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The Best Redacting Markers for 2023


Redacting markers go beyond the school and office supplies section because its uses are basically endless. Markers are used to label containers, for marking wood and cardboard projects, for arts and crafts and for other home chores. The best redacting markers will provide a long-lasting mark that won’t fade with weather changes nor constant use.

Writing like a pro doesn’t have to be hard when you are using redacting markers that serve its purpose. The best ones should be able to handle the office, school, home, and industrial setting. Read on if you are looking for the best markers that will leave a striking impression.

Top 6 Best Redacting Markers Reviews

1. Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker Chisel Tip


Are you constantly working on projects that require large markings? This king size permanent marker from Sharpie gets the job done quickly. It can survive even the toughest settings with its plastic barrel. You don’t have to worry about dropping this marker often because the felt tip is sturdy and can stand up for a long time, even with constant use.

Because it is larger than what is commonly available, you are assured that you can tackle whatever big project that will come your way. Running dry quickly is also something you should not worry about, because the barrel is big enough to hold ink for some time.

Unlike other markers, the Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker dries up easily. It is also water resistant, perfect for outdoor use and for those items that are prone to water exposure. This pen also marks on almost all surfaces, including the wet and oily surfaces.


  • Extra-large barrel that holds more ink
  • Tough body that can handle a lot of stress
  • Durable felt tip that can withstand a long time


  • Chunky to bring around.

2. Artline Secure Marker Redacting Pen


If you are looking for a marker that leaves a bold imprint, the Artline Secure Marker Redacting Pen is the best one in line. While some markers easily fade and give off that underneath reflection when not properly marked, this pen from Artline is perfect if you want to block important information.

You can use this marker to cover for your mailing details, price tags, prescription bottles and other sensitive documents. It also has a chisel point for a smooth gliding pattern when writing. It also does not give off that strong marker scent. This pen comes in a set of 5 or 12, so you can use them endlessly.


  • Blacks out important information
  • Does not have a strong scent
  • Comes in a set of 5 or 12


  • One pen does not really last a long time

3. ExcelMark Security Redaction Marker


Keep your essential information to yourself by using the ExcelMark Security Redaction Marker. It easily blacks out sensitive documents with ease. It glide smoothly on various surfaces where confidential information is printed. If you are looking for a pen that will hide the details of your mail, prescription bottles, or price tags on gifts, the ExcelMark is the marker you should get.

This marker also writes in a fine tip or a thick line, depending on your preference. It works best on dry surfaces and can hide your information.

It also does not waste ink you need to shake it prior so ink is stored safely while you are not using your marker. Aside from that, you can purchase this item individually, in packs of 6 and in a set of 12 markers.


  • Glides smoothly to hide details on various surfaces
  • Can print out fine and thick lines
  • Comes in a single, set of 6 and set of 12 markers


  • It usually smells like alcohol upon use

4. Artline Secure Marker Chisel EKSC-4

If you want a jet black marker that secures out your vital information, choose the Artline Secure Marker 4mm. This has a fiber nib that is perfect for writing on a lot of paper products and other surfaces. The chisel style tip also allows you to write thick and think lines with ease.

This water-based ink will cover most of your important details from the mail, to price tags, prescription bottle markings, and other sensitive documents. It also uses a pigment or liquid ink that works best when covering information under black ink as well.

No ink will go to waste with this marker as it has a valve action that prevents leaking of the liquid ink when not in use. It is perfect for home, office and school use.


  • Black ink covers sensitive information in various paper products
  • Uses a valve mechanism on its barrel
  • Chisel style that will write thick and thin lines


  • Does not last long

5. TICONDEROGA RediMark Permanent Markers


The best redacting pen in the market that does not smell would have to be the Ticonderoga RediMark Permanent Marker. Their ink formula is made with a low-odor technology that still leaves a bold mark on most surfaces.

This water-based marker works excellent in various surfaces. One of the leading features of this pen is that it does not bleed through different paper products, making it the best companion for most arts and crafts projects.

Ticonderoga RediMark is also AP-certified to be non-toxic, so it is safe for home use, even with pets and children around. The chisel-shaped tip is designed for users to be able to write broad and narrow lines with ease.


  • It does not have a strong smell
  • Write on almost all surfaces
  • It does not bleed through paper


  • Dries up easily when not in use

6. ExcelMark Roller Stamp and Redaction Marker


The solution to identity theft is in your hands with the ExcelMark Roller Stamp and Redaction Marker. This an excellent buddy when you want to hide your tax details, bank statement, junk mail, bill address, and other sensitive information.

Unlike using a regular pen, the ExcelMark is a roller stamp that has a wide coverage for covering a lot of your personal information. It also has an adjustable length that will suit most of your documents. It therefore saves you time in concealing all of your information to potential thieves.

This marker is also easy to use and it is pre-inked, so you don’t have be hassled with ink transferring. The cover is also designed to keep the ink fresh for the next use.


