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The Best Pens for Wedding Guest Book in 2023


Hooray! You already have a carefully thought-out guest book with thick and elegant-looking pages for your wedding guests to write on. This guestbook will never have smudges and bleed through to ruin it. But wait! Have you ever wondered what your wedding guests would be writing with? Worry no more because we have you covered.

We understand how this occasion is all-important in your life. So, we researched and analyzed the market’s six best pens for wedding guest book and give you enough head start to make your wedding documentation more meaningful. These pens will never let you or your wedding guests down.

The Best Pens for Wedding Guest Book Reviews

1. RUTICH Hollow Round Signing Pen Set for Wedding


Elegant and classic. That’s how I would like to describe these wedding guestbook pens. Unlike other writing instruments with needless adornments, this hollow-bodied signing pen uses its natural metallic shine to convey timeless elegance.

I appreciate its 1.0-mm tip, ensuring cleaner and crisper lines that will never blot, smear, or bleed through the paper’s other side. It doesn’t have any cap, making one less thing to worry about. The pen only needs a twist of the barrel to reveal its writing tip. Although it looks slim, the pen sits nicely on the hand.

Ensure to screw the rotating pen holder to the base to keep the pen upright. That’s the only downside I see. It’s classic and functional, and it looks the part of a trustworthy wedding guestbook pen.


  • Clean, smooth, and effortless writing
  • Classic yet elegant pen design
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Pen holder base can be tricky

2. Cambond CP0103 Gold Ballpoint Pen for Wedding Guest Book


Wedding guests will love writing with these ballpoint pens. Scribbling meaningful messages is as effortless as jotting down lecture notes.

The ink flows smoothly and consistently from its 1.0-mm tip, ensuring smudge-free lines and zero bleed-through. It dries quickly, allowing guests to write on the wedding guestbook one after the other with minimal interruptions.

I appreciate these ballpoint pens’ replaceable cartridges, improving their versatility beyond weddings. This pack of three with extra ink cartridges offers more value than single-pen products.

I am only concerned about these pens’ looks. Some people might think that they look cheap. However, this is subjective. These pens might look less impressive than others, but their versatility, functionality, and overall value make them a wise choice for any wedding. They’re worth the money you’ll spend for it. Check it out.


  • Smooth and consistent ink flow
  • Replaceable ink cartridge
  • Great value


  • Looks cheap

3. VANGOAL Ink and Feather Pen for Wedding Guest Book


Drawing inspiration from a 6th-century writing instrument with 21st-century elements, this feather pen is sure to be the talking point at any wedding.

Its vintage look makes this pen an excellent wedding-guestbook writing instrument. And when the celebration is over, the newlyweds can keep this pen and display it in their new home.

A single dip in the ink bottle can write up to 60 rustic-looking words. The feather is authentic, and the barrel is as solid as one could hope for.

Not everyone knows how to use a quill or dip-ink pen, making this pen set more suitable for select wedding guests. Of course, you can always pick a ballpoint pen. This pen is perfect if you want to make a lasting impression on your wedding guests.


  • Unique vintage-style pen
  • Handmade with exquisite details
  • Rustic writing effect


  • Some people might not know how to use it

4. Jevou Big Crystal Diamond Pen Set for Wedding Guest Book


This wedding guestbook pen might not be as unique as the VANGOAL Feather Pen, but the faux diamond crystal sitting at the crown can still attract attention.

Its fancy and head-turning design can make any wedding more meaningful, especially for couples who want something out of the ordinary. Writing well wishes and inspirational messages to the newlyweds should be a cinch with this pen. The pen’s ink flow is as smooth and continuous as high-end ballpoint pens, while its stubby barrel feels comfortable on the hand. No more finger strain!

Some folks might not like this pen’s medium-fine point because it can make characters look “fat.” You can pick a “fine” or “ultra-fine” if this doesn’t suit your needs. Although it writes like an ordinary ballpoint pen, this wedding guestbook writing instrument makes this list for its bling.


  • Fancy design
  • Smooth ink flow
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Some people might prefer a fine point

5. EBTOYS Vintage Burlap Wedding Reception Guest Pen


Here’s another writing instrument worth placing at the wedding reception for guests to write their messages to the newlywed. A mixture of old and new, this pen has all the characteristics of a well-made 21st-century ballpoint pen. However, its pen holder base takes a more natural and rustic approach, featuring a wooden platform wrapped in burlap.

The intriguing design makes this wedding guestbook pen an excellent keepsake for the new couple, allowing them to reminisce those moments when loved ones wrote them heartwarming messages. Writing with this pen is never problematic because the ink flow is consistent, does not fade, and will not bleed through or smear.

It is a little pricey, though. Still, the pen looks mighty enough to have. This pen is perfect if you want wedding-guests to remember you.


  • A blend of old and new
  • An excellent keepsake
  • Consistent ink flow


  • A bit pricey

6. Fumete Wedding Pens Ballpoint Bridal Party


Weddings with hundreds of guests might run out of writing instruments to use on the guestbook. No worries! These ballpoint wedding pens come in 12-a-pack, making them suitable for large gatherings. On that note, they offer excellent value as well.

Writing with these pens is as hassle-free as scribbling with an ordinary ballpoint pen. The ink flows instantly and continuously without smudging and bleeding through. Its button cap also makes for an effective stress-buster as a fidget toy. The company is thoughtful enough to engrave romantic wedding well wishes, including “always and forever” and “better together.”

I only wish the company offered more messages than the two I mentioned. Nevertheless, these pens remain an instant hit for value-conscious couples. You’ll get a dozen with this brand for roughly the same price as a one-pen EBTOYS.


