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The Best Pens for Zentangle in 2023


Adult coloring books improve focus, promote meditation, bring out creativity, and help people practice being in the moment with freedom. Filling designs and patterns and drawing structured images have also been a craze lately. Zentangle, which requires a high attention degree helps you stay focused and relieve stress. But if you’re interested in this art form, you need unique tools, including the best pens for Zentangle.

In this guide, I’ll help you pick the right pens for this drawing method that involves putting a line after another without an eraser until you finished the entire picture. No good or bad drawings here because what matters is the drawing! Let us begin and help you find you Zentangle pens.

Top 6 Best Pens for Zentangle Reviews

1. Sakura Micron Pen Set Zentangle


Do you want to practice and eventually master Zentangle? You need this micron pen set made explicitly for Zentangle art, which is distinct for its combination of strokes, including curves, lines, dots, circles, and S lines.

It is already a set of three pens that you can use for drawing different shapes and patterns with ease. The two pieces of pens are with 0.25 mm tips, while the other one has a 0.45mm tip, allowing you to choose a pen based on the desired ink thickness you wish to achieve in your pattern.

The Zentangle drawing method is relaxing and easy. This pen set makes drawing in this method more straightforward, and that’s thanks to the easy to maneuver pens, which do not smear or bleed through. With these pens, you can draw structured patterns and beautiful images during your free time or whenever you want to release stress.


  • 3-piece black pen set
  • One pc. 0.45 mm tip black pen and two pcs of 0.25 mm tip
  • It does not dry fast


  • It might be tricky to use initially for beginners

2. Sakura Zentangle Pigma Apprentice Pen Set


If you’re a newbie in the Zentangle method, you might want to consider the Sakura 5011 when finding the right beginner pens. It is already with three pieces of pens, which you can conveniently use when drawing or making patterns.

The Apprentice 3-PC Pen Set is composed of a #10 black pen and two pieces of #5 black pens. I’d also like to commend the quality of these pens. Sakura does not disappoint its customers with this set. Through the years, this brand’s commitment to the quality of its offers remains the same.

What I like about these pens is they also glide smoothly on paper and do not bleed through. They are also not quick-drying, so they can last a long time, depending on how often they’re used. Beginners trying to be familiar with the Zentangle method will find these black pens very useful!

Overall, the Sakura 5011 is an excellent addition to anyone’s collection. They’re fun and easy to use and can make Zentangle drawing more relaxing.


  • Easy and fun to use
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Does not dry out quickly


  • Tend to snag on the paper

3. Dyvicl Black Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pens


The Dyvicl Black Micron Pens are multiple liner pens with micro points suitable for the Zentangle method. These drawing pens are for a wide range of purposes, including anime, sketches, illustrations, and manga. And if you love writing, you can also use these pens for bullet journaling and diaries.

These Drawing Pens by Dyvicl are already in a set of nine black pens, which are economical and practical, as you can always count on them for your Zentangle drawing. Pens also have tip sizes, including 0.2 mm for very fine lines.

I also liked that the ink is a water-resistant pigment and has archival quality. All pens also conform to the ASTM D426 standards. Finally, I love that that the ink is non-bleeding, smearing, or skipping. Overall, they are great pens offering a wide range of applications for the creative you!


  • Pens with different tip sizes
  • No skipping, smearing or bleeding through
  • Does not dissolve toner; photocopy-safe


  • Non-refillable

4. Sakura Zentangle Clamshell Pencil Set


Are you into the new hobby of Zentangle drawing? Add the Sakura 50011 into your collection! The pencil set helps you create lovely images using repetitive patterns and basic strokes, including circles and dots.

I also recommend the pens for the artistic satisfaction that they can offer. As Zentangle drawing helps people deal with hyperactivity disorders, stress, anxiety, and focus-related issues, it will benefit from using pens like the Clamshell Pencil Set.

