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The Best Pens for Nurses in 2023


Your job can become more challenging if you don’t have the right tools you need as a nurse. That’s why it’s essential that you use the best pens for nurses. They’re indispensable in your daily duty whether you’re a student nurse or someone who’s been a nurse for years.

However, the number of available pens for nurses on the market, each with their unique features, ink, and style, are so many.

I put up this guide to help you find the right nurse pens for you and compare the different products out there. If you’re ready, let’s begin highlighting reviews and buying guides for your reference.

The Best Pens for Nurses Reviews

1. PILOT G2 Premium Refillable Gel Pens for Nurses


PILOT G2 Premium gel pens are some of my favorites because they deliver bold and rich colors that allow me to easily read notes and things I write on my notebook or post-it notes.

These gel pens can write smoothly on paper unlike other gel pens, which feel rough. They give me an easier time to write and complete my task. I suggest these for nurses because they can also be good for charting.

I find them comfortable to use because of their rubber grip and they have longer lasting ink, giving me more value for my money.

Overall, these refillable gel pen for nurses are reliable with quality ink and comfortable grip. They’re my go-to choice for writing! They’re highly recommended for nurses who need reliable gel pen for their job. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Longer-lasting pen
  • Smooth writing on paper
  • Ideal for different nursing writing tasks


  • Receiving a dried out pen issue

2. Sharpie S-Gel Medium Point Pens for Nurses


Sharpie S-Gel pens come in pieces of medium point pen that nurses will find useful in their day to day tasks. The pens are made with no bleed technology, which means they won’t ruin your paperwork.

The gel pen ink won’t also smear on paper, translating to a mess-free work and smooth writing experience.

Personally, I liked the bold color of the ink, which doesn’t require much pressure before the ink shows on paper.

This allows for more vivid writing that I can easily read, especially good for people who have poor vision issues.

Writing for hours won’t also strain your fingers, and that’s thanks to the contoured rubber grip that these pens are designed with.

The pen also look attractive with a pearl white barrel.

Overall, the Sharpie S-Gel medium point pens are quality pen that nurses will need in their sets of tools to make their job easier.


  • Contoured and comfortable grip
  • Doesn’t require much pressure
  • Bold and rich color


  • May leak if exposed to too much heat

3. Pentel Retractable Gel Pens for Nurses


The 5 Pack retractable gel pens are another top choice for nurses who love using pen that write smoothly on paper.

One of the things I liked with this is they come in assorted colors, which allow me to bring out my personality in taking notes or if I wish to highlight certain portions of my writing.

When looking for nurses pens, it is also important to find those that write flawlessly, and these pens deliver. I can write effortlessly using them, so I can accomplish my writing task faster than using pen that are hard to maneuver on paper.

The ink of these EnerGel RTX pens flows smoothly and I don’t have any issues about ink getting stuck in the barrel. For nurses, it is important to use reliable pen that don’t feel rough or are not hard to use.

I also liked that the ink doesn’t smear or cause smudges on paper because it’s quick drying. The tip also delivers precise lines all the time.


  • Quick drying
  • Also good for left-handed users
  • No smearing


  • Issues about receiving a dried up ink

4. Uni-ball Jetstream RT Retractable Ballpoint Pens Fine Point


Retractable pens eliminate any need to worry about not replacing the caps after use. These retractable pens are very useful for busy nurses who want a super easy to use pen for the job.

Uni-ball Jetstream pens have quick-drying ink that translates to a no smear writing experience. The standard ballpoint also writes smoothly.

As a left-handed writer, this feature is also helpful so that I don’t have to worry about smudging on the paper as I write across the page.

These pens are also stylish with their stainless steel in the body’s construction and are easy and comfortable to grip for their embossed design.

The ink is also resistant to fading and water.


  • Water- and fade-resistant
  • Comfortable embossed grip
  • Stylish and elegant


  • Leak issues

5. DLUGOPIS Nurse pen set


The retractable pens are in a set of pieces, so you’ll never be running out of pen anymore. They’re practical tools to have in your desk and can be conveniently attached to a lanyard for keys.

These DLUGOPIS pens are also lightweight and purchasing this set gives you 6 permanent markers, 6 highlighters, 6 nurse badge clips, and 6 retractable 4-in-1 ball pen. That’s a complete set of dependable markers and pens.

The pens are also lightweight, not causing any straining on the fingers even if you’d use them for hours.

I personally admire their classic design, too, having a narrow barrel for better control, too. The pens also have long-lasting and non-fading ink, which translates to quality results.

Overall, every nurse who wants to make their job easier might want to consider adding this set to their collection.


  • Durable and retractable
  • Classic design and narrow barrel
  • 24 pieces set


  • Issues receiving dried up pens

6. BBTO Nurse Pens for Work


Another option for nurse pens includes these BBTO pens for work, which include different ball pens available in styles and with decorations that will bring out more fun in writing.

I love that there are enough pen in every pack, so I don’t have to worry about running out of pen when in the middle of something. The ink is also bold enough that I don’t have to apply much pressure before it shows on paper.

The retractable design gives me more convenience, especially since I don’t need to be concerned about forgetting to put the cap back on. The pen also have a comfortable grip that makes any nursing job easier.