  • Effortless to use
  • Engraved wedding well wishes
  • Great value


  • No extra message choices

Pens for Wedding Guest Book Buying Guide

Although a wedding guest book is optional, it can make the event more meaningful for the newlywed. The couple can look back to that time, many years from now, when they received heartwarming messages on their special day. However, a poorly-selected writing instrument can ruin the momentous occasion. So, how do you choose the best wedding guestbook pen? You might want to consider the following tips.


Most wedding-planners and organizers recommend using a permanent-ink, acid-free, fine-tipped pen to write on wedding guest books. These writing instruments allow for enhanced readability of written messages, are quick to dry, and do not bleed through or smudge. Moreover, the writings look crisper and cleaner than wide-tipped pens.

Smooth Ink Flow

The wedding-guestbook pen’s ink must flow instantly and smoothly to eliminate smears or unnecessary markings on the paper. Nobody wants a guestbook sheet blotted with ink.

Does Not Bleed-through

The ideal wedding guestbook pen must have ink that will not penetrate the paper, dispersing the ink and showing on the other side of the page or the next page. Water-based pens tend to exert their ink’s capillary action-like capabilities, making them unsuitable for writing on wedding guest books and similar items.


You can minimize, if not eliminate, smudges on the guest-book by picking a pen with quick-drying ink. Alcohol- and oil-based pens and markers fit this bill perfectly, giving you a wedding-guestbook that looks as pristine and pure as the bride in white.


Wedding guest books differ from your run-of-the-mill guest or visitor logbook at the office or school reception. These have artful designs conveying a special theme symbolizing the newlywed’s union. Hence, the wedding-guestbook pen must be complementary, adding to its allure. You might also want to match the ink with the wedding’s color scheme.

Other Things to Consider Before Buying


Buying a wedding guest book pen requires appreciating what it is, the different options, and why you need such a writing instrument.

What is a Wedding Guest Book Pen?

A wedding guest book pen is a writing instrument that wedding-guests, including the newlyweds’ family members, relatives, friends, and acquaintances, use to write heartwarming messages, inspirational thoughts, and well wishes to the newly married couple. The event’s significance requires the pen to have a unique ink. It must dry fast, does not fade, and will not smear on or bleed through the page.

Types of Pens for Wedding Guest Book

Writing instruments for wedding guest books come in various tip sizes and styles, including barrel designs. However, we can classify these guest-book pens into two distinct categories based on their inks.

Alcohol-based Pens

Alcohol-based writing instruments are perfect for wedding guest books because they are quick-drying and highly fade-resistant. Moreover, you could write in vibrant colors and intensity if you want a unique guest-book. Sharpie Fine and Ultra-Fine pens are excellent examples.

Oil-based Pens

These pens are quicker to dry than alcohol-based pens or any other writing instrument, making them ideal for writing on wedding guest books. They do not smudge nor bleed through, and these pens have inks that last forever. Family, friends, and other guests can write confidently on the guest-book, knowing their messages will last forever. The ordinary ballpoint pen is a classic example.

Why Do You Need Guest Book Pens?

Weddings are valuable in a couple’s life. It’s a special moment that newlyweds would want to etch in their memories for many decades, hopefully, pass them down to countless generations. Using an ordinary pen might last only a few years before they start fading away. Some might bleed through or smear on the page and ruin a virgin, crisp sheet. Only the best wedding guest book pen will suffice for such a momentous occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is wedding guest book?

It is a bound book for family members, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and other wedding-guests to write well wishes, congratulatory messages, words of wisdom, and inspiring words for the newlywed couple. They can sign their names in the book as well.

What do you write in a wedding guest book?

There are no limits to what you can write in a wedding guest book, providing you keep it positive. After all, weddings mark two people’s entry into married life and you will want to wish them all the best. Classic congratulatory messages are ideal, but you can create your heartfelt message, quote a passage, or something the new couple will appreciate and remember forever.

How do you stick pictures in a guest-book?

You can use mini glue tape or double-sided tape to bond pictures in a guest-book.

What pens write on glossy paper?

The best pens for writing on glossy paper are oil- or alcohol-based. These writing instruments dry faster than other pen inks, avoiding smears and unsightly marks on the sheet. Avoid using pens with water-and-oil emulsion inks, such as gel pens, because these create smudges.

How many pens for guest book?

Four pens are sufficient for most guest-books. However, you can always have an extra pair for just-in-case scenarios.

How many guest-books are needed for a wedding?

Everything depends on how many guests are coming to the wedding and how many you expect will write on the guest-book. It also matters to check how many guests will come with their families or in a group. Most of them will only write a single message.

A 10-page guest book is sufficient for less than 50 guests. Add about five pages for each additional 50 wedding guests. Note that these are estimates, and everything would depend on the page size and how much space wedding guests need to write.

What is the Best Pen for Wedding Guest Book?

  1. RUTICH Hollow Round Pen Holder Signing Pen Set
  2. Cambond Ballpoint Pens for Wedding Guest Book
  3. VANGOAL Ink and Feather Pen for Wedding Guest-Book
  4. Jevou Big Crystal Diamond Pen Set for Wedding Guest Book
  5. EBTOYS Vintage Burlap Wedding Reception Guest Pen
  6. Fumete Wedding Pens Ballpoint Bridal Party

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The best pens for wedding guest book has quick-drying ink, preferably oil- or alcohol-based. It doesn’t smudge or bleed through and ruin a carefully crafted guestbook. Wedding organizers and couples can always pick a writing instrument that complements the wedding theme or make it more memorable.

Choose a guest-book pen that doesn’t bleed through, has a quick-drying ink, and has an excellent appearance, to name some, are some considerations. Should you need more help, refer to the buying guide earlier and the top reviews for wonderful wedding book pen choices.

Regardless of which pen you buy, you can rest assured these pens will motivate your wedding guests to write the most meaningful messages on your guestbook.

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