companies have started offering grips especially made for left-handed users, and that’s another one you should be looking for. In addition, it would help that your pen should have a rubberized, soft grip for added writing comfort.

Lasting, non-fading ink           

Non-fading and lasting ink is another consideration because this has to do with the quality of the pen. We want our creations to be still highly legible and visible even after some time. That’s why it pays off to choose pens with quality non-fading ink.


Don’t go for the cheapest pens because this would also translate to poor quality. Instead, pick quality instead of quantity or price when choosing your lefties pens. The reviews above should give you enough idea on the performance of top pens in every price point.

What is a Left Handed Pen?


A left handed pen allows us to see exactly what we’re writing, while not leaving any smears of ink on paper. It is especially designed to match our needs, improve our writing comfort, enhance our penmanship, and help us accomplish our task mess-free.

A left-hander pen keeps our hands free from passing over the ink to prevent smudges. It also has a customized grip, which guides and puts our fingers into the right position but without forcing them.

Some of these pens even have a curved barrel to protect our writing against smearing, while allowing us to see what we’re writing as we write.

But while there can be a lot of pens advertised for left handers, not all of them are created equal. Our guide earlier should be able to help you pick pen with the features you’re looking for.

Types of Pens for Left Handers

Rollerball pens

These are some of the most popular pens for left handers because they offer a pleasant writing experience as they glide easily on paper.

Gel pens

They are another option for left-handed users who want to improve their writing and make it more legible, while preventing smearing.

Fine tip pens

These pens are for left-handed users that want to write in smaller typefaces or want to use their pens for lettering or detailing.

Medium tip pens         

They’re recommended for left-handed users who also happen to be heavy-handed users. These pens can help one write legibly for their quality ink and good ink flow in the medium sized nib or tip.

Why do you need Left Handed Pens?

You need left handed pens to enhance your overall handwriting and avoid smearing or making a mess on paper. These pens have a special grip to help guide your fingers without forcing them and they have a smudge-free, quick-drying ink, too.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do left-handed people need different pens?

They don’t necessarily need different pen, but they can have an easier time in writing if they could use special pens for left-handed users. They can benefit from using a pen with a rubberized, soft, and nicely positioned grip meant for lefties, allowing them to see what they’re writing, while preventing passing over the ink as they write.

Why do pens not work for lefties?

Lefties tend to push the pen away from their hand while writing. Pushing makes it more likely that the tip of the pen will skip and with the lines getting broken. Many pens are not designed for lefties but right-handed users. Good thing that companies have started manufacturing pen for lefties as those featured above.

How should left handers hold a pen?

Left handers should improve their grasp to improve their writing at the same time. Some sources say that it will be best for them to hold their pencil or pen two to three centimeters from the point to help them see round their fingers while writing.

Do lefties write slower?

Certain studies had it that there’s not much difference in the writing speed of right-handed and left-handed writers, but right-handed ones can be slightly faster. But then, left handed writers could be faster when using their non-dominant hand.

Is it harder for lefties to write?

Lefties find it hard to write because they need to push the pen away from their hands while writing. They can pass over the ink and cause smudging on the paper.

Is writing with your left hand good for the brain?

For the longest time, scientists have been intrigued by the differences in the intelligence of lefties and righties. There can be mixed results in this area.

Some studies say that righties are smarter than lefties, but other studies suggest the other way.

If you’re a right-handed person, try writing with your opposite hand, the left, to strengthen your brain’s neural connections, according to this source.

What is the Best Pen for Left Handers?

  1. Maped Visio Left Handed Pens
  2. Arteza 24 Colored Rollerball Pen
  3. Stabilo EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen for Left Handers
  4. Mr. Pen No Bleed Pens for Left Handers
  5. Pelikan Pelikano Up Fountain Pen for Left Handers
  6. Stabilo Easyergo Mechanical Pencil Left Handed

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So, what are the best pens for left handers? These pens should have an ergonomic and comfortable grip designed for left-handed users and quality quick drying ink to avoid smearing. They must also be those that are well-received by consumers because of their top performance. And finally, they should have long-lasting, non-fading ink that can be relied on especially for important notes and documents. If you want to find the right pen for lefties, the guide above should be able to assist you. But at the end of the day, your choice will still boil down to your personal preference. Happy writing!

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