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How to Make White Alcohol Ink?


Alcohol inks proves that art has no boundaries and you can make experiments from various materials. This medium may be simple and very accessible but it can surprisingly create eye-popping designs. Some private and commercial establishments are now showcasing wall and window decorations, furniture and souvenirs made of these inks. It’s not surprising at all because artworks made of this material are aesthetically good and cost-effective.

That is why more and more art savvy are being hooked on Alcohol inks. Artists are becoming curious and want to try it as their medium. Hence, this article will provide information on how to make white alcohol ink.

What is Alcohol Ink and Where It Can Be Used?

Alcohol Ink is becoming a favorite painting medium for beginners and even for professionals in the art industry because of its unique and amazing characteristics. This special ink creates vibrant colors because it is highly- pigmented and translucent. A lot of mommies will also be glad to know that their kids can use it as well because it is acid-free.

Another great quality of Alcohol Ink is its ability to dry quickly. The reason for this is because it can evaporate, unlike other paint materials which you have to blow-dry or wait some time to be layered with other colors.

Furthermore, Alcohol inks are versatile since they can be applied in different surfaces such as on glasses, fabrics, ceramics, metal, resins and pottery materials such as vases made of clays. Alcohol inks are useful also when it comes to designing jewelries, household materials, printing, fabric dying and other mixed media art projects.

Ready-made alcohol inks can be bought in various online shops or school supply stores. You can also do it yourself by learning some methods on how to add up the mixtures of alcohol and ink. It is highly suggested that you start first in preparing white alcohol ink since it is the basic which compliments other colors.

Techniques on How to Make White Alcohol Ink

As mentioned earlier, this article will be tackling some easy ways to produce white alcohol ink. Once you have white colored ink, the other colors will be effortless to make through blending. So take note of the following steps to make white alcohol ink.

1. Mixture of Alcohol and Sharpie Permanent Markers

No way is easier to produce a white alcohol ink than mixing the inks of a white ink Sharpie Permanent Marker and at least 80% Isopropyl Alcohol. The only challenge in this process is how to extract the white inks from the Sharpie Markers.

First, you have to open the Marker and retrieve the tube where the inks are placed. Next, you may cut the tube vertically and put the parts inside a jar or small basin. Add the alcohol to expedite the release of inks from the tubes.

Once you see that the tubes are empty of inks, you may now take them away from the jar.

Afterwards, you may fill the bottle with the extracted and mixed Sharpie Permanent Marker’s ink and alcohol. For the best results, test the mixture on a dark colored surface.

2. Mixture of Alcohol and Dye Powder

Some of the simplest ingredients to make a white alcohol ink are the dye powder and alcohol. To begin the process, the materials to be used must be prepared. Hence, secure a white dye powder, an Isopropyl Alcohol which must be 91%, appropriate sized bottles with needle tip and water.

For safety precaution, you may use gloves in touching the solutions and face mask to avoid inhaling the alcohol. The next step is to grab an average size plastic bottle and put it in the water. An ounce of water will do to make sure that it won’t spill once other materials will be added.

Afterwards, get one half teaspoon of the dye powder and guide the material as you put it inside the bottle. Put the lid on top of the bottle and shake it well until the dye powder and water totally blends.

Lastly, reopen the cap and add the alcohol in the mixture. It is suggested that you only fill the bottle with one-half ounce of alcohol. Shake the solution thoroughly. After a few minutes, the white Alcohol Ink is now ready to be used.

3. Recycle Used or Old Markers

It may sound ridiculous but thrown or spent markers can still be used to make wonderful white Alcohol Ink. Aside from being resourceful, this technique is also eco-friendly. Hence, go and recover your old markers.

On the first step, prepare all the materials such as 1 ounce size of applicator bottle, small jar, used marker and 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. Open the old markers until you retrieve the soft tube where the ink lies. Put the soft tube inside the prepared jar and add the alcohol slowly. You may either squeeze the tube to release the leftover inks or leave it there for an hour.

Once the inks from the soft tubes are released to the jar, you may now transfer it to your bottle applicator with a needle. Afterwards, you may try applying it to a dark paper or other non-porous surface.

4. Mixture of Alcohol and Acrylic Paint

Another interesting way to create your homemade white Alcohol Ink is through the Acrylic Paint and Alcohol. Like the first two methods, you also need to prepare an average size of plastic bottle and gloves.

Usually this process is messy, hence, it is highly recommended to wear your gloves. The steps are very easy to follow. First, you just have to fill the bottle with the white acrylic paint. Leave a space for the alcohol, so it will not spill around.Finally, seal the bottle and just shake it properly. In less than an hour, your white Alcohol Ink is ready to be applied.

Final thoughts

You can also buy ready-made Alcohol inks from many shops out there. But in case you want something more fun and economical, you may try the above-mentioned different ways to make your own alcohol ink. If you liked this article, share it on social media today!

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