Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Glass?


Can you use dry erase markers on glass? If you’re like most hobbyists, you’re probably interested in this question.  These markers are excellent and versatile that they can be compatible to use on whiteboards. The marker is also ideal for signboards as well as overhead projector films.  For the most of us that use dry … Read more

How to Harden Non-Hardening Clay?


There are certain cases when you need to harden a non-hardening clay. As you know, there are clays that harden with heat and the others do not but only by using other methods. However, you shouldn’t do any of the methods we’re going to discuss in the following unless you know what your clay type … Read more

How to Get Chalk Marker Off Chalkboard?


How to get chalk marker off chalkboard? Chalk Markers and chalkboards are frequently present as learning or marketing materials. Educators and learners are using them in their discussions while businessmen have these chalkboards on their establishments to inform clients of announcements, menus, and other infomercials. However, it is a bit challenging on how to get … Read more