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NEW! The Ohio Pen Show 2018 – special limited edition – hope you come to the show!

MSRP – $295.00

Show special – $245.00

As a pen enthusiast, you know that what you write with makes a difference. A pen that properly fits your hand, has a nib that flows, and is filled with a color that reflects your current mood affects your handwriting and your ability “to stay in your thought flow.”

If you’ve written with a Bexley Pen, you know the quality and care used in our design and manufacturing process. If you have yet to use one of our pens, please stop by an approved Bexley dealer or a nearby pen show and feel the difference that a fine writing instrument makes in your written communication activity.

If you’re a pen retailer, are engaged with an interested public to share a love of writing, are committed to long term brand loyalty rather than a short term sale and would like to carry the Bexley Pen – don’t hesitate to give a call (614-351-9988) or drop an email ([email protected]) to discuss opportunities to work together to help people discover the Bexley.

25th Anniversary Pin – show your Bexley Pen Pride!

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Bexley Deluxe
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