  • Roller stamp form that is easy to use in blurring out information
  • It has a wide coverage and adjustable length for various documents
  • Pre-inked for convenience


  • Can spill a lot of ink when pressed downward excessively

Redacting Marker Buying Guide

Out of all the different brands you can choose from, it is often hard to decide which one to buy that best suits your needs. Often, these products offer almost the same features and quality, and it is hard to tell the difference unless you have tried them out yourself.

This guide will show you some of the essential features to look for in a redacting marker to help you decide. Finding a quality marker that works for you is guaranteed if you take note of the following considerations.

Darkness of Ink

One of the most important things to consider in choosing a redacting marker is the ink’s coverage. The whole point of a redacting marker is that it should hide all kinds of marks – printed or written. The ink should conceal even bright-colored texts and marks on both rough and glossy paper.

Ink Flow

A quality marker should have an excellent ink flow. If your marker does not dispense ink efficiently even after applying pressure, then it is not the right one for your needs. It would be best if you had a marker that’s easy to use and adequately dispenses ink without bleeding to the other side of the page.

Ink Volume

Everybody wants a product that can last, not one that’s gone after a few uses. It would be best if you watched out for the ink volume of the marker. Look for a tool that comes with a lot of ink to last you a long time.


In choosing a product, it is beneficial to compare the prices and go for the one that fits your budget best. Buying in bulk is also practical if you deal with sensitive information on a daily. You can save more if you buy a bundle of markers instead of buying a single marker every time.

Other Things to Consider Before Buying 


What is a redacting marker?

A redacting marker is a tool used to redact or conceal sensitive and confidential information in a document, such as a name, address, or contact number. You can typically find it in an office setting. This tool provides more coverage than an ordinary marker. Instead of keeping and obliterating the document, you just run the pen over the sensitive information to hide it from prying eyes.

Redacting markers typically have a paint-like ink that is different from the watery consistency of a regular marker. Its ink is thicker and permanent capable of concealing printed or written texts, and even covers colored marks. If you deal with sensitive documents, you will find yourself quite acquainted with blackout markers.

Types of redacting markers

All redacting marker works the same way – press it over the text and spread. Redacting markers, however, differ in tip shapes.

  • Brush tip marker – Brush tips are commonly used to make fine strokes and are versatile. You can use it to make variable-width strokes.
  • Chisel tip marker – Chiseled tips are often preferred because of their optimal coverage with their broad flat side. It also cuts edges seamlessly.
  • Fine tip marker –These markers are excellent for blacking information in a closely-spaced document.
  • Bullet tip marker –Bullet tip pens are generally cheaper, but it is harder to work on smaller texts.

Why do you need redacting markers?

Sometimes there is a need to hide private information in a document to avoid information leaks or, more importantly, identity theft. Some might even take advantage of the information on prescription bottles. Others shred and eradicate the document to be safe. But then what if you want to keep the record for future use? For this, this is where a redacting marker is handy.

A regular market cannot fully cover a text with its watery consistency; it is only enough to mark a document. A redacting marker is more efficient with its darker and thicker ink. It can blackout all relevant information in a record so you can still keep the document without having to worry about someone accessing that sensitive information.

Frequently Asked Questions



What are the most popular redacting markers brands?

Artline is a famous brand for redacting markers. They have good coverage and pigment and are very affordable. If you are looking for a budget-friendly pen, a marker from Artline is an excellent choice. Sharpie pens are popular as well. Although they are not necessarily redacting pens, their black pens are very pigmented, enough to hide sensitive texts.

Overall, the most popular brands include Sharpie, Artline, ExcelMark, and TICONDEROGA.

Which marker lasts the longest?

Although Sharpie markers are an excellent alternative, redacting markers are still more efficient in concealing information, and they last for a long time. The inks of censoring markers are also long-lasting, while sharpie pens can fade over time.

How to use redacting markers?

To activate a redacting marker, shake it first and press it down on a piece of paper until the nib retracts and the ink starts to flow. Once it is activated, you can start using it over texts.

Where to buy redacting markers?

You can easily find redacting markers in your local school or office supply stores. Smaller shops and some convenient shops also carry these markers. If you want, you can also find a wide variety of options to choose from in online shops such as Amazon.

What is the Best Redacting Marker?

  • Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker Chisel Tip
  • Artline Secure Marker Redacting Pen
  • ExcelMark Security Redaction Marker
  • Artline Secure Marker Chisel EKSC-4
  • TICONDEROGA RediMark Permanent Markers
  • ExcelMark Roller Stamp and Redaction Marker


Document protection should be one of your priorities because identity theft is not a joke. A lot of information can be taken with your bills, medication bottles, and other package documents that may be left outside or thrown away. Having the best redacting markers will keep all your sensitive information away from potential criminals.

Redacting markers are also useful for home and office use. It can be used to label out a lot of everyday things, and can be used for various projects. The industrial setting can also make use of the best markers for most of their leading plans.

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