I also believe that this set is an ideal gift for your nurse friend, sister, or mother. Check them out and make your loved ones happy.


  • No smearing, staining on paper
  • Writes smoothly and ink flows easily
  • Easy to grip


  • Issues about receiving one pen dried up

Pens for Nurses Buying Guide

How do you go about choosing the right nurses for you? There are some factors to consider and these will definitely help you compare your choices better. Here’s to help you get started.


Black ink is common for nurse pen. Choose a bold black ink color that can deliver fade-resistant and smudge-proof results. You will also find sets that come with multiple colors. These are also good as they can be fun to use especially when writing thank you notes or meeting notes.


Retractable pens are good because you don’t need to be concerned about keeping the cap on when not in use.. Just one click and you’re back to writing. If it’s your choice, then you might want to check out these retractable pen from one of the reviews featured above.

However, some nurses forget to retract the tip of the pen before slipping it into their pocket. In this case, they might prefer a capped pen when shopping around.


One of the most essential features to look for nurse pens is a comfortable grip. Because you might be dealing with a lot of writing and paperwork, you should find pen with a contoured design or rubber grip to improve ease of use in your daily tasks.

The pens must also be lightweight, although not too light, to avoid causing fatigue to your hand even after writing for hours.

Black or multiple color gel or ballpoint pen?

If you want a classic pen, you can go for a set featuring only black colored pen, either gel or ball pen. On the other hand, multi-colored pen in a set can be for you if you also need to highlight some parts of your notes or you just want to be more creative in note taking.

Whatever is your choice, be sure to go with a set that will match your needs. There are available sets that also include highlighters for your consideration.

What is a Pen for Nurse?


Pens for nurses are made with high quality ink that can write well and smoothly on paper. They can be retractable or capped pen and either gel pen or ballpoint pen. In addition, they can be purchased as one pen pack or sets that come with at least 6 pieces of pen. The ink can be black or multicolored, so the choice really depends on the preference of the user. It is important to check on these things when shopping around for pen for nurses.

Types of Pens for Nurses

Retractable pens

These are very convenient to use because all you need is a click to retract the tip back into place. Nurses find these pens very useful because many of these also have long-lasting and non-fading ink, so they make for great pen for documenting or archiving.

Capped pens

These are traditional and standard pen, each coming with a cap. For nurses that don’t mind putting it back on the pen after use, they can be a great choice.

Gel pens

Such pens write well and fluidly on paper, and this is useful for note taking and highlighting notes. Nurses can also depend on their bold colors, so putting a lot of pressure in writing might not be needed to come up with a bold looking writing.

Ballpoint pens

Ball pens are traditional pen that nurses have been using for years and reputable manufacturers make quality pen with long-lasting, waterproof, and non-fading inks.

Why do Nurses need Pens?

Nurses need pen for different important reasons. Some duties like filling out laboratory labels, writing on wristbands, and charting nurse notes are some of the reasons nurses need reliable pen, not just ordinary pen. They also spend a lot of time writing for other tasks like paperwork and patient charts.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do nurses use red pens?

Nurses may need a lot of pen colors for different purposes and needs. When it comes to red colored pen, they use it to indicate night notes and blue for day notes, according to some sources.

The red or pink ink also stands out on paper, so it makes it easier to see important notes. Red pens are also useful for marking up medication prescriptions needing refilling or rewriting, saving a patient from the long waiting time for treatment if some medications are forgotten or misplaced.

Nurses also prevent errors for using a red pen especially when it comes to dosages or mixing medications that must not be combined.

Red colored pens are also used to mark up X-rays, creating important notes before a patient’s surgery.

Why do nurses use multicolor pens?

Multicolor pens are excellent for highlighting or taking notes, allowing them to highlight classifications, categories, or even thoughts for easy recall and organization. Multicolored pen can also help nurses differentiate when the notes have been taken – on which shift.

Why do nurses write in black ink?

According to, nurses use black ink to write orders.

Can nurses use blue ink?

Either a blue or black ink is used for medical documentation, according to this source. No other ink color must be used if any portion of a medical record must be copied. Ink must also be permanent and pencil must not be used.

Where to buy?

Nurses can buy pen for them in many arts and crafts supplies stores, specialty online shops for nurses, bookstores, and ecommerce marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon where to find a broad range of choices from brands to number of pen and from black to multicolored pen per set. They can also buy cheaper ones in online shops and marketplaces.

What is the Best Pens for Nurses?

  1. PILOT G2 Premium Refillable Gel Pens for Nurses
  2. Sharpie S-Gel Medium Point Pens for Nurses
  3. Pentel Retractable Gel Pen for Nurses
  4. uni-ball Jetstream RT Retractable Ballpoint Pens Fine Point
  5. DLUGOPIS Nurse pen set
  6. BBTO Nurse Pens for Work

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So, what are the best pens for nurses? These pens can be capped or retractable, be black or multicolored per set, or has ballpoint or gel-like ink, and may be affordable or expensive. There you have some characteristics of nurse pens that you can think about when selecting your pen.

Other points to compare are ink quality, style, and number of pen per set. You can always refer back to the buying guide above for things to check out when choosing your pen.

Hopefully, this guide is able to help you compare your options well and select the right set that suits your needs and preferences.

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