Warranty and Repair Information

Bexley strives to create products of outstanding quality and wants you to be satisfied with your Bexley writing instrument. When you purchase a new Bexley product, it is important that you complete the enclosed registration certificate and mail it to Bexley so that you are recorded as the "original registered owner" for warranty purposes.

Our warranty policy is:

All products manufactured by the Bexley Pen Company, Inc. are warranted to the original registered owner, for normal use, against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product, provided any service is done by an authorized Bexley Service Technician.

This warranty specifically excludes normal wear and tear, intentional misuse, abuse, neglect, accidental breakage, or product loss.

Bexley Pen Repair Information

Ship this completed information, along with the pen to be repaired to:

Bexley Pen Company 2840-B Fisher Road, Columbus, OH 43204


  • Include Your first and last name:
  • Include the return shipping address:
  • Include your primary email address:
  • Include your preferred phone number: 000.000.0000

____Home ___Business___ Mobile


Describe the nature of the problem to be resolved:

We ask that you do the following when you make a repair shipment to Bexley:

1) Contact us first (bexleypenohio@gmail.com or 614-351-9988) to see if this is a warranty issue.

2) Include the demographic information (listed above).

3) Empty any ink from the pen and rinse off the nib with cold water.

4) Wrap your pen so that it will not be damaged during shipment and put it into a small, sturdy cardboard box.

(It is not necessary to return it in the original packaging.)

5) Include a check or money order for $10.00, payable to Bexley Pen Company, to cover the return shipping.

We recommend that you insure the package for the full replacement value, and ship it using a method that allows you to track the delivery (USPS Delivery Confirmation, UPS, FedEx…)