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Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Glass?


Can you use dry erase markers on glass? If you’re like most hobbyists, you’re probably interested in this question.  These markers are excellent and versatile that they can be compatible to use on whiteboards. The marker is also ideal for signboards as well as overhead projector films.  For the most of us that use dry erase markers for designs and calculations, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to use our dry erase markers, and that’s a great idea.

So, can you use these markers on glass? The answer is yes, you can! You can try them on window panes to write messages, reminders, and other things. You can easily do it on the toilet mirror or window. But in the following, we’re discussing more about these dry markers! If you’re ready, keep reading.

What’s a Dry Erase Marker?

The marker is used commonly on whiteboards and works like a permanent marker.  It is a common and easy to use writing marker that works well on a mirror, glass, or metal, too.  However, it can stain a porous material quickly if you’re uncareful. Typically, this marker is with ink of color pigments, a combination of a polymer (release agent) and a chemical solvent.  It can be removed, but not if you’re using it on a non-porous surface, such as paper or cloth. In these cases, the ink becomes permanent.

What are the Components of a Dry Erase Marker?

These dry erase markers are with resin, specially denatured alcohol 40, and isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol). As they contain flammable alcohol, you must be extra careful in using them as well as not exposing them to fire. It also harms the lungs to inhale these markers’ fumes.

Then, the SD alcohol – 40 is ethanol and is a common ingredient in some cosmetic products, household products, and alcoholic beverages.   Lastly, it has resin which alcohol can easily dissolve and is from plants. Resin can melt when other chemicals, including those in these markers, are mixed into it.

Dry erase markers can be wiped off or erased using alcohol or plain water due to these chemical components.

What’s the difference between a dry erase marker and a permanent marker?

It is all about the polymer used in the manufacture. In the case of a permanent marker, an acrylic polymer is used to allow the pigment to stay firmly on the surface. On the other hand, a dry erase marker uses an oily silicone polymer.

Can I use these Dry Erase Markers on Mirrors?

Yes, you can! They work well on mirrors because the latter are also non-porous materials. Remember that a mirror is glass and it has a shiny, reflective covering. It works best for a dry erase marker. If you want to write specific words or messages on bathroom mirror because you want to remember them, you can do it easily with dry erase marker.

Need to apply moisturizer, serum, or another skincare product after a bath?  Write this reminder on a bathroom mirror!

Want to write some inspirational quotes or messages to keep you motivated? Go ahead and write them on a bathroom mirror.  You can read these messages every day and keep going to conquer your day no matter how challenging your days may be.

Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Windows?

Yes, you can use them to write on windows. As said earlier, these markers are compatible with glass paned windows. Also, glass is a non-porous material/surface. They’re great for non-porous surfaces; thus, you can use them safely and conveniently on glass windows. Alternatively, you can check out some recycling/junk shops in your area to find in your community and buy used glass doors or windows for this activity/task.

Want to erase dry erase markers on glasses? It is easy to do and you never have to worry. Some erasing materials are methyl ethyl ketone, MEK, and acetone. Alternatively, some people also use a nail polish remover in erasing these markers, while the others use a damp paper towel.

Can I use it on a laminated paper?

The good news is YES. As this paper is non-porous, as it’s cured to create a composite paper, it is compatible to work with a dry erase marker.  Take note though that it’s not easy to remove once you’ve used such markers on a laminated paper.  But to remove it effectively, you must use a magic eraser or rubbing alcohol.

What are Other Uses of a Dry Erase Marker?

It is used on mirrors, including your favorite vanity mirror, as well as in reminding yourself of phone numbers, upcoming dates, and important reminders. It is also used in writing funny messages for friends, family members, or special someone that passes by the mirror.

If you like writing on reusable notecards, you’re in luck! You can also use a dry erase marker to write reminders on a notecard that you can convert into an erase board.  In addition, dry erase markers are great for creative thinking tasks and brainstorming.

​You can also use a dry erase marker in labelling, such as in healthy meal preparation tasks, which can help improve your lifestyle and overall health. This marker is perfect for organizing things and labeling, nevertheless.

Final Thoughts

Can you use dry erase markers on glass?  Yes, because it’s non-porous like mirrors, window panes as well as laminated paper, among others.  All glasses are compatible with dry erase markers, and they also include glassware. These markers are also used in labs when writing important reminders but on glass materials.

These markers are so versatile that they can be used effectively on most non-porous surfaces including mirrors and glass paned windows included. They are removable with acetone, rubbing alcohol, and nail polish remover. However, don’t used them on porous materials that can absorb the ink and make it hard to remove or permanent.

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