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The Best Skin Tone Markers for 2023


Another art supply that should in your collections are skin tone markers. These instruments are useful, especially when your subject is a portrait of people. The best skin tone markers are artists’ best friends in producing a masterpiece.

It is nice that skin tone markers are now available in most art supply shops. Just like all other vibrant color markers, skin tone markers are now in demand. It is not surprising because this type of shade makes any artwork more realistic.

Hence, if you want to be more adventurous in your next piece, try this up. As a starter guide, we have compiled reviews and insights about skin tone markers here.

Top 6 Best Skin Tone Markers Reviews

1. Copic Skin Tones Markers

Copic-Skin-Tones-MarkersThese flesh-colored Copic Markers are suitable for artists, fashion designers, and arts and crafts enthusiasts. Even people in architecture as well as comics, manga, and anime artists use them for their dependability. I noticed that these markers blend well and I could put my drawings and sketches to life easily with them.

The Copic Markers aren’t just highly-blendable, but they also do emit low odor, which doesn’t bother me at all. In addition, the flesh-colored markers don’t pile or ruin my paper as my water-based markers did in the past.

The nibs are also replaceable and the markers are refillable.

This set also comes with six pieces of beautiful skin tone colors that I can choose from and use to make my drawings more alive! These alcohol-based markers leave permanent marks and are excellent additions to my marker collection, and anyone, beginner or not, would appreciate their reliability.


  • Permanent and non-toxic alcohol-based ink
  • Reliable nibs for quick and easy shading, blending, and marking
  • Six pieces set adds to marker collection


  • Some issues about receiving the wrong pen colors

2. Winsor & Newton ProMarker Skin Tones Set

Winsor-&-Newton-ProMarker-Skin-Tones-SetThis Winsor & Newton set comes with six different skin tone markers, which I believe even the pros would appreciate for their beautiful shades and excellent finish on paper. These markers are professional quality and the color spectrum is awesome, resembling real skin tone, which I could use for my fashion designs.

The colors are realistic and vivid, which make them suitable for artistic applications, including comic illustration and other craft activities. I also liked the dual tips that give me more options on how to use it. There is this fine tip, which works perfectly for lining and detailing, while the broad one for filling in and shading the larger part of my drawings.

The skin tone markers are also ideal for blending, although you must be very careful not to over soak the paper. Nevertheless, I love the smooth transition when producing new colors through blending.


  • Highly-blendable and smooth transitions
  • Versatile for different applications
  • Dual tips for more uses


  • Bleeding issues for thin-grade papers

3. Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Tombow-Dual-Brush-Pen-Art-MarkersFirst of all, the pen art markers come 10 pieces per pack, which means more addition to a marker collection. However, it’s not only the quantity that most artists will like about this Tombow but also the quality of the pens.

The art markers are highly blendable, allowing me to create darker or lighter shades depending on my preference. The translucent quality of the pens gives me an opportunity to achieve depth and opacity to my blending task.

The dual tips then give artists the chance to use these pens for different purposes like lining and filling in larger areas with ease. I use the brush tip to achieve different sized strokes from fine to bold ones very useful for applications like lettering and drawing.

The fine tip is excellent for detailing, writing on a journal, and lining. Not to forget, I liked the color coding on the caps that lets me choose which pen I need quickly.


  • Easy to blend and versatile
  • 10 pieces per set vs. 6 pieces sets
  • Vibrant water-based pen markers


  • Might soak up thin paper

4. Ohuhu 24 Skin Tone Colors Alcohol Markers

Ohuhu-24-Skin-Tone-Colors-Alcohol-MarkersI’ve been using Ohuhu Skin Tone Markers since I was in college and until now I do. These markers are some of my favorites because there are 24 quality alcohol-based markers that I can select from and use for my artwork.

Each of these markers has dual tips – the brush and the chisel. I often use the chisel for coloring the larger parts of my drawing and the brush one for calligraphic strokes.

