The Best Calligraphy Nibs for 2023


Calligraphy is an interesting hobby. It takes some time off the real world, and gets you writing on simple words that make a great impact. Although it has been around for quite some time, it has gained popularity as many calligraphers share their work on social media and with the availability of different calligraphy tools. … Read more

The Best Pens for Hobonichi Techo in 2023


Hobonichi Techo is a popular Japanese planner notebook that was first created in 2001. Since introduction, it’s been refined and updated constantly to cater to customer demands, which continue to increase worldwide as bullet journaling and planners become more popular. Hobonichi notebooks have stunning designs and offer a space for boundless creativity. However, these planners … Read more

The Best Pens for Black Paper in 2023


Light-colored papers have always been the standard. We always write and draw on white sheets. Even for journals, canvasses, and books – they are generally light-colored pages. But the black paper also offers a lot and is fun to work with. You can use it for drawing, sketching, journaling, and doodling. Now, what you need … Read more

The Best Pens for Nurses in 2023


Your job can become more challenging if you don’t have the right tools you need as a nurse. That’s why it’s essential that you use the best pens for nurses. They’re indispensable in your daily duty whether you’re a student nurse or someone who’s been a nurse for years. However, the number of available pens … Read more

The Best Fountain Pens for Drawing in 2023


Fountain pens have been around hundreds of years but are still popular. Despite the advancement in writing tools, fountain pens never became obsolete. If you haven’t heard, they have been making a comeback in the last few years. Back then, it was used exclusively for writing, but as artists began experimenting with different mediums, fountain … Read more

The Best Glitter Gel Pens for 2023


Add some sparkle to that artwork with the best glitter gel pens. The high pigment inks used in gel pens provide a thick finish to your art; the specks of glitter in them make it even more perfect. You can use them to add some glam to your journal, scrapbook, to add glittery details to your … Read more

The Best Fountain Pens for Iron Gall Inks in 2023


Iron gall inks typically refer to inks with iron and those manufactured with oak galls, which technology could be dated back to hundreds and hundreds of years. People use iron gall inks commonly for a lot of reasons. Iron-gall inks are interesting in that they change colors as they dry and that they leave a … Read more

The Best Pens for Epoxy in 2023


With the rise of DIY or do-it-yourself projects and just the overall popularity of epoxy or epoxy resin, a lot of materials and things can have this type of finish. Due to its versatile nature, it can be used to top or coat numerous things. If you’re looking for pens to use on it, chances … Read more

The Best Pens for Teachers in 2023


Teachers have one of the most important jobs in schools. They educate the present and future generations and prepare them for the life ahead. Our teachers deserve only the most reliable of tools. We often overlook them, but pens are a staple in each classroom. When it comes to heavy-duty lesson planning or grading hundreds … Read more