How to Flatten Wrinkled Paper?


No one wants to use crumpled, rolled, or wrinkled paper for an art project. So, if you’re faced with the same problem, how would you bring back the paper’s original condition so that you can proceed with the task? You know so well that flattening it with your hand is not enough. The good thing … Read more

How To Remove Mold From Paper Artwork?


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Can You Use Oil Pastels on Canvas?


Can you use oil pastels on canvas? Beginning the journey to becoming an artist can be quite a struggle. This is especially true for those who have yet to master any painting medium. One of the most forgiving media is a set of oil pastels. Molded-in sticks, oil pastels are made from oils, pigments, and … Read more

How To Seal Charcoal Drawings?


How to seal charcoal drawings? It is a matter of debate whether a charcoal drawing should be sealed with a fixative after its completion. Some agree in hopes of preserving the art piece from smearing. On the contrary, others disagree, asserting that if not done correctly, the loss of charcoal fragments and reduced product value … Read more

How to Use Watercolor Paint in Tubes?


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How to Fill a Fountain Pen?


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How to Clean a Fountain Pen?


Owning a fountain pen seems fancy until you realize that it requires much more maintenance than any other type of pen. It needs to be taken care of and thus cleaned regularly to work well as your writing companion. If you don’t, even the fanciest and most expensive fountain pen won’t last that long. Periodic … Read more

How to Get Washable Marker Off Skin?


Artists who love the arts know that sometimes working on their project can get their clothes and skin messy. However, some washable markers aren’t meant for use on skin because they contain a number of formulations that can cause irritation. They might contain harmful solvents, which can damage your organs when they’re absorbed through your … Read more

How Does a Ballpoint Pen Work?


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How To Clean and Sharpen A Blending Stump?


Are you a type of artist who is using or planning to use a blending stump to make adjustments in the colors and lines in your artworks? If yes, it is highly recommended for you to learn how to clean &sharpen a blending stump.The main reason why it is necessary to keep a blending stump … Read more