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How to Erase Crayon from Paper?


Do you want to know how to erase crayon from paper? Crayons are fun to use especially among children. They can bring out their creativity and make art pieces that bring them joy.

However, they can sometimes make mistakes and need to remove crayon marks from paper. It is one of the techniques that they want to learn, and that’s what we’re going to share in his post. If you’re ready, let’s begin and get started on the following.

How to remove crayons from paper effectively

Before you proceed, there are certain things you need to know. For example, do not apply much pressure to the paper if you’re dealing with thin paper. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your artwork completely.

Next, consider the kind of paper you’re using as well as ways that you’ll rub the crayons from the paper. But then, do a test before applying any of the products to your papers. Test on a small portion and check if it didn’t damage the paper.

1. Lemon

This is very to find in your home. Just get a slice of lemon and a clean cotton ball or bud. You can do this method if you are dealing with thick paper. To get started, you can slice a lemon and then squeeze it. Set the lemon juice aside. Use and dip the cotton bud into the lemon juice, and then start rubbing it on the marks to remove.

However, do it carefully until the marks are gone. Using lemon juice is effective, and you’ll notice that the marks can be easily erased. However, you might ruin the paper if you’re pressing too hard.

2. Heat method

If you want to remove crayon marks effectively, one of the things you can do is the heat treatment methods in which you’ll use an iron in a low setting. Get your paper towels and put them over the marks to remove.

Put the iron on the towels, and start pressing it for a couple of seconds. Keep pressing the iron until the marks are melted on the towels. Repeat the same process if the marks are melted completely, and then soak the paper towels.

3. Vinegar

Are you dealing with thick paper? If so, you might want to try this method that uses vinegar to erase crayon marks on paper. Pour a small amount of vinegar on a plate, and then dip cotton bud in it.

Start rubbing the cotton bud with vinegar on the marks. However, do not rub too hard or you will destroy the paper, especially if it gets wet too much. Avoid putting a lot of vinegar into the paper, too.

4. Kneaded eraser

Another way of removing crayon marks from paper is using a kneaded eraser, especially if you’re dealing with thick paper. You can use this putty rubber, which can erase the crayon marks from the paper.

To do it, stretch or loosen the kneaded eraser first with your hands. In addition, you can knead the putty, too, just right until it is supple or elastic enough. When the eraser becomes flexible, you can apply it to the marks and in a circular motion.

Keep rubbing it to the marks until they’re removed completely. You might notice that the eraser becomes soaked into the kneaded eraser. Clean it through stretching it.

Use its clean area to completely remove the marks on the papers.

Heat treatment or kneaded eraser?

One of the best ways to remove crayon from paper is heat treatment, which can work well for most types of paper, including thin ones. It is also the gentler route when compared to a kneaded eraser.

However, if you are dealing with thick paper, a kneaded eraser is also an option. The putty rubber is also easy to find in art supplies stores. A little tip, though, you must warm it a bit in your hand until it is elastic.

When done, you must use a small portion of it, and then rub against the crayon in a circular motion to erase the marks. If you’re noticing that the kneaded eraser is getting discolored, don’t worry. Just stretch it so that you can use a clean part of it in the marks. On the other hand, you can also use the heat-treatment method, if you’re working with delicate paper.

Pro tips

  • Use gloves if you’re working with chemicals or toxic products.
  • Wear a dust mark if needed.
  • Test a small portion first before proceeding with any of the methods shared earlier.
  • A few other alternatives aside from what we’ve shared earlier are vinegar, soapy water, rubbing alcohol, and salt mixture. For many, they love the salt mixture or vinegar method, as they can break down a lot of surfaces faster than the rest. Do not use a lot of any of the products mentioned because they might damage the paper even more.


Kids love coloring and drawing on any surface, such as wallpapers and documents. That’s why it can be frustrating especially if they’ve done it on an important work document. But then, you don’t need to worry because there are ways to remove crayons from papers.

Take note, though, there is no quick method to do it. You would need patience to avoid damaging the paper as well as a little waiting. You should also use a delicate hand in doing the job. Nevertheless, you can erase the crayon from the paper using heat treatment, lemon, vinegar, or kneaded eraser.

Try any of the above to see which one works well in your case. But then, always remember not to proceed without testing on a small surface first.

But as said earlier, you must test the product to use on the paper – is it thin or thick? How much pressure should you apply in the process and avoid puncturing or ruining the paper?

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