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How to Take Off Ink from Paper?


Making writing mistakes is unavoidable. You might have made errors in your paper when writing your notes or filling out forms. In some cases, you can’t do anything but start over with a new paper or throw the paper altogether.  It can be frustrating, but don’t feel stressed because you can remedy it. In the following article, you’ll learn how to take off ink from paper. If you’re ready, let’s begin.

How to remove ink from paper

Before you remove the ink and fix the mistake, you must check the ink type and type of paper as well as count the number of errors so that you can figure out the right process and tool for the job.

Remember, some types of ink, like pen ink, printer ink, and fountain pen ink can be removed and corrected. Unfortunately, you cannot remove some types, such as calligraphy ink, with a simple solution. instead, you might need to buy and use specialized correctors.  And if you’re using thin paper, you must be extra careful when removing ink.

1. Removing with a blade or razor

If you’re dealing with pen ink or printer ink, try this ink removal method. Get a blade/razor and hold it.  Carefully, move it on the paper until the error for removal is gone.  But if you’re dealing with printer ink, use a rubber erase to help in removing the ink completely. Be careful to avoid ruining the paper and hurting yourself.

2. Using a cotton ball

Do you need to remove wet or spilled ink? Try this quick and easy fix! It works great for wet printer ink as well as gel pens.  However, you must avoid rubbing it harshly or you will create stains and spills. All you need is to rub the cotton ball gently on the paper until the error is gone. However, this method only works for minor ink stains and spills.

3. Applying a baking soda paste

Create a thin paste with baking soda and water.  Use a small bowl to create this mixture, and when done, get a clean cotton cloth to dab the paste onto the paper. Rub it into the error until it’s removed. You can also use an old toothbrush instead of cloth. Rub it onto the ink gently to get rid of the ink.  Before writing on the paper, allow it to dry thoroughly.

4. Using sandpaper

Apply friction and get rid of the ink with a sandpaper, which works similarly like a razor or blade to remove the ink. Use a fine-gritted sandpaper to avoid damaging the paper and the abrasiveness of coarse sandpaper.

Over the ink to remove, rub a small piece of sandpaper gently until the ink is gone. Be careful to avoid making holes on the paper with which you’re working.

5. Covering the error with a correction fluid or tape

This is one of the simplest methods of removing ink off paper. Just cover the error with a correction fluid/tape, which is well-designed and made for covering pen ink or printer ink on paper. A correction tape also works cleanly that it sticks well on paper. It is also simple to use in covering any mistakes to cover. After, you can write directly on it again. A correction ink also works well to cover any writing mistake, but you need to wait a little to dry it up before writing on it.

6. Using an ink eraser pen

Do you need to remove writing pens with washable inks, highlighters, or fountain pens? If so, you won’t have any problem to take the ink off from paper! You’ll find eradicator/eraser pens, such as the Pelikan Super Sheriff Ink Eradicator, to deal with washable ink and covering it. Typically, these pens are double-ended (one end is permanent blue ink pen; the other end is a correction pen).

7. Applying nail polish remover/acetone

Do you need to remove gel pen inks or ballpoint pen inks?  Using any of these materials can help because they have chemical components/solvents that work well in getting rid of the ink. All you need is to use a small amount and then apply on the ink to remove. Use a cotton bud or cotton ball to remove it.

Don’t forget to use tissue underneath the paper from where to take ink off to avoid transferring the ink on your work surface.  Rub the cotton with acetone or nail polish on the paper gently until you removed the ink. To dry it, press a clothing iron on the working surface (book page, paper….) to dry it.

8. Applying rubbing alcohol

You can use this simple solution to take off ink from a written document or journal because of its potent chemical compound that can work effectively in eradicating the error. However, you don’t need too much of it nor to pour it on paper. Otherwise, you will ruin your paper because it will transfer ink. To do this method, use only a little of alcohol by soaking a cotton bud into it and then dabbing it on the subject ink. Be careful and do not press the alcohol excessively to avoid piercing your paper.

9. Using brake fluid

It is an unconventional yet effective method to remove ink off from paper. All you need to do is to use a dropper or pipette onto the area, and then rub/dab with a clean swab.

Final thoughts

There you have the simplest methods on how to take off ink from paper that you can follow and use for yourself.

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable to make mistakes when filling out forms, writing important papers, or signing documents. Don’t worry because there are simple remedies that you can do about these mistakes.

Try the tips and methods above, depending on the type of paper, type of ink, and extent of the error. Nevertheless, do it gently to avoid making more mistakes or ruining the entire page/paper.

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