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The Best Permanent Markers for Plastic in 2023


Permanent markers are saving grace when people cannot count alone on memory. A simple reminder using the best permanent markers for plastics is necessary. It is like using note pads that help one to recollect a task or some details. These are good on food containers, bottles, boxes, and zip lock bags that are plastic-made.

Most often, permanent-markers are also a powerful instrument for art crafts. Personalized handwriting and other designs look cuter on the plastic surface with these pens that are vivid and long-lasting. Keep on scrolling below to find some more essential guide about permanent-markers for plastics.

Top 6 Best Permanent Markers for Plastic Reviews

1. Sharpie Assorted Colors Permanent Markers


Sharpie Permanent Markers are one of the popular items in the art world. A complete set is composed of eight vibrant colors that meant more options to pick. These markers will surely help you create pretty and lifelong designs on plastic surfaces. It can also work well on metals and papers.

What is more loveable about the Sharpie Permanent-Marker is that its inks dry fast, so expect no smear. In terms of physical appearance, these markers can go with anyone’s fashion style. The said pens got good packaging and a slim body for easy handling.

These pens are also AP certified; hence they are toxic-free and safe for your skin. Further, Sharpie Permanent-Markers have a chisel tip that is suitable in either bold or pivot lines. These markers undeniably have great value.


  • Multiple color options
  • Versatile chisel tip for different writing or drawing technique
  • Fade-resistant ink


  • Less ink

2. Shuttle Art 30 Colors Permanent Markers


The Shuttle Art Permanent Markers are assorted pens that can bring joy to children and adults. A set has 30 multiple colored markers, so you’ll never run out of choices. These pens are nice for drawing, scrapbooking, writing, and coloring.

What seems to be so special about the Shuttle Art Permanent-Marker is that they have high-quality ink. The pens’ ink dried faster than you think and does not bleed on surfaces, water-resistant and long-lasting. This set is also budget-friendly and durable.

All the Shuttle Art Permanent Markers have a fine tip that can produce beautiful results. You can try it by making marks on plastic, stones, metals and, paper. More importantly, these markers are acid-free. Therefore, they are very safe to be used by people.


  • Composed of many assorted colors
  • Water and fade resistant
  • Free of harmful toxins


  • Composed of slight chemical odor that can irritate users

3. BIC Intensity Metallic Permanent Marker


If you are looking for pens that give a shimmering effect on artworks, then BIC Intensity Metallic Permanent Marker is the right tool for you.There are 12 assorted metallic colors available. This set marks a sparkling design on both light and dark surfaces.

Each marker contains vapor seal technology, so the inks stay and do not dries out. Once marked on surfaces, the ink is permanent and remains vivid for the longest time. Also, its fine tip is very convenient to apply.

Furthermore, the point of the BIC Intensity Metallic Permanent Marker is fine. As a result, you can draw or write neatly and artistically through these pens. You can also count on this marker in terms of safety because it is acid-free and has less odor.


  • 12 metallic markers for vibrant effects
  • Ink that does not run dry easily
  • Less pungent odor


  • Some colors in the set are dull and unnoticeable

4. Phosea Paint Pens White Marker


When it comes to gift-giving, nothing can beat something that comes from the heart and personalized. If it is the kind of art you are aiming for, then Phosea Paint Pens White Marker is your perfect match. It comes in a set of 6 extra fine markers. Each piece is sturdy and cost-effective.

The best quality of the Phosea Paint Pens White Marker is its pure white ink. Its ink leaves charming designs on plastics, rocks, mugs, and woods. Another amazing characteristic of this marker is the convenience when using its 0.7 mm tip.

Phosea is also an honorable manufacturer. Its products are certified by ASTM D-4236. Hence, the marker is not poisonous and has no bad smell. Further, this marker will not disappoint as its ink last longer than the other markers.


  • Versatile 6 white markers for an attractive art piece
  • Waterproof permanent ink
  • Odorless ink


  • Marker dries easily

5. Iris & Olivia Acrylic Permanent Markers for Plastic


Another best marker for plastic is the one made by Iris & Olivia. Aside from the idea that it is safe for human use, it is also environment-friendly. This pen is water-based, toxic-free, and odorless. Thus, children can use this marker for art projects at home or school.

A set of Iris & Olivia acrylic permanent marker is composed of 12 multiple colors. Hence, a user can play and enjoy a lot of options. Moreover, the ink of these markers dries in no time once applied to various surfaces. It can go along with plastics, metal, ceramic, bags and shoes, rock, wood, and paper.

What is even more remarkable about this item is that it is fade-resistant even the ink gets exposed under the scorching sun.


  • Eco-friendly water-based ink
  • Includes 12 assorted color markers
  • It is versatile as it applies to various types of surfaces


  • Not durable frame

6. Arteza Permanent Markers Set


The Arteza Permanent-Markers Set is the last in our list of best permanent markers for plastic but not the least. This set has 36 black pens. If you are looking for a bulk purchase, this one is a great choice.

Although the Arteza Permanent-Markers Set cost lesser than the other brands, it has a competitive quality. Each marker in the group has a Japanese chisel point. This style brings legible output and convenience for fingertips.

This brand also put the best ink in its markers. All these Arteza pens are permanent and waterproof. They also dry immediately and do not bleed on surfaces. Further, these markers are certified by ACMI. They have no harmful materials; hence they are safe both for kids and adults.


