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Gift Certificate: When you know what they love, but are not sure what they want – a gift certificate will show just how much you care about getting the gift... just right!

Bexley Pen offers gift certificates in denominations of $25 increments so that you can surprise the pen lover in your life.

You will receive an official Bexley Pen Gift Certificate, in the denomination you have selected via email or via USPS – you can choose.

Pocket Pro Collection for only $119.00 per pen

Collection code - 2950

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Pocket Pro. Pleasing in size, price, color and FUN to use.

These smaller pens are just 4 1/2 inches when closed, But with the nice deep posting of the cap, it becomes a very hand friendly

5 3/4 inches long.

Easy to handle and fun to use.

Each pen comes with your choice of Bexley's custom gold plated stainless steel nib in Fine, Medium or Broad and is accompanied with a mini slide converter. The pens will also accept short International cartridges. A chrome plated accommodation clip is enclosed in the box that you may slide onto the cap to your desired position so that the cap can sit either high or low in your breast pocket, if you so choose.

Five colors are available: Oxblood, Old Amber, Water and Lava, Midnight Candy and Tac Tech Black

Stalwart Collection for only $159.00 per pen

Collection Code - 4100

A pen’s name says something about the pen. A fancy name says the pen is fancy. Fancy serves a purpose, for the external, but does it contribute to the writing qualities of the pen? We, at Bexley, don’t think so. That’s why we’ve named our newest pen Stalwart. It’s a solid name, a name that says this is a good pen that you can count on, year in and year out.

Quality of materials and workmanship have been the hallmark of the Bexley Pen Company for more than 20 years.

Choose a pen you can count on; Choose a Stalwart in your favorite color.

  • Chinese Red
  • Jet Black
  • Oxblood
  • Regal Blue

Bexley Pens include a Lifetime warranty. The Stalwart collection offers the Bexley gold plated stainless steel nib in Broad, Medium and Fine. It fills using the supplied converter or will accept short, International cartridges.

Monarch Collection for $199.00 per pen

Collection Code - 4200

Writing with a fine fountain pen is like riding in the comfort of a luxury passenger train. 
You want it to take you where you're going effortlessly and in style. That's why the great pens of the Golden Age are still sought after, and that's how we made our new Monarch.
Inspired by the magnificent Moore L-96, the Monarch is a big pen, weight-forward and balanced to perfection. Make the Monarch yours today.
The Monarch is available in 4 colors; 
Lacquer Red, Lapis Blue, Oxblood, and Jet Black.

These pens can be filled from a bottle using the supplied converter or by using short International style cartridges.

Each can be supplied with your choice of Bexley Custom gold plated stainless steel nib in Fine, Medium or Broad.

Demeter Collection can be yours for $199.00 per pen

The Demeter Collection. Demeter?

Who is Demeter? One of the 12 Olympian Gods and Goddesses.

Demeter is associated with fertility and the harvest. As one of the 12 Olympian Gods/Goddesses during the summer Olympic season, it is only fitting that several of these four pens bear colored rings associated with the 5 Olympic Rings.

Only Green and Black are missing...... for now?

These full sized cartridge converter filling pens are available in Black with Red rings, Blue Marble with Orange rings, a Green/Brown earthy marbled color with Yellow rings, and Orange with Blue rings.

Your choice of Fine, Medium or Broad gold plated stainless steel Bexley nib.

Each full sized pen is 5 5/16 inches long when closed. It will post if desired on the bottom screw, however, with the extra long three plus inch barrel, the pen feels fine without a posted cap, unless you prefer this.

MSRP is $199 with Gold Plated Stainless Steel Nib

Patriarch Collection for $239.00 per pen

Debuted at the 2016 Baltimore Pen show, made in Columbus, Ohio, this collection will be familiar to those of you who are fluent in vintage writing instruments - you will immediately recognize our interpretation and design inspiration of a classic and highly sought after design from the 1930's, the Patrician.

This full sized fountain pen is available in four striking colors of Turquoise, Agate, Garnet and Emerald.

Each comes with gold plated trim and black accents as shown.

These fountain pens can be filled with the supplied converter or with a short International cartridge.

These affordable fountain pens are equipped with high-quality, smooth-writing gold plated stainless steel nibs from Germany. They are custom-engraved with our Bexley logo. Select your choice of a Fine, Medium, or Broad width.

MSRP: $239.00

7901 - Turquoise

7902 - Agate

7903 - Garnet

7904 - Emerald

Ohio Pen Show 2018 Special Edition