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Poseidon is a figure from Greek mythology, god of the sea, and master of the watery depths.

The Bexley Poseidon Magnum is a slightly larger version of our best-selling Poseidon Collection. The Magnum pens are 5.5 ” long, and have barrels with a 0.5″ diameter. Large enough to feel substantial, yet it still fits comfortably in your hand or pocket.

Four colors are available: Jet Black, Cardinal Orange, Chinese Yellow, plus Mahogany Marble. Each can be ordered with your choice of gold-plated or rhodium-plated trim. All models have black grip sections to resist ink discoloration.

The fountain pen version is equipped with our two-tone 18K gold nib, in a fine, medium, broad , or our 1.3 mm stub width.

The matching roller ball has the same dimensions, and comes with a widely available refill.

The writing excellence of the Poseidon Magnum Collection is available at your authorized Bexley dealer.


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