I also enjoy blending using these pens because they don’t smudge paper or ruin drawings. They also don’t leave blotchy parts on paper, helping me come up with lovely effects on my artwork.

I believe even beginners need pens like this if they’re concerned about color fading or smudging like with water-based pens. Nevertheless, these alcohol-based markers are cool to add in anyone’s art tools and materials collection. They’re highly-reliable and easy to use.


  • Dries up quickly
  • Blends beautifully
  • Color-coded caps for organization


  • Issues receiving dried out pens

5. Art-n-Fly Skin Tone Markers Set

Art-n-Fly-Skin-Tone-Markers-SetWhether for illustrations, comics, and manga as well as professional design, architecture, and landscaping, this 12-pc marker set offers topnotch performance. The flesh tone markers allow for easy overlaying, offering varying depth, tonal variation, and opacity. Sometimes, I use them with my blender marker pen, and they give me the results I want each time.

The ink is refillable and the tips are replaceable. So when I need to replace the nibs, I can easily do it and get more out of these markers. The pricing is also more affordable than more expensive brands like Copic.

These artist’s grade markers, which can be used for illustrations and sketches as well, come with dual tips, making them more versatile for different applications.

Shading and blending are also quite easy with these markers, allowing me to bring out my creativity all the time. I think even fans of coloring books would appreciate trying their hands on these lovely pens.


  • Refillable ink and replaceable tips
  • Vibrant and lovely colors
  • Can be used with a blender marker


  • Issues receiving a dried out marker in the set

6. Artify 24 Skin Tone Markers

Artify-24-Skin-Tone-MarkersWhen looking for dependable markers, you might also want to consider these ARTIFY Alcohol Brush Markers, which are perfect for adult coloring and other applications, like illustrations, manga, comics, and sketches.

Fashion designers and architecture students will also find them useful. These skin tone markers are also ideal for experienced artists. More so, the multicolor sets are with 24 nice flesh-toned colors that offer more varieties and opportunities for blending and shading.

This set also comes with a convenient carry case and features color-coded caps for organization and marker zones for ease of use. These markers are also designed to offer easy sanded grip, offering non-slip use.

Different styles are also possible with the pens, and that’s thanks to their brush and chisel tips. Artists, kids, and all other types of users can choose which tip is suitable for their application and needs.


  • Doesn’t smudge on paper
  • 24 pieces of skin tone colored markers
  • Works perfectly for different applications


  • Pens dry up quickly so keep them covered when not in use

Skin Tone Markers Buying Guide

Choices can be overwhelming; hence choosing the best marker palette can be confusing at times. Before you dive on a shopping spree, you must know what to look for, so you land the best one. There are two main factors that you must have to consider when looking for a skin tone marker.

The Intensity of Color or Shade

Sure, marker colors like black, red, and blue can be available in many shops. However, the skin tones are quite rare, and sometimes these are out of stock in small shops. Further, there are many shades for skin tone markers. The good news is you can start on the basics.

If you want to achieve a light tone on your artworks, you may try some palettes such as barley beige, skin white, and pale pink.

On the other hand, the copper is appropriate for a dark shade. If the goal is to show an average skin tone, then go for hues like tea rose and dark suntan.

Beginners may try to pick a set with six skin tone colors first. Markers also now have a corresponding code number to differentiate the colors.

Quality of Ink

Ink is what makes a marker. Hence, you must be careful in choosing one. Some good features are waterproof, abrasive resistant, odorless, and toxin-free ink.

The common types of marker are water-based and alcohol-based. Water-based marker has a lighter texture. You may also adjust the tone with water.

On the other hand, an alcohol-based marker has heavier ink flow for a more intense coloring. It is also called a permanent marker because its mark is fade resistant. Consider your art genre to decide which type of instrument is best for you.