  • High-quality ink that fades-resistant and waterproof
  • Non-toxic markers
  • These markers have a Japanese Chisel Tip for smooth control


  • No other color option but black

Permanent Markers for Plastic Buying Guide 

Picking the fairest plastic permanent marker for you should be an easy task. However, it can also be overwhelming. There are many brands, types, and shops to find for a marker.

This article aims to provide you with ideas to ponder regarding permanent marker for plastic. It is necessary to scrutinize them based on some factors to have the best one. Below are some of the things you must consider when looking for a permanent marker for plastics:

The quality of the ink – This is the top priority when buying a permanent marker that can work on plastic. It is always better to try first the permanent marker on a sample plastic surface if it sticks. A permanent marker should be resistant to water and does not fade ever.

Another characteristic of a high-quality marker is when its ink does not smudge and dries up quickly when applies to plastic.

Safety – The material and chemicals used for the permanent marker for plastic are the next consideration. Legit sellers are certified by ASTM. Always look for this certification to make sure that the item passed quality standards.

There are permanent-markers for plastic that are acid-free and water-based. These are safe for the people and the environment. You might also want to consider the smell of the pen. It is better to choose a piece without a strong chemical odor.

Type of Tip – Why does a permanent marker point be something to ponder? It is because the tip affects the performance of a marker. Some of the most popular types of permanent-markers are the chisel, bullet, and brush.

You may decide which one you need base on your task or project. The bullet tip is known to be better for writing and coloring. On the other hand, a chisel type is more applicable for calligraphy and lettering.

Other things to Consider before buying 


What is a plastic permanent marker?

Plastic permanent marker is one of the greatest inventions that levels up the writing and doing art on plastic surfaces. This marker is a type of marker that applies effectively to various things like plastic cups, bottles, boxes, and walls. It is an essential tool at home, office, and school.

A permanent marker is not removable once it touched the plastic. Hence, it is a favorite tool in putting labels and designs on surfaces. Plastic permanent marker comes in various kinds, colors, sizes, prices, and tip styles.

Types of permanent marker works on plastic?

There are many types of permanent markers for plastic. They come in different packages, colors, brands, and sizes. But if we are going to base it on the marker’s tip, the following are its common types:

Chisel Tip Permanent-Marker – You can recognize this marker by its slightly flat and slanted point. It can perform excellently in projects that involve lettering, drawing, and calligraphy.

Fine Tip Permanent-Marker – This type of marker has the cutest point. Hence, it is perfect for producing artworks that require fine details, more doodling, and taking notes.

Brush Tip Permanent-Marker – It is one of the most versatile and flexible types of permanent marker. You may use it for either thin and thick lines. Further, it is effective in various tasks such as lettering, drawing, sketching, and coloring.

Bullet Tip Permanent-Marker – This one is the most common markers. Its tip is round and is suitable for coloring.

Why do you need permanent markers for plastic?

The following are the importance of permanent markers for plastic:

  • The markers with permanent ink are an effective instrument for the expression of yourself, emotions, and art;
  • Permanent-markers are fade-resistant, so it saves you time in writing words or images on plastic surfaces again and again;
  • Marker with long-lasting ink is cost-effective because it prevents you from repeatedly replacing the labels on plastics;
  • Permanent-markers add fun and attractive aesthetics on surfaces and places;
  • Using a permanent marker for art is one effective stress-reliever;
  • Permanent-markers are easy to use and accessible from the office and school supply

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular permanent marker for plastic brands?

Art savvy people have a lot of brands to evaluate to find the permanent marker for plastics. Some of the leading brands in the pen industry are Sharpie, Shuttle Art, BIC, Phosea, Iris & Olivia, and Arteza.

There are more brands, but the above mention names are the most popular and tested through generations. These companies thrive well in producing the best supplies of markers. The quality and prices of permanent-markers may also vary based on their brands.

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How to remove permanent-markers from hard plastics?

At times, it happens that we erroneously write a label on plastic. The problem now is how to remove this permanent-marker. No worries because the solution is not a big secret.

There are several ways to undo the stain made by the permanent-marker on surfaces. The best way is to use a dry-erase marker. Just highlight the writing or image with the dry-erase marker. Afterward, the stain will go with the cloth or tissue as you wipe the surface.

Permanent-marker can also be erased from plastics through the application of acetone and rubbing alcohol.

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Where to buy it?

Permanent-markers for plastic are available in many offices and school supply shops. Some grocery stores even have markers in their stocks. However, if you want to find more options, you may look at art shops inside the malls.

Online shopping is another choice if you want a more convenient way to buy a permanent marker for plastic. You may instantly browse and order from various online stores like Amazon. You only must add up for the delivery cost.

What is the Best Permanent Marker for Plastic

  1. Sharpie Assorted Colors Permanent-Markers
  2. Shuttle Art 30 Colors Permanent Markers
  3. BIC Intensity Metallic Permanent Marker
  4. Phosea Paint Pens White Marker
  5. Iris & olivia Acrylic Permanent Markers for Plastic
  6. Arteza Permanent-Markers Set


This article is your guide in looking for the best permanent markers for plastic. It tackled the primary considerations when buying the right instrument for art. You may also use the review of some items in this write-up to lead your way in finding the most appropriate marker for your project.

There are tons of markers in town, but the facts above may help you trim down your options. More research may also be a good idea if you still need more details about pens. Success in the purchase of permanent marker for plastic is based on your satisfaction.

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