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How to Get Washable Marker Off Skin?


Artists who love the arts know that sometimes working on their project can get their clothes and skin messy. However, some washable markers aren’t meant for use on skin because they contain a number of formulations that can cause irritation. They might contain harmful solvents, which can damage your organs when they’re absorbed through your skin, too. So, when these markers come into contact with your skin, they might cause redness and itching. To learn how to get washable marker off skin, keep reading in this article.

What are Washable Markers?

As the name says, they’re washable drawing tools, which even children can use safely. But then, they can also get marks on their skin or clothing from using washable markers.

These markers can quickly cause stains, though, but they can be removed by rubbing with a wet sponge in general. They are also versatile for use in the classroom and at home because most of them don’t leave a lasting stain on paper.

Young artists also love them because they are easy to maneuver and use, not requiring much pressure in creating bold marks and shapes; thus, they can bring out their creativity and bring out bolder color than with other coloring materials.

Some of them are toxic; the others are not. Many are water-based, meaning water is used instead of alcohol in dissolving the color pigments. However, such pigments can break down when they come into contact with water, making them easy to clean.

Methods on How to Get Washable Marker off Skin

1. Using water and soap

Washable markers can easily break down when they come into contact with water. Thus, water and soap can be used effectively to get rid of their stains. But if the stain is fresh, it can be easily removed off your skin. Place the affected area under running water, and allow it trickling down it while you’re scrubbing soap to it.

2. Using butter

Butter is one of the most effective ways of removing marker stains on skin. Yes, it might sound surprising, but it’s true. You can use it to effectively get rid of such stains from your skin. This product has oil concentrates that can stick on skin well. To do it, smear the butter on your stained skin, and let it settle for a couple of minutes before wiping it away together with the ink using a clean piece of cloth. When done, rinse it thoroughly with water and soap.

3. Using makeup remover

This is another method that others use in getting rid of the washable marker off their skin. To do it, you can use a cotton ball to rub it on the affected skin and in a circular motion. However, you might have to do it several times before you can remove the stains thoroughly.

4. Using baby oil

Yes, mineral oil or baby oil is commonly used in removing the stains from the skin. It is so effective that you can see that the ink is sticking to the oil. Once done, you can quickly wash the ink and oil off your skin. Just use a bit of the baby oil on the stained area, and then wash it off with water. Note: Don’t use it if you have an oily skin, as the oil will encourage breakouts.

5. Using baby wipes

You can use this alternative if you have sensitive skin. Use baby wipes, which are effective in removing stains and marks from washable markers. They are safe and gentle on your skin and won’t encourage acne breakouts.

6. Using hand sanitizers

It is another method that works effectively to get the washable marker off your skin. It is also good that hand sanitizers aren’t irritating because they’re designed for the skin. Hand sanitizers are proven to work even on marks left by permanent markers. Use a small amount of it and apply it on the affected area. Use a cotton cloth to wipe it and the stain, and then rinse well with water.

7. Using rubbing alcohol

Alcohol may be the solution for those people that don’t mind using a stronger stain remover, which is higher in alcohol content than hand sanitizers. Thus, it can remove washable markers quickly. To do it, just dampen a piece of cloth using alcohol, and then apply it on the stained area. Dab it to prevent it from spreading all over your skin.

8. Using toothpaste

Toothpaste, which is white and creamy, is an effective tool in clearing the stain of washable markers on skin. It can clean teeth and even the body. To get rid of the stains, use a white toothpaste instead of a gel variant. First, dampen your skin before adding a thick layer of toothpaste to the affected area.

8. Using diluted bleach

Dilute bleach in water before using it. It can help in dissolving the marker stains on your skin. Just combine a part of bleach and seven parts of water. Then, use a cotton ball and dip it in the solution. Rub it in the affected area to remove the stain.

Note: Do not use bleach on sensitive skin areas, including bikini areas, near the eye, underarms, and face. Also, never use it on children and infants. Do not use bleach in its pure form on skin because it can cause irritation.

9. Using milk

Soak a small cotton ball in milk and then wipe the affected area with it. However, some say that using milk on removing washable marker stains may not be effective. But then, others have proven that it works. Others also claim that this method works better when removing stains on upholstery and fabric.

Final Thoughts

How to get washable markers off skin can be done using any of the methods we’ve shared above; however, some may be more effective than the others in some situations. Thus, you must find out by tying each one of them and discovering which can work better for your case. But if you have sensitive skin, you might want to stay away from methods like using oil, bleach, and isopropyl alcohol, but instead try the others.

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