Type of Point

The tip of the Skin tone marker affects the performance of the pen and the artists. Some of the popular types of marker points are the chisel, broad, and brush. Each of these tips can equally make art, but they have their strengths and weaknesses. The most versatile type is the brush tip.

What is a skin tone marker?


A skin tone marker is a type of pen with colors that resembles almost all types of skin color. Some of these colors are nude, sand, light peach, light pink, brown, blush, caramel, and copper. Many artists invest on skin tone marker because it gives more realistic vibe to any art project.

Types of skin tone markers

The types of skin tone markers are alcohol, water, and oil-based markers.

  • An Alcohol-based Skin Tone Marker is made of alcohol solution. Most of the permanent markers are alcohol-based.
  • A Water-based Skin Tone Marker is composed of water solution. It activates and blends through the water.
  • An Oil-based Skin Tone Marker is a permanent pen that is excellent in putting marks on metals and stone.

Why do you need skin tone markers?

Choosing a marker depends on someone’s preference, expression of art, and genre.

At times, the collection of art instruments reflects the technique of an artist. But each artist should have a skin tone marker because of some advantages. Below are the reasons you need a skin tone marker.

  • A skin tone marker is versatile. The color of this marker is almost a requirement for all paintings and other forms of art. This shade of pen will always be a favorite and an essential tool for art.
  • It adds beauty to artwork. A well-blended skin tone marker looks surreal on drawings. A lot of exhibit goers highly appreciate skin tone texture from paintings. The images enhanced by skin tone marker look like they will come to life in no time.
  • These markers are fun to use. They are for the adventurous artist who is fond of experimenting with their arts. They are easy to adjust and mix up with other colors to achieve the ultimate output.
  • Skin tone markers are easy to find. Manufacturers of this type of marker thrive well; hence, they are widely available worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular skin tone marker brands?

The skin tone markers are one of the most in-demand items in art supplies. It is no surprise because it makes images lively and more interesting. That is why there are companies that take initiatives to produce such products.

Nowadays, there are many popular brands of skin tone markers. Some of these are Molotow, Krink, Markal, Montana, and Sakura. The list goes on if you search for skin tone markers shop online.

How do I use skin tone markers?

It takes time, guidance, and practice to master skin tone markers. A mixture of excellent tools and talent often result to a positive outcome. Here are the primary ideas to consider in the application of skin tone marker:

Be familiar with the image that you want to draw and its type of skin tone. If you know your subject, hence it will be easy to pick the right colors.

  1. Start tracing the edges of the image with darker completion. It is the side where shadow settles.
  2. Pick a lighter skin tone marker for the areas that are exposed by the light.
  3. Blend a little the dark and light area to make it more realistic.
  4. Once you finish tracing and coloring all lines and edges, evaluates the entire art and adjust other areas if necessary.
  5. You may further seek assistance from a formal art school or watch YouTube videos to learn more on how to use skin tone markers.

Where to buy?

Skin tone markers are rare products. But there is a wide market for this art instrument. Hence, there is a lot of manufacturers that venture into their production. At present, skin tone markers are available to various stores.

One can find this item at the nearby school and office supplies, malls, and convenience stores. Online shops like Amazon and e-bay also sell skin tone markers.

What is the Best Skin Tones Marker

  • Copic Skin Tones Markers
  • Winsor & Newton ProMarker Skin Tones Set
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers
  • Ohuhu 24 Skin Tone Colors Alcohol Markers
  • Art-n-Fly Skin Tone Markers Set
  • Artify 24 Skin Tone Markers

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In this article, we have enlisted the possible options for the nicest skin tone marker. We included some tips to serve as guidance in buying skin tone pens.

Over time, people that are passionate about art thought of other tools to enhance their crafts. One of the innovations brought by advanced technology is the invention of the best skin tone markers.

Although we have presented various suggestions and advice, the right skin tone marker for an artist is subjective. It highly depends on someone’s taste and genre. In art, one must follow his heart, and so in picking which skin tone marker match his personality and art. Happy creating!

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