The pens are versatile and valuable in that they introduce users to cross-cultural art, including Celtic knotting, Indian henna, Maori tattoos, and Zuni pottery. Adults or kids alike can enjoy using this 11-pc set for education and arts and crafts. The pens are also useful for corporate settings, architecture, and engineering.


  • It can offer artistic satisfaction and ideal for corporate settings
  • Promote an understanding of cross-cultural patterns and structured drawings
  • A set of 11 pens with different tips


  • A bit tricky to use for first-timers

5. PANDAFLY Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pens


Check out the PANDAFLY Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pens when choosing your Zentangle pens. They are versatile for different applications, including art watercolor and artist illustration. They are also multi-liners and with varying pen tips, allowing you to choose one for a specific purpose.

These pens are great for writing and drawing and suit writers, artists, and illustrators. What’s even better is that the pens conform to the ASTM D4236 standards. They also do not smear, fade, skip, or bleed and are safe to use.

The black pens are also suitable for many types of papers and can be used on vellum or trace. You can look forward to the outstanding line quality, ink solubility, and construction quality of these pens.

Overall, these pens are yours for clean lines and 100% freedom of expression. They are also helpful for corporate settings, illustrations, architecture, and design.


  • Versatile and easy to use for writing, illustrations, and bullet journaling
  • Conforms to the ASTM D4236 standards
  • Nontoxic and does not smear, skip, or bleed


  • Some reported that the pens dry pretty fast.

6. Sakura ZTGZ-03 Zentangle artist tool set


Practice and learn the Zentangle method with the ZTGZ-03 tool set! Using it, you can learn and focus more on your craft than on waiting for the ink to dry before drawing another line. The micron pens have superior quality and performance, allowing you to draw or create lovely repetitive patterns like S-lines, dots, and circles.

You will find it easier to draw structured patterns with these pens! They are not just intricately designed but also made with rich and quality ink that does not smear, bleed, or skip. The toolset works for many types of papers and can be used for illustrations, anime, manga, and drawing.

Overall, this artist’s toolset is one of the best starters that money can buy for your Zentangle drawings, illustrations, and bullet journaling.


  • Versatile and ideal for kids and adults
  • Easy to use and no bleeding through
  • Smoothly gliding ink


  • A few complaints receiving dried out pens

Pens for Zentangle Buying Guide

Looking at the numerous options from different brands, choosing a Zentangle pen to suit your style the best might prove a bit problematic. Some products offer almost the same features and quality making the choosing process harder. This guide will show you the essential factors to consider in choosing a Zentangle pen for your drawing needs.

Fast-drying ink

Zentangle is a meditative art style. It enhances focus and relaxation. Waiting for your ink to dry before you can add more colors might ruin the whole experience.

Adding colors or markers on a still wet pattern that you have worked on for some time will smear the art you have created. That is why it is best to look for a Zentangle pen with fast-drying ink for a more free-flowing and spontaneous experience.

Fine or broad tips?

Deciding on getting a broad tip or fine tip pen depends on what you want to do. If you prefer filling patterns with wide spaces, broad tips are more convenient. But for smaller spaces, fine tips are your way to go. Fine tips allow you to work efficiently on small details. Fineliners also work best for shading.

Compatibility with the paper

In choosing a Zentangle pen, you should also consider its compatibility with the paper you would work on. A pen glides differently on a textured paper compared to a glossy one. Ink quality is different on glossy paper compared to a matte one. Knowing how the paper quality affects your work, in general, would help you choose a pen that will work best for you.

Quality of Colors

Zentangle tiles are commonly white, black, or tan. Make sure to get a pen that allows you to create fine lines and shapes and, likewise, make the colors of your art pop whichever background color you have.

Other Thing to Consider before Buying


What is a pen for Zentangle?

A pen for Zentangle is a drawing tool used to create beautiful and structured patterns combining lines, curves, dots, and shapes. Zentangle is a fun way to relax and meditate. Some would like to call it meditative doodling because you do not have to think much about the result. Instead, you focus on each stroke and let your mind work freely.

