How to Get Fountain Pen Ink Off Skin?


Fountain pens are elegant, making them the go-to writing instrument for people with refined tastes. As polished as fountain pens are, they can also be pretty messy. Although water-based, the ink contains different molecules that can stain the skin when refilling the pen or cleaning it. Worry no more because I will share 11 ways … Read more

How to Store a Fountain Pen?


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When Was the Ballpoint Pen Invented?


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How to Fill a Fountain Pen?


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How to Clean a Fountain Pen?


Owning a fountain pen seems fancy until you realize that it requires much more maintenance than any other type of pen. It needs to be taken care of and thus cleaned regularly to work well as your writing companion. If you don’t, even the fanciest and most expensive fountain pen won’t last that long. Periodic … Read more

How to Get Dry Erase Marker off Clothes?


Dry erase markers aren’t soluble in water and are for use only in non-porous materials, including mirrors, glass, and porcelain materials. They also contain release agents and pigments, which do not come out when they come into contact with and become absorbed on porous materials, including fiber. But then, don’t frown because there is still … Read more

How to Make Gel Pens Work Again?


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