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How to Fix Dried Out Dry Erase Markers?


We all love our dry erase markers because they are versatile and comfortable to use. Kids can also use them without any problems, like they can write with and then fix things easily when they make mistakes. So pretty much, dry erase markers are fun to have, but they’re not free from any problems like dried out ink that makes them stop working. Now the question, how to fix dried out dry erase markers?

In this article, I’m going to show you how to remedy this issue and restore the function of your dry erase markers, especially if you need to write important documents. If you’re ready, keep reading, and discover the simple ways of fixing a dried out dry erase marker.

How to fix dried out dry erase markers?

There are several ways that you can use to restore the function of dry erase markers. In the following, we’re showing you some of them.

1. Water method

A dry erase marker is not soluble in water, but the latter can still be used to make it work again. It’s simple! All you need to do is to pour hot water in an old container. Hot water can work faster than cold water, especially in terms of diffusing the ink faster. Let the tip of the marker sit on the hot water for about five minutes, and when done, put it in a towel and allow it to dry.

Do not cap it yet. From time to time, check the marker and see that it’s not drying out thoroughly.

Once the marker is dry, it should start working again. Put the cap back on the marker, and never leave it uncapped. This is one of the causes of it drying out quickly.

Another method that makes use of water is this. Try injecting some water to the tip of the marker if you have an available syringe. Fill it with water, and then insert its needle into the tip of the marker. Slowly, push some water into the dried-out marker. This should let the air out of the marker while you’re adding in moisture with the syringe filled with water. When done, put the cap back on.

2. Alcohol method

Alcohol acts as the solvent for the color pigment in the dry erase marker; thus, alcohol is an effective item to get the dried-out pen working again. Use a small amount of alcohol in this method. Put it in a container. It must just be enough for the tip of the pen. Soak the marker in alcohol until you can notice that the ink is going out the tip. Put the cap back, and then leave the pen with its tip up so that the alcohol can penetrate into the felt tip thoroughly.

Flip the marker’s tip

It is one of the most unique ideas in fixing the dried-out pen and getting it back working again. However, you must be ready for the mess that the ink might produce. Nevertheless, flipping the tip of the marker is effective.

To do it, hold your pen with its tip on top. You must be ready with a long-nosed plier for his task. Use it for pulling the tip out of the pen’s barrel. Slowly do this to avoid spilling the ink. When done, you can separate the cartridge from the barrel of the marker. Then, be ready to flip the tip, and get it back into place. Finally, reassemble your marker.

3. Vinegar method

You can easily find this in your kitchen, and it must be handy enough to help you get your dry erase markers working again. You can use it especially if you don’t have alcohol at the moment because it’s also effective. Wet your dry erase marker’s tip with vinegar, and then just put its tip on a container.

Don’t use a lot of vinegar to avoid damaging the tip. Finally, be sure to dry the tip of the marker completely before putting the cap back.

Securing the end of the marker to a long string’s end

If the above tips of moistening the end of the tip won’t work, try this method. The key here is to make the most out of the ink, which is trapped inside the dry erase marker. To do it, you can get a long string and tie it around the marker’s body.

When done, secure the marker to the string using a durable tape. Force the dried-out tip. Then, make sure that the cap is secure in place before swinging the marker around your head. Swing it over your head, but be sure that its tip is faced out.

Doing this will force the marker’s ink towards the tip. Keep doing this for about one minute, and then test if the marker is now working. Be careful because some markers have ink that spill when the cap is opened; thus, you should not do this near a carpet.

Also, check that you are in an obstruction-free environment before you do the swinging of the marker. Otherwise, you might hurt yourself or someone else around you with this.

There you have some ways on how to restore the function of your dry erase markers when they suddenly stop working, especially when you’re in the middle of an important task like writing a special document.

Final Thoughts

Don’t throw those dry erase markers yet if they suddenly stop working because they can still be used. Just follow the methods that we’ve shared earlier and see your markers working their best again. However, they are not permanent solutions, as sometimes markers can be really out of ink and the markers need refilling or replacement. Nevertheless, you can get the most out of these pens by restoring their function.

We hope that this article has helped you in fixing dried out dry erase markers. Share it with friends and help them deal with the same issue.

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