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How to Get Chalk Marker Off Chalkboard?


How to get chalk marker off chalkboard? Chalk Markers and chalkboards are frequently present as learning or marketing materials. Educators and learners are using them in their discussions while businessmen have these chalkboards on their establishments to inform clients of announcements, menus, and other infomercials. However, it is a bit challenging on how to get chalk markers off them.

Have you already experienced that a chalkboard is unavailable for the next operation or session only because the board is bombarded with the previous lessons or information, which still remain on the surface. Some may also have experienced seeing their boards filled with cute vandals made by their playful kids.

There is no need to worry anymore because the solutions to your issue of chalk markers on chalkboards will be tackled in this article.

How to remove chalk marker on chalkboard?

1. Use comet bleach powder

Comet bleach powder is popularly known to be strong cleaning materials for serious kitchen stain problems. It sanitizes and deodorizes various household areas prone to dirt such as tiles, walls, windows, sinks and stainless steel. Likewise, it also works on removing inks on chalkboards.

You may use gloves and mask before using it to avoid direct contact on the solution. Just put a drop of bleaching powder on a piece of cloth and wipe it on the chalkboard. Rub it on the surface and notice the fast effect. You may add more bleaching powder on the cloth before wiping as the need arises.

2. Apply mixtures of vinegar and baking soda

The answer to your problem of erasing the chalk marker in the chalkboard is in your kitchen basically. We are referring to the two powerful agents in cleaning various household materials, which are vinegar and baking soda.

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is known as a baking ingredient which is used in leavening agents. But aside from that fact, baking soda is frequently used as a cleaning and whitening material.

On the other hand, vinegar is a famous condiment which is usually present in various dishes. Further, it is also very effective in removing stains and odors on utensils and different parts of the house. What makes vinegar a very good cleaning agent is because of its acetic acid.

Vinegar and baking soda are perfect cleaners of chalk markers when combined. You may create a paste by mixing these agents and apply thoroughly on chalkboards or any surface with chalk markers that you want to clean. Gently wipe the surface until it is completely neat.

3. Use Magic Eraser

Another easy way to wipe away chalk markers on chalkboards is by using a magic eraser. It is a sponge with melamine foam which is very effective as a cleaning material. Magic erasers are useful in removing stains from clothes, mugs, jewelries, shower curtains and chalkboards. Here are the steps on how to remove chalk markers through magic eraser:

  • Get all the needed materials such as the magic eraser, other scrub, old cloth, vinegar, and water.
  • You may use the whole magic eraser sponge or divide it into two pieces to save the other half for future use. To make the cleaning task fast and more effective, it is recommended to apply an amount of vinegar into the magic eraser.
  • Start wiping the chalkboard with the magic eraser.
  • Repeat the process until fully satisfied with the result.
  • Once the area is chalk marker free, you may use the old cloth and water to clean it, and remove the remaining smell from vinegar.
  • Let the chalkboard dry for a few minutes before using again.

4. Use soap and plain water

One of the best solutions to take away the chalk marker in your chalkboard is present in your kitchen or bathroom. A regular bath or laundry soap soak in water can help in removing inks on surfaces.

Just prepare your soap and water in a basin. Use a piece of cloth to apply the solution on the board. Tidy up the surface by wiping it up continuously. Wait for the chalkboard to dry, and then it is ready again for writing and drawing.

5. Apply plain water and vinegar

If you have no other materials such as the baking soda, you may replace it with simple water at home. The process can be done in just a nick of time. Just follow these steps:

  • Prepare the materials to use such as the vinegar, water, small container or bottle, scrub or old cloth.
  • Combine the water and vinegar in the prepared bottle or container. You may try to put the same amount of water and vinegar at first, but you can also increase the vinegar afterward if needed. Stir the solution well to make it more effective.
  • Apply the solution on the chalkboard to remove the chalk markers.
  • Wait for about 10 minutes before you wipe the surface with the applied solution. This will allow the remaining chalk markers to melt totally.
  • Wipe away the stain and see the bright result

6. Apply glass cleaners

Glass cleaners are cleaning materials which are not only good in cleaning glasses and mirrors but also on chalkboards filled with chalk markers. This solution is made of ammonia, which is an excellent agent to remove stains.

You can buy glass cleaners in convenience stores, malls and even online shops. These cleaners come in in different types such as liquid, wipe, spray, and foam. All are very effective in dissolving grease on glass and chalkboards. Below are the steps to use it.

  • Grab the glass cleaner and a piece of old clean cloth.
  • Spray an average amount of glass cleaner on the chalkboard surface with markers. If the type of glass cleaner that you have is liquid or foam, just apply or rub it on the surface.
  • Wipe the surface repeatedly until the glass cleaner loosen the ink or stains.
  • You may save the leftover spray or liquid glass cleaner for future use.

Final Thoughts 

No more stressing-out in erasing chalkboard marks from chalkboards. The above-mentioned techniques on how to get chalk marker off chalkboard may instantly remove inks from the board so it can be ready as new.

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