About Us

Bexley Pen Company
Everything Old is New Again – with a little design help!

The Bexley Pen Company was founded in 1993 by a handful of vintage pen enthusiasts. After decades of admiring, collecting, and restoring vintage writing instruments, we wanted to use modern technology to create American classic designs reminiscent of the Golden Age of Fountain Pens. Bexley manufactures high quality writing instruments in Columbus, Ohio, USA and distributes them to dealers around the world.

Our product designs take inspiration from these classics. Some of our pens are manufactured from ebonite, a hardened rubber material that was popular before modern plastics came into use in the 1920’s. Our premium pens often feature filigree overlays, an elegant style that became popular in the early 1900’s. We create designs with shapes reminiscent of classic design trends, like stream line shapes that were popular during the 1930’s in everything from locomotives to household objects. We also use a variety of filling systems for our pens. A few can be filled with an eyedropper, some fill using a push button, and many accept either ink cartridges or a piston actuated converter.

We take great care to make distinctive writing instruments for the discerning customer. We use computer controlled equipment, and decades of precision manufacturing experience, to produce components to exacting specifications. Our skilled craftsmen carefully hand assemble and polish each pen. We produce American classic designs of impeccable quality.

We hope that you can share our enthusiasm for fine writing instruments with the Bexley of your choice.

2840 – B Fisher Road
Columbus, OH 43204