Return Form

Contact Bexley Pen to discuss the concern you have with your Bexley fine writing instrument.

Download this repair form.

Ship this completed form, along with the pen to be repaired to:

Bexley Pen Company 2840-B Fisher Road, Columbus, OH 43204

First and Last Name:
Return shipping address:
Primary email address:
Preferred Phone Number
Indicate Phone Type: Home, Business, Mobile

Describe the nature of the problem to be resolved:

We ask that you do the following when you make a repair shipment to Bexley:
1) Contact us first to see if this is a warranty issue.
2) Complete the Repair Form.
3) Empty any ink from the pen and rinse off the nib with cold water.
4) Wrap your pen so that it will not be damaged during shipment. Put it in a small, sturdy cardboard box. (It is not necessary to return it in the original packaging.)
5) Include the completed Repair Form in the package.
6) Include a check or money order for $10.00, payable to Bexley Pen Company, to cover the return shipping and insurance. We recommend that you insure the package for the full replacement value, and ship it using a method that allows you to track the delivery (USPS Delivery Confirmation, UPS, FedEx…)