Boutique 1 – 12 Bexley Special Development Design New Style Prometheus

Bexley Special Development Design New Style Prometheus

The Bexley Prometheus collection will be re-introduced this fall in not as yet determined production colors. These are developmental pens in 12 colors of materials on hand to see how the pen will look These large pens will be and this group is produced as Cartridge-converter filling only. The pen fills from a bottle using the supplied converter or it will accept short international cartridges. Each pen has a black grip section with matching top and bottom screws in black. Clip and metal ring finishes listed below:

Mint Chip – gold plated trim (1)

Red/Black Marble – gold plated trim (2)

Raspberry/Black Hard Rubber – gold plated trim (3)

Bronze Pearl – gold plated trim (4)

Mandarin Yellow – gold plated trim (5)

Purple/Black Hard Rubber – rhodium plated trim (6)

Green/Black Hard Rubber – gold plated trim (7)

Blue/Black Hard Rubber – rhodium plated trim (8)

Red/green Celluloid – gold plated trim (9)

Red Matrix – gold plated trim (10)

Green Marble – gold plated trim (11)

Cardinal Orange – gold plated trim (12)

Each is available with your choice of fine, medium or broad stainless steel nib size.
Sale Price: $189.00 (Acrylics), $219.00 (Hard Rubber), Call for availability and pricing (Celluloid)

CONTACT us to make sure this is still available!