Zentangle pens work just like a normal pen – you point it on a piece of paper and start drawing. But markers for Zentangle lets you work on detailed patterns and create solid lines and smooth gradients that make the Zentangle art style. It makes your art more vivid, structured, and permanent than an ordinary pen.

Types of Zentangle Pens

Zentangle pens come in a variety of pigments and quality. But an important distinction in Zentangle pens is their tips. Some tools have fine tips, while others have broad. Choosing which pen to go with ultimately depends on your style and the kind of art you wish to create.

  • Broad-tipped pens – Zentangle pens with broad tips are excellent for filling in large spaces. It makes the work much easier and faster to finish, especially if you are working on creating a bigger-sized art.
  • Fine-tipped pens – A lot of artists prefer using fine-tipped pen for Zentangle. Zentangle uses intricate lines and details. Fine-tipped pens are easier to work with manipulating minute information.

Why Do You Need Zentangle Pens?

Do you enjoy doing the Zentangle art style? Or do you want to learn and explore the art? Then you will need more than just an ordinary marker. Zentangle uses different shapes and lines to create a free-flowing pattern. If you see a Zentangle art, the first thing you might notice is how detailed the art is.

You can create lines and shapes using a normal pen, but the details that go in on a Zentangle art style require more than just an ordinary pen. The recommended pen for Zentangle are usually those tools that are pigmented, dries quickly, and permanent to create solid lines and patterns that pop.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular pens for Zentangle brands?

If you’ve just started with Zentangle for meditation, focus, and stress-relief or want to engage in a new hobby, especially in these times, you must select the right pen for your needs. One way to do that is to check for the pen brand for Zentangle drawing. A few of the best ones include Sakura, Dyvicl, and PANDAFLY.

What is a Zentangle?

A Zentangle, or the Zentangle method, is a relaxing, easy to learn, and creative way of creating lovely images through drawing structured patterns or tangles. You create tangles through a combination of lines, dots, S-curves, simple curves, and orbs. In Zentangle art, they are elemental strokes or simple shapes.

How to use Zentangle pens?

Anyone can practice and learn Zentangle art, which involves simple shapes and basic strokes like dots and circles. Even if you’re a beginner, don’t worry because you can be familiar with this drawing method using your Zentangle-pen.

First, don’t be hard on yourself! Focus on every stroke you make with your pen. Do not worry about what to do next or the finished product. Just let your mind flow and express your creativity.

After all, it’s the primary goal of Zentangle. It is unplanned, allows freedom, and promotes relaxation; thus, there is something called Zentangle meditation.

With your pen, you’ll know what to do when that time comes. No worries!Use your pen and just let yourself draw. Focus entirely on the task on hand and feel better.Take your time! Discover patterns, change or keep them, and then draw!

Where to buy pens for Zentangle?

Buy Zentangle pens on Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces. They’re also available in many eCommerce stores and manufacturer websites. Local bookstores and school supplies shops sell them, too.

What is the Best Pen for Zentangle?

  1. Sakura Micron Pen Set Zentangle
  2. Sakura Zentangle Pigma Apprentice Pen Set
  3. Dyvicl Black Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pens
  4. Sakura Zentangle Clamshell Pencil Set
  5. PANDAFLY Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pens
  6. Sakura Zentangle artist tool set

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Zentangle art promotes relaxation, creativity, and mindfulness! But to get the most of this drawing method, use the best pens for Zentangle! They should be easy to use, do not smear, skip, or bleed through, and must not quickly dry out. When buying these pen, it will also help find those in sets and pen with different tips to ensure versatility.

We believe that this buying guide must help you select the right Zentangle art pens with their pros and cons and features. And importantly, consider the factors and features when choosing from a wide range of choices for the best results. Buy Zentangle-pens today!

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